Marantec Launches Opener for Carriage House Doors

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Publish Date: Winter 2002
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Marantec Launches Opener for Carriage House Doors

Marantec's new Q-7900 residential garage door opener is designed specifically for carriage house doors. The Q-7900 package delivers 1000 Newtons of power, equivalent to a 1-HP heavy-duty DC motor and transformer, providing the power needed for carriage house doors.

The company says the unit provides more power than any other residential garage door opener system available today.

Its 2mm finished steel rail system is a one-piece, fully assembled, semi-closed, high strength drive, designed and built in Switzerland. The drive system uses a steel-reinforced elastomer belt.

Digital intelligence provides for automatic learning and setup. Its modular frequency system features a receiver module that is external to the opener. It is plugged into the unit, making for easy frequency changes. Modules are available in 40MHz and HomeLink-compatible 315MHz and 390MHz.

A variety of transmitter accessories are available.

Clopay: Galvanized Springs Now Standard

In late November 2002, Clopay began offering galvanized springs as a standard feature on its entire line of residential garage doors. The company says galvanized springs offer "up to 50 percent longer life cycle," giving its dealers a key selling point.

"We're constantly looking for ways to increase our dealers' competitive edge in the marketplace," says Steve Lynch, vice president of marketing. "Galvanized springs are a great value to consumers from a durability and appearance standpoint, which translates into a strong selling point for Clopay dealers."

Earlier in 2002, Clopay began offering galvanized springs on its premium product line after two years of testing. Lynch says the tests revealed "a documented up to 50 percent longer life cycle than conventional oil-tempered springs." He says installers have also commented on the clean installation since the galvanized springs are oil-free.

Galvanized springs are offered in both traditional torsion systems as well as Clopay's patented EZ-set system.

C.H.I. Announces Urethane Carriage House Doors

C.H.I. Overhead Doors recently developed a new product in carriage house doors. The 5530 Series Carriage House Collection contains a solid urethane shell for durability, weather resistance, and impact resistance.

The entire exterior of the door is covered with a formed urethane, replicating actual wood. The exterior is enclosed and protected with a durable, dent-resistant urethane skin.

The 5530 Series is intended to include four designs. The top section has four basic patterns and is available with or without arches. Glazing is offered in standard glass or a "Glue Chip" pattern.

The Carriage House Collection is offered in three colors: white, almond, and sandstone. The interior is factory finished in white. The Series is also available with an all-wood exterior.

New 3/4-HP LiftMaster Opener Unveiled

In November 2002, Chamberlain unveiled its new Model 2575 chain-drive garage door opener, calling it the first 3/4-HP in the industry and "the most advanced, high-performance garage door opener ever manufactured."

The unit features a motor with "the power to lift even the heaviest garage door." Chamberlain also says, "The Model 2575 is the quietest chain drive opener on the market."

The 3/4-HP motor operates the garage door 28 percent faster and includes lights that are 33 percent brighter. Its enhanced, side-by-side dual lights offer up to 200 watts of lighting.

Part of the LiftMaster Estate Series, the unit's remote control features rolling code technology, extended range, and a burled walnut finish. The 2575 comes with a premium Motion-Detecting Control Panel that automatically turns on garage door opener lights when the homeowner enters a dark garage through their home's access door.

Amarr Goes All Pinch-Resistant

In November 2002, Amarr Garage Doors announced that it has added its DuraSafe pinch-resistant sections to its entire residential steel product line. The new Heritage with DuraSafe is already available, and the Stratford with DuraSafe is expected to debut in January 2003.

"Making our entire residential product line pinch-resistant is proof that we take safety very seriously and spend a great deal of resources to improve our products from a safety standpoint," says Amarr CEO Richard Brenner.

By adding this technology to the Heritage and Stratford non-insulated doors, Amarr says it becomes one of only three manufacturers to offer the pinch-resistant feature in a less-expensive door.

These doors include several other new features.

  • The bottom retainer is a new steel snap-in design.
  • The vinyl bottom weatherseal is now a 1-slot Santoprene black bulb with a better memory.
  • The new end hinges are constructed of all 14-gauge material only, with embossments in critical areas for added strength and life cycles.
  • The new roller carriers are also made of all 14-gauge material, an upgrade from the 18-gauge hinges on the Stratford product.

DuraSafe technology provides pinch-resistance on both the inside and the outside of the door. Amarr first introduced DuraSafe in 1999.

Clopay Expands WindCode Products

In September 2002, Clopay expanded its offering of doors for hurricane-prone areas to include impact-resistant windows, wood, and extended-height doors. The company says the new products mean that "design-conscious homeowners in hurricane-prone zones don't have to sacrifice beauty for safety."

Extended-Height Doors
Clopay residential WindCode doors are now available in extended heights up to 12 feet high and widths up to 18 feet. Previously, homeowners needing larger doors received a commercial-grade garage door, which limits design choices and other options.

