Installing “Unattended Operation” GDO Devicess

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Publish Date: Summer 2006
Author: Joe Hetzel
Page 72


Installing “Unattended Operation” GDO Devices

I would like to offer products that allow garage doors to close automatically. How do I consider safety when installing such products?

Joe: DASMA has taken a similar position to Underwriters Laboratories (UL), contending that these devices do not currently comply with UL 325. DASMA supports the position that all garage door operators and related devices that are sold as accessories to the operator must be evaluated in accordance with UL 325.

DASMA is actively working with UL to draft new UL 325 language that addresses these devices. Remember: federal law requires residential operators to comply with the safety requirements of UL 325. Until UL 325 changes, it is good business practice to only install operator products that comply with UL 325.