Maximize Your Fasteners

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Publish Date: Summer 2002
Author: Al Mitchell and Tom Wadsworth
Page 46

Technical Tip
Maximize Your Fasteners

Here are two important steps to observe before you install a fastener in a wood member that supports any part of a garage door system.

Al Mitchell of Wayne-Dalton, chairman of the DASMA Commercial & Residential Garage Door Technical Committee, offers this advice:

1. Consider the grain. Do not locate the hole in a grain that lines up with another fastener, particularly one that connects a component under tension such as a torsion spring bracket. Splitting of the wood could cause release of tension and the risk of serious injury.

2. Pre-drill the holes. Your garage door manufacturer will usually recommend the correct size bit to use to pre-drill holes before installing fasteners. The right bit will ease penetration of the fasteners and maximize their intended retaining strength.

Mitchell strongly recommends that you talk to your garage door manufacturer if you encounter a situation that may affect the retaining strength of any installed fastener.