Letters to the Editor: Continue Pursuing the “Tin Men”

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Publish Date: Summer 2007
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 50

Letters to the Editor

Continue Pursuing the “Tin Men”

Congratulations on the article about “Black Plastic Rollers and Other Garage Door Hardware Legends.”

You found a great way to burst the balloon of those who use outright lies to mislead garage door owners into believing that repairs and replacements with inflated costs are necessary.

These guys remind me of the aluminum siding salesmen in the movie “Tin Men” and their questionable efforts to make big bucks. I am ashamed that the progeny of these “Tin Men” have invaded my industry.

Please do not let the subject of gouging rest with your most recent publication of Door & Access Systems. If there is a way to expand the information to other publications and news bureaus, please make the effort.


Bill Tagatz
American Garage Door Co.
Phoenix, Ariz.