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Publish Date: Summer 2004
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 48


Cut Out of a Sale

Dear Tom,

In March, we inspected a job for two additional carriage doors for one of our remodelers (a customer for over 15 years). The end user wanted to match the existing doors, so we contacted the manufacturer (not a DASMA member) to obtain pricing on two new doors.

The manufacturer asked for pictures and original job site information so they could match the new doors to the original ones. The manufacturer then proceeded to contact OUR customer (the remodeler) and provided pricing direct to them. The supplier still has not provided pricing to us (they say they haven't gotten it ready yet).

Our customer faxed me a copy of the quote from the manufacturer, so it is obvious that they are holding the quote from us in hopes of selling the doors direct, which is what the manufacturer told our customer. The company also informed our customer that they always sell factory direct and don't believe in going through professional door dealers because the dealer's markup is too high.

What can we do about these types of manufacturers who take your information and go around you to sell direct?

Stephen F. Padgett
Doors Unlimited, Inc.
Atlanta, Ga.

Dear Steve,

The manufacturer you mentioned is not a DASMA member. Personally, I would view the manufacturer's actions as unethical. But in reality, unless the manufacturer has an agreement otherwise, the manufacturer is free to sell to anyone it pleases.

In the future, I would caution you to try to find out, ahead of time, a manufacturer's policies on selling direct. Do so before you reveal the name of your customer. That way, you still have some control and a better shot at remaining in the sales loop.

Most garage door manufacturers recognize the importance of professional installation. Since you have a 15-year relationship with the remodeler, and since the remodeler contacted you to inspect the job, it sounds as if the remodeler recognizes the value-added nature of your services.

I fail to see how the end user is benefited by having a door installed by an inexperienced installer. I would hope the remodeler will hire you to do the installation. You would at least get the installation sale.


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