Reserve Collection Wood Doors
Clopay also recently expanded its line of semi-custom Reserve Collection wood carriage house doors, making them suitable to meet the state building code requirements in most areas of Florida.

Impact-Resistant Windows
The company says it is now the first manufacturer in the industry to make impact-resistant windows that meet the Florida Building Code for most coastal areas. The windows are constructed with Lexan glazing, the same material used in bulletproof glass.

WindCode Doors
Clopay offers a complete line of WindCode doors for the varying U.S. wind load requirements. These doors are reinforced with steel struts and require no advance setup. Reinforcements are contained within the door and are engaged by simply locking the door.

New 3-Button Mini-Transmitters

In November 2002, Chamberlain introduced two new LiftMaster RF-based keychain transmitters for gated entrances and access doors. The transmitters allow access to doors and gates with a single remote small enough to fit in a pocket or purse.

The new Model CPTK3 transmitter with Passport technology enables customers to use one remote for many access devices, including access control systems, telephone entry systems, residential garage door openers, commercial door operators, and gate operators.

The Model CPTK3PH LiftMaster transmitter has all of the features of the Model CPTK3, but also includes Proximity technology. This feature allows the transmitter to function as a key card, eliminating the need to carry both a transmitter and a card.

Each transmitter is factory coded with a facility code and a unique ID number for easy programming into access control systems. Passport can be supplied in sequential ID numbers for up to 65,000 users per facility code.

"This technology allows us to bring the best possible performance, convenience, and value to our customers," says Ken Roehl, vice president of marketing. "Now employees of commercial office buildings, industrial complexes, and residential communities can operate their gates and access doors from one convenient keychain transmitter."

Clopay Introduces Studio Series Windows

In November 2002, Clopay introduced The Studio Collection, a line of garage door window designs that follow a new architectural trend. Available on Clopay's line of residential steel garage doors, the Studio Series offers a new range of options.

The Studio Series features four window designs: Art Deco I, Art Deco II, Living Tree, and Mission. All designs can be mixed and matched to coordinate with the look of a home. Each pattern is available in short or long panel designs.

The windows have the look of beveled glass with platinum-colored caning, but are constructed out of shatter-proof acrylic for durability, energy efficiency, and security. The Studio Series is scheduled to be available in January 2003.

New Insulated Steel Door at C.H.I.

C.H.I. has introduced its new 4214 double-sided insulated steel door. The new model features urethane insulation and a section joint seal for better protection against extreme weather conditions.

"Distributor requests aided in the selection of specifications to incorporate into the new model," says Phil Schrock, C.H.I. customer service representative.

The new 4214 long panel, the 2214 raised panel, and the 2290 recessed panel are all urethane-filled residential doors. The 4214 model is available in seven colors as well as golden oak.

ATL Track Adds Safety Features

In November 2002, Arrow Tru-Line announced Lockhole knockout and Lockhole plastic cover, two new safety features for their 2-inch vertical track product line.

Lockhole Knockout
By the end of the first quarter 2003, all ATL residential and commercial 2-inch track will include the Lockhole Knockout safety feature. The Lockhole slug knocks out easily with hammer tap on a screw driver. This safety feature comes with no increase in price.

Lockhole Cover
The ATL Lockhole plastic cover attaches to existing boltholes in ATL track, providing a safety cover for the exposed Lockhole. Cover kits are available with one Lockhole cover, plus two for each track bolt and two for each flange nut.

Manaras Launches Separate Control Panels

In October 2002, Manaras announced a wider range of Separate Control Panels for the industrial and commercial door industry. This new wider range of NEMA 1 and NEMA 4 Separate Control Panels are designed for lower costs, easy ordering, and faster availability.

Both Separate Control Panels are wall-mounted starter modifications that allow the operator control circuit to be housed at a remote location from the operator. Both are available with the Electronic Control Board options and panel modifications such as three pushbuttons on the panel face, rotary-fused disconnect, run timer, loop detector, and a 100-VA transformer.

Martin Offers 54 Powder Coat Options

In September 2002, Martin garage doors became available in 54 custom powder coat paint options.

Ken Martin, president, says powder coat paint finishes are up to four times thicker than a conventional paint job, adding up-to-triple the exterior life of the paint. Martin subjects its powder coat finishes to a UV, salt spray, and hardness test before shipping.

Martin adds that customization is an increasing market and that Martin Door can build any product to order, and now with a powder coat option. The powder coat option is expected to add a 10-day working day lead time. Ken Martin says the company is normally able to customize any door within a 48-hour period.

New Carriage House Hardware from Re-Source

Re-Source Industries recently added black wrought iron decorative hardware for carriage house door designs.

