Martin Adds 188 Garage Door Colors

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Publish Date: Fall 2001
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Martin Adds 188 Garage Door Colors

Martin Door announces the addition of 188 powder coated colors for residential garage doors. The powder coating is 3-4 mils thick and offers several features including rust protection, a glossy look, and UV protection.

The polyester powder coating covers Martin’s standard hot-dip galvanized, 24-gauge steel with two coats of baked-on enamel paint finish. Powder coated hardware is also available. Color pallets display all possible colors and shades.

Martin’s five standard colors are also available as powder coated finishes. Powder coated products are shipped within two weeks of receipt of order.

Wayne-Dalton Expands Powder Coated Offerings

In July, Wayne-Dalton introduced 26 standard stock colors for powder coated commercial rolling doors with improved pricing, options, and lead-time.

Mark Hedquist, director of commercial products for Wayne-Dalton, said the powder coated finish is durable, attractive, and virtually pollution free. "Our powder coated commercial rolling doors give consumers more value for their money," he said.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process in which finely ground particles of pigment and resin are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the electrically grounded parts of rolling doors. These charged particles adhere to the rolling door parts until they melt and fuse into solid coating in a curing oven. This results in a superior, smooth, and refined finish.

The powder coated commercial rolling doors are available in a minimum size of 64 square feet for service doors and 20 square feet for shutters.

Industrial Spring Introduces Spring King

In June, Industrial Spring Company announced their new Spring King Spring Winding Unit. The company said the Spring King is different from other winding systems because it uses standard cable drums, standard torsion springs, standard anchor and winding cones, and works on almost all standard residential garage doors.

The Spring King winds torsion springs using a 3/8" drill. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance.

"We are enthusiastic about the future of this product," said Karl Lundahl, project manager. "It offers a safer and more efficient method of winding torsion springs, but uses all standard garage door hardware." He said their next goal is to introduce a light duty and heavy duty commercial model.

C.H.I. Announces Windbreaker Series

C.H.I. Overhead Doors recently introduced the Windbreaker Series, a new garage door system engineered to withstand high winds.

Pat Hunter, C.H.I. engineer, and Russ Brough, C.H.I. Research and Development, tested the series at the wind labs of Architectural Testing in York, Pa. "The Windbreaker Series offers homeowners greater windstorm protection that is often mandated by local authorities in coastal regions," Hunter said.

The new Windbreaker Series will be available in models 2240, 2241, and 2285.

Martin Offers Opener with DC Motor

Martin Door has introduced its new DC 3700 Garage Door Opener. The company said, "The DC 3700 is the longest lasting and quietest garage door opener on the market today."

Martin cycle tested the DC 3700 on a 19' x 8', 500-pound door. In the test, the opener continued to operate after 140,000 cycles, the equivalent of more than 100 years of normal use.

The DC 3700 is available with belt or chain drive, 110 or 220 volts, and a variable-speed "ultra quiet" DC motor. A three-function wall console is included, with mini 2-button or 4-button transmitters, and a 284-trillion transmitter code. It features computer control, with no limit switches, force switches, or transmitter switches.

The unit comes with a lifetime limited warranty and meets all UL 325 safety requirements.

Wayne-Dalton Announces DS-350 Upgrades

In July, Wayne-Dalton introduced product upgrades that improve the installation and function of the DS-350 Roll-Up Steel Door.

"The upgrades allow for easier installation so crews can get their work done quickly and move on to the next job," said Mark Hedquist, director of commercial products for Wayne-Dalton.

One of the DS-350 upgrades is the new wind-lock, which is offset from the door sheet to allow for better door curtain stacking. This eliminates any popping noise when the door is opened and closed. In addition, wind locks that extend out of the track have been eliminated to help door operation.

Additional upgrades to the DS-350 include a reduced flare on the track, a stamped bracket with an additional mounting hole (for doors up to 10' by 10'), a new method of attaching the top sheet to the drum, a trimmed bottom astragal, and horizontal slots in wall angle.

GADCO Offers Mix 'N Match System

GADCO’s new Mix 'N Match system allows doors of one color to be ordered with window inserts of another accenting color. GADCO now offers nine colors and dozens of window styles in the Americana Series 7524 line.

