My Most Frequent Question

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Publish Date: Winter 2007
Author: Joe Hetzel
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My Most Frequent Question

In my 11 years as DASMA technical director, I’ve been asked hundreds of garage door product questions. But one particular inquiry is by far the most frequent.

In the simplest terms, here’s the question: “I have a DASMA door, and it’s broken. Can you fix it?”

Because DASMA is a trade association, we neither manufacture nor repair doors. But the question does raise some important issues about labels.

1. The importance of placing DASMA safety labels on doors. Each time we received this question, the caller pointed to a DASMA safety label on the door. This is a good indication that the dealer is showing the proper concern about safety by both ordering labels and placing them on doors.

2. The importance of a manufacturer label. Dealers should ensure that this is done in coordination with their manufacturer suppliers. When replacement parts are needed, perhaps many years in the future, the identity of the manufacturer will be readily available.

3. The importance of a dealer label. A label containing your company name and contact information will help bring you repeat business. Place the label where it is easily seen and not easily removed. When customers need service, you want them to call you first … not me.

These three labels help generate more business and help customers appreciate the professionalism of your company and our industry.