Doug Kidd, president, says, "These new items offer a traditional look of wrought iron, yet in styles that will blend with and accent most home exteriors."

The items shown and others are available from the company's Fort Worth, Texas, facility at 866-316-7337.

C.H.I. Extends Spring Warranty

In December 2002, C.H.I. recently extended its warranty for residential springs to three years.

Pat Hunter, engineering manager, says, "The additional warranty period on springs will allot our distributors the added selling benefit of having all parts of a C.H.I. residential door warranted for at least three years."

Two New Loop Detectors

Diablo Controls has introduced two new detector models: a universal micro detector and a plug-in loop detector.

The DSP-7 Universal Micro Detector is a loop detector about one-half the size of a deck of cards. It can be easily installed in any gate operator, even in tight space situations.

The unit's internal software automatically sets sensitivity levels, compensates for large loops or long lead-in runs, and tunes itself to the best operating frequency. Eliminating dipswitches and dials, Diablo says the DSP-7 is the industry's first universal plug-and-play loop detector.

Martin Delivers Oil in New Way

In November 2002, Martin Door announced a change in the design of a small bracket on its garage doors, following lessons learned in hot climates.

Ken Martin, president, announced that each new garage door now includes a metal bracket that holds a vial of oil. The metal bracket replaces a Velcro bracket that previously held the vial. Martin says the Velcro didn't bind when the temperatures went up, and appropriate redesigns were made.

Taylor Adds Hunter Green

In November 2002, Taylor Building Products announced that it has added hunter green to its full line of residential garage door colors.

The new color will be available in both 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" product lines, with wood grain embossed patterns consisting of flush, 2 and 4 panel, 4 and 8 panel, and Taylor's traditional 3 and 6 panel designs.

This new color matches Pella Windows and complements Taylor's white, brown, almond, and sandstone section colors.

LiftMaster Upgrades Contractor Series Openers

In August 2002, Chamberlain revealed an enhanced Contractor Series Garage Door Opener line. The firm created two new LiftMaster models to provide customers with upgraded style, features, and design.

The LiftMaster 1/3-HP Model 2245 and 1/2-HP Model 2255 chain-drive openers offer a sleek look and a solid steel chassis. They also come standard with a Multi-Function Control Panel and rolling code technology.

Easier to install, the models feature Rapid-Snap brackets that attach easily to garage door rails that hold the safety sensors in place. All LiftMaster openers are compatible with the HomeLink in-vehicle universal remote control system.

Martin Offers Stainless Steel Cable

In November 2002, Martin Door began offering a stainless steel lift cable option for garage door owners who live in areas of high corrosion and humidity.

Martin garage doors come standard with a galvanized steel lift cable. However, the stainless steel option, targeted for regions where extreme corrosion is prevalent, will also come standard on doors that include the powder coat hardware option.

Gaplock Offers Greater Garage Door Security

In October 2002, Automated Security Technologies (AST) unveiled Gaplock, a new locking device that improves the security of garage doors with garage door openers (GDOs). Gaplock works with the GDO and a rolling code remote control to automatically lock a home's garage door every time it is closed, and unlock it before it is opened.

AST, founded in 2001, has identified four security risks of garage doors with GDOs: Code-Grabbing, Cord-Grabbing (accessing the red emergency-release cord with a coat hanger), Corner-Pulling (pulling out a bottom corner of one-piece doors), and Back-Driving (prying the garage door open to drive the GDO motor backwards and open the door).

Rodney Shoemaker, AST president, says Gaplock provides the first comprehensive solution to address all four security threats. Gaplock ( also provides a solution for securing commercial garage doors.

"Attached garages with automated garage door openers are the weakest link in home security," says Al Corbi, a home/office security expert. Corbi's 'Safest Home in Los Angeles' includes Gaplock on the automated garage door.

Re-Source Adds Products for Door Dealers

Re-Source Industries, a wholesale component supplier, recently expanded its product offering to door dealers and distributors.

Magnetic Power Tapes
These new Power Tapes, MagGrip (1" x 25 ft.) and Monster MagGrip (1-1/4" x 30 ft.), feature magnetic tips.

Doug Kidd, president, says the magnetic tips offer superior holding strength on ferrous metal surfaces. "The nylon-coated blades, heavy-duty rubberized case design, and convenient slide-lock button, all add up to a unique tool perfect for commercial or residential installers."

Spring Repair Blocks
When a spring breaks, a door can temporarily operated with a spring repair block. Temporary spring repair blocks are used on torsion or extension springs from .207" to .4305" wire sizes. This new product is available in three sizes for three different wire size ranges.

Aluminum Retainers
Re-Source has added four new profiles: 1-3/8" and 2" low-profile bottom retainers, 1-3/8" flat, and 2" universal retainers. The low-profile retainers apply to tongue-and-groove sections and accept standard single T-style vinyl bottom seal.