Joe Kee, GADCO president, said, "A trend with style-conscious builders is to offer a door that matches the window trim such as a sandstone door with teratone colonial window inserts that match the casement windows of the house."

In addition to the customary colors of white, brown, and almond, GADCO offers sandstone, teratone, deep crimson, hunter green, skyline blue, and evening grey to match popular colors for window coverings, trim, and soffit.

New Grille from Cornell

The new SentryGate from Cornell Iron Works provides a physical deterrent to storefront smash-and-grab crime. The new grille features a compact design that can be easily incorporated into existing structures.

Cornell says SentryGate installs quickly and inexpensively because it bolts directly to existing wall construction, frames, or mullions. The curtain locks into the guides for a higher level of protection. SentryGate offers an immediate enhancement to security without the penalty of construction-related downtime.

The European-style curtain is constructed of injection molded, smooth nylon components and interlocked horizontal metal rods. The smooth curtain components are safe for employees and customers and are available in black or white matte finish. Even when shut and locked, the curtain design – 65 percent open – permits a high level of visibility to store interiors.

In addition to storefront applications, SentryGate is also suited for mall kiosks, interior stadium counters, and areas within building that need off-hour security such as pharmacies or parts counters.

Cornell has a video that shows SentryGate in operation.

UL Certifies the New Vitector Sensing Edge

In June, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified the new technology of Fraba’s Vitector optoelectronic sensing edge for automatic garage doors and gates. The UL recognition confirms that this Vitector sensing edge complies with UL 325 safety standards. The recognition also officially opens up the availability of Fraba’s German optoelectronic technology for U.S. and Canadian door and gate dealers.

The Vitector’s optoelectronic safety edge contains an infrared safety light barrier that is inserted into a hollow section of a rubber profile. When the rubber is pressed, the optical channel is interrupted, causing the door to stop or reverse.

A key advantage of the Vitector optoelectronic edge is that it can be assembled and installed quickly and easily. Vitector’s rubber profile comes in rolls and can be cut to any size in the shop or on-site.

The patented Vitector system constantly monitors the functionality of all components. The sensing edge is resistant to environmental influences such as water, dust, and temperature changes. More than 40,000 Vitector optoelectronic systems are now in use in Europe and North America.

Founded in 1918, Fraba is an established German firm known for its pioneering technology in optical and electronic sensors. With U.S. offices based in Lawrenceville, N.J., Fraba is an active member of DASMA, the International Door Association (IDA), and the Canadian Door Institute (CDI).

Martec Introduces HomeLink Compatible Receiver

In May, Martec Access Products announced the addition of a HomeLink CDR (Compatible Default Receiver) Kit to its line of controls designed for the gate and door industry.

The Martec HomeLink CDR Kit is intended for use with up to six HomeLink Universal Transceiver buttons. It is designed for use with garage door and gate opener radio control systems that are not compatible with the HomeLink Universal Transceivers that are supplied with many new vehicles.

Martec’s Kit, when used with the HomeLink rolling code, operates "side by side" with the opener radio control allowing all existing accessories to continue functioning. The Martec CDR Kit can also be used to add the security of rolling code technology to a door system.

New Knockout Door for Low Ceilings

TKO Doors now offers their knockout door with a track design that fits within headroom as tight as 18 inches. The new XLT track design overcomes the challenge of guiding the door along the ceiling with a double groove radius and horizontal track. A trolley system located above the door transmits lifting and lowering power, either with manual chain hoist or push-button-actuated operator.

The XLT design uses the TKO "Impact-A-Track" construction that repels forklift jolts. Doors using the track can withstand impact and provide continual operation. The doorway is always covered and available for use. More information on TKO doors is available at

Track Construction Projects on the Web

In August, CMD introduced CMD Connect, a portable Web-based project data tracking tool designed to help manufacturers more effectively use the construction project information regularly supplied by CMD.

CMD Connect enables manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to track thousands of construction projects and analyze project data by location, size, value, and several other parameters. The Web-based platform allows users to share information and ensures that the information remains within the company when personnel turnover occurs. The online program is Microsoft Outlook compatible, enabling sales representatives to incorporate tasks and calendar reminders into Outlook.

