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Publish Date: Fall 2007
Author: James Fanning
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How to Market Annual Tune-Up Sales
By James Fanning

Many customers are not aware that a garage door needs to be serviced, and they will look to a dealer for expert advice. An “Annual Tune-Up” package, made of up certain services and products, can be a great way to maintain relationships with current customers and welcome new ones.

Here are some tips on how to market this valuable service.

Sell in Season
Depending on the area, spring and fall are usually the seasons when homeowners tackle household projects. Market an annual tune-up sale during these seasons to take advantage of the extra attention towards the home.

After the Storm
After a major storm, advertise tune-up services. A garage door should be inspected after a major wind event, and homeowners will welcome a thorough assessment of their door for peace of mind and insurance purposes.

Developer Deals
Look for new residential developments in the area that are about a year or two old. Ask the developers of those homes if you can offer residents a one-year anniversary tune-up special that commemorates the event. This is a great way to introduce your company to new residents in the area who may need your services and products in the future.

Relocation Specials
Research local relocation companies and offer to do tune-up inspections for their clients. Residents who are selling a house may be eager to know if the home’s garage door is in good shape or needs some maintenance.

This is also a good way to introduce your services to a new customer base—relocation companies and real estate agents who can recommend your dealership to sellers and buyers.

Marketing annual tune-up packages is a great way enhance your sales and add value for existing clients. Try these tips and watch your sales grow.

James Fanning is vice president of marketing and international sales at Overhead Door Corporation.