The 1-3/8" flat retainer may be used on tongue-and-groove or ship-lap sections. The 2" universal retainer self-aligns on tongue-and-groove sections. Its design increases the amount of seal compression on a 2" door, providing a better seal to the floor.

Adjustable Bottom Rails
These 1-3/8" x 3" and 2" x 3" adjustable bottom rails permit adjustment for uneven floors, providing a cost-effective solution for gaps up to two inches.

Series 100 and 200 section adapter rails permit mating of different section joint types and brands for section repair and replacement. They are designed for 2" residential or commercial doors.

Amarr Adds Window Options

In September 2002, Amarr announced two new DecraGlass window options.

The "Fleur" design features Amarr's first introduction of color to its DecraGlass choices. The design includes a flower with colors of green and blue. It is available in short and long panel only.

Horizons, the second new design, is a pattern of crisscrossed, curved, and colored lines on clear or frosted glass. This new pattern is available in white, almond, sandtone, and hunter green.

All Amarr DecraGlass is made with tempered glass, said to be safer and four times stronger than annealed glass.

Taylor Introduces SecuraStorm

In August 2002, Taylor Building Products introduced its new SecuraStorm System. Taylor says it is the only steel entry door manufacturer that has obtained Florida Building Code approval for impact-resistant glazed doors.

Taylor says its SecuraDoor, combined with Thornton Industries' SecuraGlass, passed the Dade County protocols for water, air, structure, impact, and cycle. The SecuraStorm System features a design pressure of +50 -60 PSF, reducing damage within building structures.

MMTC Adds Radio Controls for Doors and Gates

In September 2002, MMTC added the full line of Challenger Radio Controls for residential and commercial doors and gates.

All Challenger Radio Controls are Multi-Code-compatible and produced with circuitry for greater reliability and range. The Challenger controls also work with Martec MC series and all Multi-Code 300-MHz receivers and transmitters and feature 1,024 codes set by 10 dip switches.

The Challenger line includes a one- and two-button mini-transmitter, a one-, two- and four-button standard transmitter, a keyless-wireless entry keypad, an MC Series general purpose receiver, and a three-lug or four-wire commercial receiver.


Rolls Becomes Chamberlain CEO

In November 2002, J. David Rolls was promoted to chief executive officer of The Chamberlain Group, Inc. (CGI).

In this position, Rolls will oversee Chamberlain's global operations. During his 19-year tenure at Chamberlain, Rolls has been vice president of marketing, executive vice president of marketing and sales, president of the Door Automation Group, and president of CGI.

"Under Dave's leadership, CGI has continued to lead the residential and commercial markets in North America, Europe, and China, achieving strong performance," says Craig Duchossois, chief executive officer of Chamberlain's parent company, Duchossois Industries.

"Under his management, we have further improved quality, reduced costs, enhanced training programs, and experienced new product commercialization, including royalties and license agreements reaching all-time highs."

Rolls holds a bachelor's degree in business from Ohio State University and a master's degree in business administration from Golden Gate University.

Raynor Adds Senior Vice President

In October 2002, Raynor announced the appointment of Dennis Ruetten to senior vice president of operations, overseeing purchasing, manufacturing, and logistics.

Ruetten comes to Raynor with nearly 30 years of experience in manufacturing. For 22 years, he worked for Allsteel, a manufacturer of office furniture. When he left Allsteel, he was general manager of the company's Tennessee manufacturing operations.

Ruetten was then recruited in 1995 to Ceco Door Products, a producer of hollow metal doors and frames. At Ceco, he advanced to vice president of manufacturing operations.

Ruetten earned his B.S. in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin and holds a master's degree in management from Aurora University. A registered professional engineer in the states of Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, Ruetten is also a Certified Plant Engineer.

Windsor Names VP of Operations

Windsor Door announced early in September 2002 that Chuck Manning of Little Rock has joined the executive staff as the new vice president of operations. Manning is responsible for managing Windsor's manufacturing plants and sales support centers.

"This is a major step forward in our efforts to integrate all of our operations. It is our goal to be the best performing company in our industry," says Phil Sawyer, president.

Manning has an extensive background in manufacturing and distribution, working as a business consultant in business process improvement for more than 10 years.

Taylor Adds Director of Engineering

In November 2002, Taylor Building Products added Harold Valley director of engineering, working in product development and manufacturing improvements.

Valley brings more than 20 years of experience in engineering with a bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of Michigan and a master's degree in manufacturing management from GMI Engineering and Management Institute.

Raynor Promotes Benge

In September 2002, Raynor promoted Mike Benge to manager of logistics. He is responsible for fleet operations, shipping, transportation, and all distribution centers.

Benge joined Raynor in 1999 as transportation manager. Prior to joining Raynor, he was employed by Landstar Inway, a transportation firm in Rockford, Ill., where he served as safety manager.