The tool "responds to the manufacturers’ need for instant access to current information … which ultimately helps shorten the sales cycle by identifying the most productive leads," said Charlie Spahr, CMD Product Management.

CMD is a division of Cahners Business Information, a member of the Reed Elsevier group.

New Camelot Doors from Martin

The Camelot line is a new line of garage doors from Martin Door. The Camelot model offers flexibility of panel design, complementing the standard line of uniform panels available from Martin. Camelot is available in four designs.

Until now, Martin raised-panel garage doors were only available in short panel or long panel designs. With Camelot, customers can mix long and short panel designs to create a pattern to match any home.

Camelot doors are available in Martin’s five standard colors as well as in 188 new powder coat colors and Real Copper Metal. Other options include insulated, non-insulated, or steel-back insulated sections as well as hundreds of other Martin hardware options.

Planner/Scheduler Works with MS Office

In August, User Solutions announced availability of Resource Manager for Microsoft Office. Built as an add-on to an Excel spreadsheet, Resource Manager claims to be the only low-cost planning, scheduling, and tracking solution that can be immediately implemented by all operations.

Primarily intended for small to medium firms, Resource Manager enables customers to efficiently manage labor, materials, and work centers. For the first time, end users can use Microsoft Office to assist them in managing customer orders, delivering products and services on-time, reducing cycle times and inventory shortages, planning labor and work center requirements, and tracking schedules.

Resource Manager’s new Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) module features alternate routings and detailed work center calendars that can be adjusted at any time. The new features include: Job Costing, Lean Manufacturing, Flow Manufacturing, Project Management, Shop Control, MRP - MRP2, SCM, JIT, and Business Process Reengineering.

The New Order Entry and Sales Reporting module allows the user to easily manage and track customer orders. Resource Manager offers a Data Integration Wizard (DIW) that can easily tie in with most any custom system or standard ERP offerings, including: MAPICS, JD Edwards, SAP, Macola, and many more.

The basic system is $2,400 and guaranteed. The APS and DIW modules are $1,500 each. More information is available at


Mid-America Door Names New President

The board of directors of Mid-America Door Company has elected John R. Earnest to the post of president and chief executive officer. Earnest has been serving as Mid-America’s executive vice president and chief operating officer since 1992.

Earnest brings 30 years of industry experience to his new position. He began his career with Mid-America Door in February 1992 as the vice president of sales and marketing. His prior employment included 20 years with Overhead Door Corporation in sales and marketing, as well as several years working in a door dealership.

Earnest succeeds J. Joseph "Joe" Neylon who guided the company to significant growth and expansion since 1992. Neylon will remain with Mid-America in a new position of Strategic Planning Officer.

The board re-elected its officers: Doyle Benton, chairman of the board, Myron "Sonny" Wilson, vice chairman, and John Westfield, vice president & CFO, secretary/treasurer of the company.

Established in 1991 in Ponca City, Oklahoma, Mid-America is a regional manufacturer of residential and commercial garage doors serving 22 states throughout the Midwest and the north central and southern United States.

Amarr Initiates New Sales Force Plan

In July, Amarr Garage Doors announced the restructuring of its field management to provide an exceptional level of customer service to dealers.

Greg Gilmer leads the new effort in his new role as executive vice president, concentrating in the sales and marketing areas of the business. He has been with Amarr for 20 years, serving most recently as vice president, sales and operations.

Sales and service duties currently performed by Amarr district managers will be separated into District Sales and District Service roles. District Sales Managers will report to Lyle Symons, recently promoted to vice president, dealer sales. District Service Managers will report to Shawn O’Brien, vice president, field support services.

Amarr operates more than 57 company-owned Door Centers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and internationally.

Arrow Tru-Line Announces New VP

Randy Ordway has been promoted to vice president of purchasing and operations planning for Arrow Tru-Line.

Ordway, in this newly created position, will continue to be responsible for all facets of the material procurement process including price negotiations, vendor supply agreements, and terms of sale.

As part of his role in operations planning, he will also provide direction to manufacturing operations including production planning, forecasting, and scheduling. Ordway will continue to maintain responsibility for company inventories of raw materials and finished goods at all plants.