He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Northern Iowa and a master's degree in industrial psychology from the University of Missouri – St. Louis.

Aluma Shield Adds Regional Manager

Aluma Shield recently appointed Ted Weaver as the sectional door division's regional manager for North America. Weaver is responsible for new customer growth and will also service existing customers.

A manager in the door industry for more than 14 years, Weaver served most recently as a district sales manager for Overhead Door.

"We are excited to have someone with Ted's abilities on the sectional door team," says Steve Roesner, sectional door division manager. "With almost 15 years' experience in the industry, he will be able to immediately take care of our customer's needs."

Windsor Names New Director of Sales

In August 2002, Robert L. Strahan was promoted to director of sales for Windsor Door. In his new position, Strahan is responsible for all corporate sales efforts including management of a 10-person national sales team and sales for 22 Sales Support Centers located throughout the U.S. and Canada. Strahan previously served as Windsor's director of sales for the western U.S.

"For the past 15 years, Bob has always been one of our top producers," says Phil Sawyer, president. "Starting with his local sales success in California, he learned how important it is to work closely with our dealers to help them grow."

Wayne-Dalton Makes Additions and Promotions

In November 2002, Wayne-Dalton announced that Mark Milne has been promoted to western regional sales director. Milne has been with Wayne-Dalton for eight years as market area manager and regional operations manager. He attended Cal State Fullerton and the University of LaVerne.

The firm also hired John Dost as business development manager. Dost brings ten years of sales experience to Wayne-Dalton. With a B.A. in international affairs from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Dost held positions at Minolta, Prudential Insurance, and Ingersoll-Rand Architecture Hardware Division.

Four Promotions at Marantec

Marantec America recently made several appointments. Meikel Nagel is now manager of business development. Nagel is responsible for the development of new customers, conducting training sessions, and meeting with installers and customers. Nagel joined Marantec in 2000 as the customer service manager.

Gabriela Giarratana has been promoted to supervisor of customer service, responsible for daily operations in customer service and technical support departments. Sherri Grauman has been promoted to technical support representative, handling technical calls and answering the tech support cellular phone. Kim LaSpina is a new customer service representative.

Roll-A-Flex Names Sales Manager

In October 2002, Roll-A-Flex Doors, a manufacturer of roll-up doors and panel systems for the self-storage industry, announced that Gordon Gentry will be the new sales manager for the East Coast, based in Kissimmee, Fla.

Gentry has over 22 years of sales experience in the storage industry and building products. He joined Roll-A-Flex Doors from BETCO, where he was consultative sales manager for Florida. Previously, Gentry held a variety of sales management positions with Roll-Lite, serving clients throughout the U.S. for 12 years. Gentry also served for seven years as sales executive with Door Systems Inc.


Cornell Buys Atlas Assets from Clopay

In October 2002, Cornell Iron Works announced their intent to purchase specific assets of the Atlas Door Division of Clopay Building Products.

"I am very excited about the extraordinary opportunity this agreement affords," says Andrew Cornell, Cornell president. "We have planned very carefully for the growth that we foresee, and intend to take every possible measure to assure an unmatched level of quality to our customers."

Cornell says the agreement will provide greater production efficiencies and better coverage and penetration of Cornell's distributor network.

Overall, Cornell does not intend to produce the Atlas product line. However, they will be assigned ownership of Atlas trademarks and patents, and will also explore utilizing selected Atlas items to complement their own product line.

Genie Opens North American Distribution Center

In November 2002, the Genie Company opened a new distribution center adjacent to its Baltic, Ohio, manufacturing facility. The 123,000-sq.-ft. addition features 16 loading doors, employee cafeteria, drivers' lounge, and a state-of-the-art security system.

"The new facility will significantly reduce overall transportation costs and help us manage our finished goods inventory more effectively," says Randy Bell, vice president of operations. "We successfully closed our former Akron facility on a Friday and were operational the following Monday without any service interruption to our customers."

The plant is the hub for manufacturing and shipping of Genie residential garage door openers throughout North America.

Clopay Booth Features Garage Door "Art"

At the 2003 International Builders Show in Las Vegas from Jan. 21-24, Clopay will unveil new window and door designs and debut a new gallery-style booth which features product as "art."

The booth features the work of two University of Cincinnati art students who created art works using Clopay garage doors and components.

"We want to communicate to builders that the garage door has the power to transform the way a home looks -- that our products really are works of art in the sense that they have tremendous impact on a home’s overall appearance," says Steve Lynch, vice president of marketing.

Martin Door Earns UL Listing

Six door and opener systems of Martin Door have been approved for a listing by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Following a 2-1/2-year process, Martin can now put the UL listing on six separate door systems including: Woodline Electric, Ranch Electric, Camelot Electric, Hi-Tensil Electric, Flushline Electric, and Carriage House Electric.

"We say we make the safest garage door system in the world and now the largest testing laboratory in the world backs that up," says Larry Martin, vice president. He says Martin Door is the only door manufacturer in the world to have both the UL listing and the ISO 9001 certification.

Bart Starr Featured at Genie Golf Event

In August 2002, the Genie Company held a special golf outing for the winner of its "Starrs and Stripes" Summer Promotion at the famed South Course at Firestone Country Club. As the winner of the promotion, Daryl Cordova of Toby's Door of Belen, N.M., won a round of golf with legendary Green Bay Packer quarterback Bart Starr.

"The opportunity to play golf with Bart Starr was great," says Cordova, "I have to admit that I was a little nervous while standing on the first tee."

Clopay Recognized by Good Housekeeping Institute

Good Housekeeping Institute recently presented Clopay Building Products a Marketing Excellence Award for outstanding marketing initiatives featuring the Good Housekeeping (GH) Seal. Clopay was one of four finalists nationally.

"The Good Housekeeping Seal is instantly recognized by consumers as an endorsement of product quality, and we're proud to be associated with this powerful symbol," says Pat Lohse, director of marketing.

Ohio Contractor Wins $1,000,000 DeWalt Contest

In November 2002, DeWalt crowned the winner of its "Million Dollar Challenge" cordless screwdriving contest. Jon Smith, a contractor from Delaware, Ohio, out-screwed 15 other contestants to win the "King of the Drill" trophy and a $1,000,000 grand prize.

To win the million, Smith had to sink five drywall screws flush into a piece of wood in less than 7 seconds with DeWalt's 14.4-volt cordless drill/driver. He did it in 6.77 seconds.

Smith's competition included a door installer, several drywall installers, two cabinetmakers, one remodeler, one builder, four carpenters, a production manager, and a painter. More than 50,000 people entered qualifying contests in 100 cities nationwide.

Wayne-Dalton Sponsors Monday Night Football

In November 2002, Wayne-Dalton announced its sponsorship of the CBS Radio Sports/Westwood One presentation of Monday Night Football.

The sponsorship program, done with the help of announcers Boomer Esiason and Marv Albert, will promote the new idrive opener and complete garage door system. The Monday Night Football lineup includes all divisional and conference playoff games, Superbowl, Pro Bowl, and 16 regular season games.

Clopay Before & After Winner Announced

In November 2002, Clopay announced the winner of its first-ever national Before & After contest. The grand prize winner (see photo) of the $10,000 "garage goody" prize package was James Best of Langhorne, Pa.

Pat Lohse, Clopay director of marketing—dealer residential, says that the contest put new garage doors on homes across the country, created new sales for Clopay dealers, and increased awareness of a garage door's impact on a home's overall appearance.

The promotion was advertised in several consumer magazines, including Better Homes & Garden's Better by Design, Country Home, Traditional Home, and Midwest Living. Installations were rated for overall appearance, impact of the door, dramatic difference, architectural fit, and creativity.

Overhead Door Hosts Installer Rodeo

In 2002, Overhead Door held a competition to demonstrate the quick installation features of the new Banner Collection residential doors. The "Installer Rodeo" final was held in Dallas on Sept. 13-14 with 15 participants from Overhead Door distributors nationwide.

The competition's winning times: 9 minutes 12 seconds for installing an 8-foot door, and 12:24 for a 16-foot door. LeRoy Dabney of Overhead Door Company of Central Virginia won the event with the fastest combined time of 21:36. Dabney (pictured) won the grand prize, a 2002 Harley Davidson.

The Banner Collection features pre-installed hinges, snap-together sections and track, and the fully assembled ArmorTite counterbalance system. A better-organized hardware kit with fewer parts and fewer track bolts also streamlines installation.

"The Banner Collection is Overhead Door Corporation's next generation of residential door products," says Larry Campbell, vice president of sales. "We've designed this product line to help our customers do business more efficiently and meet industry safety standards."

Clopay in Luxury Garage at Builders' Show

Clopay doors will be included on a luxury garage at the International Builders' Show, Jan. 21-24, 2003, in Las Vegas.

Two Clopay commercial garage doors (Series 3201) and a residential door (Model 4401) will be installed on the multi-functional garage featured in the Home Destinations 2003 show home, sponsored by Builder Magazine.

"Architects for the HomeDestination home used imagination and ingenuity when choosing Clopay doors to best fit the oversized garage that doubles as a sports center," says Pat Lohse, director of marketing, Clopay. "The garage features a full-size basketball court and an adjacent two-car garage and needs extra durability."

Chamberlain Increases Technical Support Hours

In November 2002, Chamberlain announced extended hours of operation for their nationwide Technical Support Center -- from five to six days a week. Technical support specialists are now on call Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. MST.