C.H.I. Rolling Steel Adds Dawdy

Dave Dawdy has joined the management team of C.H.I. Overhead Doors to help in the development of the recently founded Rolling Steel Division. Dawdy formerly headed up the marketing and sales departments at Trac-Rite in Sun Prairie, Wis.

"Dave brings nearly 20 years of door industry experience to C.H.I. and has a strong specialty in rolling steel products," said Willis Miller, executive vice president. "He will assume sales, marketing, and product development responsibilities with the C.H.I. team, and will contribute a strong working knowledge of the rolling steel industry."

Dawdy received his bachelor of science degree in business finance from Kansas State University in 1982.

Lett and Billman Honored

In our summer issue, we incorrectly identified Jim Lett and Ted Billman in a photo display of award winners at April’s Expo 2001. Lett and Billman received the prestigious President’s Award from outgoing IDA President Bill Winser. Jim Lett operates ABE Doors & Windows in Allentown, Pa., and Ted Billman owns Billman & Associates in Naperville, Ill.

We apologize for the error. We discovered our mistake after the summer issue went to press. We notified Jim and Ted of our mistake, and both graciously accepted our apology. We offer our congratulations to them on this distinctive award.

New CFO at Arrow Tru-Line

Dale Dennis has been appointed to the position of chief financial officer of Arrow Tru-Line (ATL). Dennis has extensive experience with manufacturing industries, working as a controller for a Fortune 500 company and as a consultant on many accounting and tax issues.

Dave Shaffer, ATL president, said Dennis’ understanding of the business climate and the complex issues of a changing environment makes him a valued addition to the ATL team. Dennis is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants.


Amarr Breaks Ground for New Corporate Office

In June, Amarr broke ground for a new corporate office building. The new facility is located in the Oak Summit business park in Winston-Salem, N.C., and will contain 36,000 square feet over two floors. The building is expected to be completed in the spring of 2002.

At the groundbreaking, Amarr president Richard Brenner said, "Our 50th anniversary was yesterday, and today we break ground into a new chapter of Amarr history."

The contemporary building will promote a team-oriented atmosphere with its open office design. The focal point of the main entrance is an atrium that will be a leisure area for employees and guests. Sonny’s Café, a breakroom for informal meetings and lunchroom, has been named for founding member Herb Brenner.

UL Certifies Martin Door to ISO 9001

In June, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) announced that Martin Door Manufacturing had successfully certified to the new ISO 9001 quality standard.

Dave Martin, Martin’s CEO and board chairman, said, "To the best of our knowledge, Martin Door is the first U.S.-based garage door manufacturer to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification." With this certification, the company said Martin becomes the first "UL Registered" garage door manufacturer worldwide.

ISO 9001 is the latest international quality standard endorsed by the International Organization of Standards (ISO). Well known internationally, it is recognized in 140 countries.

Certification requires a thorough documentation process covering every procedure in the manufacturing environment. Employees are trained in procedures, and steps are taken to assure compliance to the approved procedures. The certification was received after more than a two-year process of training, documentation, and implementation.

Martin is currently selling garage doors in the United States and in 47 countries worldwide.

Phantom International Acquires Executive Rollscreen

In July, Phantom International announced it has purchased a 100 percent interest in Executive Rollscreen of Florida.

Executive Rollscreen produces oversized, motorized retracting screens and sunshades suitable for use on garage doors, patios, and balconies. The product lines complement Phantom’s existing door and window screens and offers oversized screens and expanded product options.

"Executive Rollscreen is a solid company with similar products and growth potential to Phantom," said C. Esther De Wolde, Phantom’s CEO. "This acquisition accelerates Phantom’s growth and is consistent with our vision of being recognized as the industry leader in providing quality, retractable screening solutions to the markets we serve."

Phantom intends to market and distribute these products through existing and new sales channels including selected Phantom Screens distributors. Founded in 1992, Phantom Mfg. is a leading North American provider of retractable screen solutions for doors and windows.

LiftMaster Awards $10,000 Prize

In July, Chamberlain Professional Products awarded Cincinnati door and operator dealer Bill Weber with the Grand Prize in the LiftMaster "Move 'Em Out In March" promotion.