"We are adding this service because we know that many installations and service calls occur on Saturdays," says Greg Tibbitt, technical service manager.

The Chamberlain Technical Support Center handles more than one million technical assistance requests each year from consumers and dealers in North and South America.

Clopay Doors on "Smart Garage"

In the fall of 2002, Popular Science magazine built the first ever "Smart Garage," featuring four Clopay Model 160 sheet roll-up doors. The garage features a 650-sq.-ft. garage on wheels, with a workshop area, a kitchen, a phone and intercom, and a complete home entertainment system.

The "Smart Garage" traveling exhibit was featured in late 2002 in Dallas, Las Vegas, and at The Mall of America in Minneapolis. Nearly 400,000 consumers were expected to tour the exhibit.

"The 'Smart Garage' project is more evidence of a significant shift in consumer mind set," says Pat Lohse, director of marketing, dealer residential. "Homeowners now view the garage as a room of possibility, not just a place to park the car and store stuff."

The exhibit was also featured in the November 2002 issue of Popular Science and on

Collier Achieves ISO Certification

Collier, a Canadian manufacturer of overhead door hardware and springs, recently achieved registration to the ISO 9001 – 2000 standard.

Ken Fletcher, Collier president, says the path to certification enabled the company to make changes, improve quality, and adopt a best-practices approach to building their business.

ISO is the International Standards Organization, which provides an operating framework for improving the performance of an organization.

Roll-A-Flex Merges With Security Technologies

In September 2002, Roll-A-Flex Doors announced that the company had been acquired by Security Technologies. Roll-A-Flex Doors and its Roll Right Industries subsidiary will continue to market and manufacture products at both its California and Texas locations.

"We are very pleased to add Roll-A-Flex to our portfolio of residential and security door companies," says Steve Rodger, chairman, Security Technologies. "The acquisition of Roll-A-Flex will allow us to enter into new and exciting markets."


Intuit Offers Software for Mid-Sized Companies

Intuit, a leading provider of business software, recently announced Intuit Master Builder 2003, the latest edition of its construction management software for mid-sized construction companies. Master Builder 2003 is part of Intuit's "Right for My Business" strategy to deliver industry-specific solutions to businesses.

Designed exclusively for construction, Master Builder 2003 is a single integrated solution to help contractors win more profitable bids, complete jobs on schedule, and collect money faster.

Enterprise 2003
To address the needs of larger construction companies that require regular remote connectivity, increased performance, and controlled data access, the Intuit Master Builder 2003 Enterprise edition makes it easy for contractors to connect remote offices, job sites, and home offices.

With a new pricing structure, Intuit Master Builder 2003 is now offered on a per-seat basis.

Intuit Master Builder 2003 $ 1,895
Intuit Master Builder 2003 Enterprise $ 2,495
Add-on Modules $ 795

Product upgrades are now included as part of an annual support contract. Special pricing is available for current Intuit Master Builder and QuickBooks customers.

Master Builder 2003 includes modules that were previously add-ons, such as Scheduling, Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, Change Orders, Payroll, and Billing. Add-on modules for Intuit Master Builder 2003 include Estimating, Service Receivables, Inventory, and Document Control.

Cornell Launches Online Drawing System

In September 2002, Cornell announced the launch of their new online WebGen drawing system for Cornell distributors. WebGen is the latest enhancement to Cornell's Web pricing system.

The system allows complete, project-specific drawings to be automatically rendered in real time and then E-mailed in PDF format within minutes to the distributor, architect, or contractor.

Available 24/7, WebGen drawings can be customized with project architects' and contractors' names. Cornell says the process to obtain detailed project drawings previously took weeks, but now with WebGen, it takes only minutes.

Chamberlain Upgrades CJWin

In November 2002, Chamberlain introduced CJWin version 2.0 as an upgrade to its CJWin programming software. The CJWin 2.0 upgrade, featuring increased computer compatibility, interfaces with Sentex Crown Jewel Residential Telephone Entry System.

"With this release, Chamberlain once again demonstrates our commitment to ongoing product improvement, and to maintaining our position at the forefront of Telephone Entry technology," says Lee Fleishman, product manager.

This new 32-bit version is compatible with most Windows operating systems including: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.

With a computer and modem, homeowners can program all aspects of their Crown Jewel's operation including phone numbers, entry codes, call forwarding, do-not-disturb, lock/unlock schedules, and more.

CJWin 2.0 is included at no additional charge with all new Crown Jewel Residential Telephone Entry Systems.

Sentex Spectrum Upgrade Announced

In November 2002, Chamberlain announced SVWin 2.0 as an upgrade to their SVWin programming software. The upgrade offers increased computer compatibility and interfaces with the Sentex Spectrum Series Telephone Entry System.

The Spectrum Series is designed for multi-family buildings, offices, or gated communities, featuring a vandal-resistant stainless steel faceplate and an internal edge-lit keypad for easy viewing.