The promotion challenged authorized LiftMaster dealers to sell and install the most qualifying LiftMaster Garage Door Openers during the month of March.

Bill Weber, the owner of AE Door Sales, won the grand prize after attaining the most sales in North America. In addition to the $10,000 Grand Prize, a $1,000 credit was awarded to the dealer selling and installing the most qualifying LiftMaster Garage Door Openers per state. A $5,000 account credit was awarded to the top dealer in each LiftMaster sales region.

Regional winners are: Lopes Door Systems, Mississauga, Ontario; Norge Building Supply, Totowa, N.J.; AR-BE Doors, Bedford Park, Ill.; Ankmar Door, Denver, Colo.; Overhead Door of New Bern, N.C.; and Barton Overhead Door, Modesto, Calif.

CAPTION: Bill Weber (center) of Cincinnati, Ohio, receives the grand prize from George Meikle (left), Chamberlain regional sales manager, and Mark Hagan, Chamberlain sales manager.

A.O. Smith to Open New Production Center

In July, A.O. Smith announced plans to open a new production center at its plant in McMinnville, Tenn., to meet customer demand for special industrial electric motors on a fast-track basis.

The center will enable A.O. Smith to modify any of its general-purpose 1-to-400 integral horsepower (IHP) motors for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications and ship within three to 10 days from order. The center will be fully operational in November 2001.

A.O. Smith Electrical Products Company, based in Tipp City, Ohio, is A.O. Smith Corporation's largest operating unit, with 2000 sales of $902 million.

Manaras Opens a U.S. Toll-Free Number

In July, Manaras announced a new toll free number to centralize sales calls and technical support for all U.S. customers. An internal sales team has been organized to handle the increasing demand of the U.S. market.

The new number is 866-77-OPERA. The number will also be introduced in the new Manaras 2001 catalog. Manaras, a division of SOMFY International, designs, assembles, and markets operators for commercial and industrial garage doors, grilles, and shutters.

Martin CD-ROM Now Available

The Martin Architectural Detail Manual and brochures are now available on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM includes many CAD drawings and all Martin brochures, including many photographs and information pertinent to the sale and installation of Martin garage doors.

Architectural specifications of Martin garage doors are also available online at Martin’s Web site.

Chamberlain Awards Getaway Vacations

At Chamberlain Professional Products' annual dealer hospitality party, two LiftMaster dealers were awarded all-expenses-paid weekend getaway packages to any Marriott hotel in the U.S.

Donna Macik of LaGrange Overhead Door in LaGrange, Texas, and Masood Bagheri of Escondido Overhead in San Marcos, Calif. were the lucky winners. The raffle was open to the more than 900 dealers who attended the customer appreciation event at Expo 2001 in Atlantic City, N.J., in April.

The annual hospitality party is Chamberlain's "thank you" to its dealers. This year's 2001 LiftMaster Formula I Sweepstakes features an exotic all-inclusive trip to Bora Bora.


DASMA Adds 12 Companies

"I don’t remember ever growing at this kind of a pace."

That’s how DASMA president Ken Roehl reacted to the association’s recent influx of new members. This year, 12 companies have joined the ranks of DASMA members, bringing the total number of member companies to 90.

"It’s really a tribute to the division leadership that has worked to identify these new candidates," said Roehl. Each of the four DASMA divisions has added new members.

Roehl believes that the association’s growth may be attributed to DASMA’s success in working with governmental and code bodies. "I think others are seeing our progress in code development and standards issues, and they want to be part of that progress," he added.

For more information on joining DASMA, contact association headquarters at 216-241-7333 or visit

New DASMA Members
Associates Division
Action Industries, Cleveland, Ohio
Fehr Bros. Industries, Saugerties, N.Y.
Huntsman Polyurethanes, West Deptford, N.J.
National Starch & Chemical, Bridgewater, N.J.
Weirton Steel, Weirton, W.V.
Rolling Door Division
Asta Industries, Acworth, Ga.
Operator & Electronics Division
B and B Electromatic, Norwood, La.
Fraba, Lawrenceville, N.J.
Martec Access Products, Mountainside, N.J.
Residential and Commercial Garage Door Division
First United Door Technologies, Tempe, Ariz.
Haas Door, Wauseon, Ohio
Upwardor, Mississauga, Ontario

New Gate Standard Coming

It’s getting closer. The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) may vote by January of 2002 on a new voluntary U.S. gate standard addressing automated vehicular gates.