The upgrade is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP. The program allows users to program all aspects of their Spectrum Series operation including phone numbers and entry codes.

SVWin 2.0 is included at no additional charge with all new Spectrum Series Telephone Entry Systems.

MMTC Web Site Expanded

In September 2002, MMTC announced a complete rework of their Web site ( to include all products now listed in their catalog.

The updated site allows quick access to product specifications and request forms that are automatically sent to MMTC. The site includes product information on commercial and residential controls and expanded options on their line of accessories.

Parts or additional information and specifications can be requested directly from the site, and major credit cards are accepted.


Garage Door Performance Labels Now Appearing

Refrigerators and hot water heaters have energy ratings labels. Now, commercial and residential garage doors have ratings labels, too … and not just one rating, but four.

Starting in January 2003, labels with certified performance ratings began appearing on garage doors in North America, thanks to an industry-endorsed program initiated by the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA).

The label's four performance ratings specify the door's (1) positive and negative wind load pressures, (2) door cycle life, (3) R-value, and (4) compliance with fire-related code requirements. The four ratings are verified by Omega Point Laboratories, an independent agency acting as program administrator.

The R-value may be the most valuable number on the label. For years, garage doors have reported widely varying R-values, using widely varying methods of determining the number. Omega Point's verification is expected to help eliminate disputes, allowing differing models to be compared fairly and appropriately.

Since many manufacturers jointly worked to create the program, many are expected to participate. So far, several manufacturers have submitted products for certification.

Manufacturer participation in the program is voluntary, and manufacturers can voluntarily choose which products to be labeled. Watch for more information on the industry's new labeling program in our Spring 2003 issue.

Ad of the Year To Be Selected

The third annual Advertisement of the Year will be unveiled at the February 2003 Annual Meeting of the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA). The Door & Access Systems (DAS) Advertisement of the Year award will be presented by Richard Brenner, DASMA president, in Indian Wells, Calif.

The purpose of the award is to encourage fresh, effective approaches to advertising and promoting products for the door and access systems industry. "Marketing professionals in our industry work hard to create print ads," says Tom Wadsworth, DAS editor. "This award promotes excellence and creativity among advertisers in our industry."

An independent panel of design, advertising, and communications experts judges all entries for creativity, design, text, integrity, and effectiveness. An advertisement is automatically eligible for the award if appeared in Door & Access Systems at least once during 2002.

Feds Tighten Energy Codes

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently ruled that states must now certify that their commercial building codes meet the requirements of a 1999 energy conservation standard.

That standard, ASHRAE 90.1-1999, references ANSI/DASMA 105, a test standard to determine R-value and air infiltration. The DOE ruling requires all states to have energy codes in place that are at least as stringent as 90.1-1999, or "justify why they cannot comply with this."

ICC Consolidation Approved

History was made in late 2002 as members of BOCA (Building Officials and Code Administrators), ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials), and SBCCI (Southern Building Code Congress International) voted to consolidate services, products, and operations. The new organization, International Code Council (ICC), was expected to begin operations in January 2003.

"The consolidation unites our nation’s leading building safety experts under one common goal -- to serve public health and safety," says ICC Chief Executive Officer Bob Heinrich.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says the ICC's intent is one nationwide code. However, he says, "The recent publishing of the new NFPA 5000 building code will require us to see to what extent municipalities adopt competing codes."

Worldwide Prominence
More than 97 percent of U.S. cities, counties, and states that adopt model codes choose building and fire codes created by the three building safety groups that make up the ICC. I-Codes have strong backing from code enforcement officials, architects, engineers, builders, developers, and building owners and managers.

"ICC is positioned to enhance the prominence of the International Codes that set the standard for building safety," says BOCA Chief Executive Officer Paul Heilstedt. In 1994, BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI created the ICC to develop a single set of model construction codes for use throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Midwest Builders Show to Chicago in March

Former Chicago Bear and Hall of Famer Dan Hampton and the Chicago Bulls cheerleading dance squad, the Luvabulls, will help kick-off the Midwest Builders Show in Chicago in March. The four-day event, Mar. 18-21, 2003, is presented by the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago (HBAGC).

The Midwest Builders Show is a regional tradeshow and conference for the building industry. The event draws attendees from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

The Midwest Builders Show also provides educational opportunities through 20+ educational seminars, several offering accreditation or certification. More information is available at

DASMA Proposals Approved in Florida

In October 2002, the Florida Building Commission approved three DASMA proposals for inclusion in the 2004 edition of the Florida Building Code.

The DASMA proposals include a garage-door wind load table, a reference to ANSI/DASMA 108 (the garage-door wind load test standard), and a national design load definition for "openings." The definition is expected to provide clarity for exterior door and window products.