Frank Hinds, chairman of the Ad Hoc Coalition charged with developing the standard, said his coalition has completed the final draft. He was to send the draft to ASTM this summer.

Hinds said several ASTM standards have been developed to address various aspects of gates. He said the coalition’s work is "a timely and prudent move to harmonize our efforts with the existing ASTM gate-related standards." The new standard is also being harmonized with the provisions of UL 325.

Coalition members, representing the American Fence Association (AFA), the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA) and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), are expected to individually review the standard.

Photos of Compliant Gate Installations Needed

Hinds said the Ad Hoc Coalition is still seeking examples of UL 325 compliant gate installations. The coalition will use the information for educational case studies and for a seminar on the standard. Information on specific sites should be submitted by the end of October to Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, at 216-241-7333.

Judging Nears for Ad of the Year

Judging will soon commence for the second annual Door & Access Systems Newsmagazine Advertisement of the Year competition. The award is presented annually at the DASMA Annual Meeting, held this year in Naples, Florida, Jan. 30 – Feb. 2, 2002.

The purpose of the award is to encourage excellence and innovation in promoting the products of our industry. An independent panel of seven advertising and communications experts will judge entries. Each ad is judged on a basis of five criteria: Innovation, Attractive Design, Helpful Copy, Professionalism/Integrity, and Overall Effectiveness.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors won the first Ad of the Year award in January 2001. Ads that appear in this magazine during the 2001 calendar year, including the upcoming winter issue, are automatically entered in the contest.

DASMA 103 Update
"Seeing Red" is a Good Thing

DASMA 103, the voluntary standard for garage door counterbalance systems, will soon be recognized as an American National Standard, according to Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director. The 103 standard went into effect on July 1, 2000, and Hetzel said that manufacturers appear to be complying with its requirements.

According to DASMA 103, manufacturers must provide counterbalance components in one of three ways. The first way is to install them so that they cannot be removed before tension is released from the door system. The second way is to provide fasteners that require special knowledge, skill, or tool to be removed. If not provided in one of these two ways, these components must be red in color, and they must be provided with warning labels.

Hetzel said the standard was developed in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), similar to how the DASMA standard for garage door section interfaces (DASMA 116) was developed.

Hetzel said he has seen a variety of approaches to complying with the counterbalance standard. Those approaches include the use of red fasteners, unique fastener heads, innovative restraints on torsion and extension springs, alternate torsion spring load support designs, the creation of visible warning tags, and attention-getting directives in installation instructions.

To purchase a copy of DASMA 103, contact DASMA at 216-241-7333, fax 216-241-0105, or

DASMA Completes Terminology Documents

Three terminology documents are now available through DASMA.

The documents provide clear, consensus-based definitions for common industry terms. Multiple terms with the same definition are also cross-referenced in the new documents.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, is confident that the documents will help the industry speak the same language, and that the documents will help support the educational efforts of industry personnel.

The following documents are available:

  • DASMA 202, Metal Coiling Slat Door Terminology
  • DASMA 302, Garage Door Operator and Gate Operator Terminology
  • Technical Data Sheet 160, Sectional Garage Door Terminology

For ordering information, please contact DASMA at 216-241-7333, by fax at 216-241-0105 or by e-mail at

Technical Data Sheets Now Available on the Web

DASMA’s popular Technical Data Sheets (TDS) are now posted on the DASMA Web site,

DASMA Technical Committees have now developed over 30 Technical Data Sheets to present industry consensus views on a wide range of technical issues. Dealers, installers, purchasers, code officials, and end users will find the data sheets helpful in explaining matters such as standards, code requirements, installation practices, terminology, etc. The sheets address issues related to residential and commercial garage doors, rolling doors, operators, and accessories.

To access the list of documents, click on the Publications link on the DASMA home page. Each TDS is available as a .pdf (Portable Document Format) file.

More Technical Data Sheets are being developed and will be posted when available.