Overhead Door Launches New Doors

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Publish Date: Fall 2002
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Overhead Door Launches New Doors

In July, Overhead Door launched the Banner Collection, doors that "are quieter, have enhanced safety features including pinch resistant sections, and … a faster garage door system when coupled with the OverDrive garage door opener."

The new doors also feature refined embossment, improved dent resistance, and a variety of window options and insulation levels. The Crest series is the entry-level non-insulated door, the Falcon series has a thin layer of polystyrene insulation (R-value of 4.37), the Hawk series features a full depth of insulation (R-value of 6.17), and the Ribbon series contains optimum insulation (R-value of 9.83).

The doors' quietness is due to the self-lubricating hinge system with no metal-on-metal moving parts, and spring-tensioned polymer rollers. The safety features include pinch-resistant panels, tamper-resistant bottom fixtures, and a tamper-resistant ArmorTite counterbalance system. The doors also feature higher tensile-strength steel panels, 15-gauge track, and an improved bottom bar and weatherseal.

Banner Collection doors are available in classic raised panels or long panels and feature wood detailed embossments. Color options are white, almond, sandstone, or brown. The doors come with a variety of warranties per model, but each door is backed by a 10-year limited warranty on the hinge system and track.

GADCO Revives Carriage House Style

In July, General American Door Company (GADCO) introduced the Presidential Series, a part of the Early American Collection of carriage house doors designed to complement wood entry doors and millwork accents.

These handcrafted wooden doors appear like side-opening doors, but they are sectional doors, equipped for remote control operation.

"We wanted to evoke the aesthetic of the old-fashioned carriage house, but we knew the doors would have to operate in the conventional manner," says Shaun Webb, director of marketing. "We're proud to say these doors are 100 percent made in America."

The eight designs are named for eight early American presidents (the Grant door is shown). Each door is fully insulated and made of woods that resist insect damage and decay. Each model is 2-11/16" thick, with 1/2" cedar or hemlock paneling, and are available in various textures and patterns with matching wood-jamb weatherseal.

Windows are made with 1/2" double-strength insulated glass fitted with wood trim. Hinges are 14-gauge steel with double end-hinges for doors over 9' wide. Track assemblies feature nylon 10-ball rollers, 1/8" cable, two torsion springs with a minimum of 10,000 cycles, and one 3" strut per section.

Standard doors are shipped with western red cedar finish, ready for a clear coat, stain, or paint. Rough-sawn textured wood finish is an optional extra. To facilitate the ordering of accessories and replacement parts, the factory serial number of each door is engraved on an antiqued brass plate.

New Look for Carriage House Doors

In July, Wayne-Dalton announced a newly expanded line of 7100 series Carriage House doors at more affordable prices.

All 7100 series doors feature kiln-dried Hemlock in a variety of trim patterns in vertical and raised panels, along with true divided window patterns in either square or arched design.

"People are always looking for ways to differentiate their homes," says David Osso, corporate marketing manager for Wayne-Dalton. "We now offer homeowners the opportunity to do just that at a reasonable price."

Amarr Updates Carriage House Line

In July, Amarr announced that it has expanded its custom carriage house wood doors due to a positive response from its Bob Timberlake Collection of Carriage House doors.

Amarr "By Design" Custom Carriage House doors allow customers to add a personal flair to their garage doors. Amarr's 10 basic models offer many options, including square top or arch top design and three different varieties of glass.

The company also accepts designs from customers. Select wood is used as a base wood and overlay and then attached to a 24-gauge commercial steel insulated door. A Luan backer is also applied for a complete wood look.

Various types of wood are offered, and doors can be glazed or designed with closed sections. Several types of decorative hardware are also available.

Genie Introduces G-Mail Message Center

In August, Genie announced G-Mail, a message center incorporated into the garage door opener wall console.

G-Mail lets you record up to a 20-second message with separate play, record, and erase buttons. A blinking LED signals that a new message is waiting so you can play the message before you enter your home. G-Mail also includes the normal open/close and work-light controls.

"Since people with attached garages are five times more likely to enter or exit through the garage, we felt it was the perfect location for a reminder system," says Bryan Hantke, senior director of marketing.

G-Mail offers a quick-mount design, a 9-volt battery, light control, and a low battery indicator light.

Fraba Introduces New Combo-Profile

In June, Fraba introduced two rubber profiles that can be used with either Vitector's pneumatic or opto-electronic (Optoedge) sensing edges. One profile is for sectional doors, and the other is for rolling doors.

The company says, "The new Combo-Profiles will revolutionize the logistics of sensing edges in the production plants of residential and commercial door manufacturers." The profiles can be used simply as a weatherseal without any sensing functionality or with Fraba's Vitector pneumatic switch or the opto-electronic sensors (Optoedge).

With the new Combo-Profiles, door installers need only two profiles on their trucks. Both Vitector profiles are made of high quality rubber material (EPDM) that stays flexible even at very cold temperatures.

The sectional door Combo-Profile is about 1.5" high and 2" wide. It fits into the standard bottom retainer of sectional doors.

The rolling door Combo-Profile is designed for the typical double L-angle installation of rolling doors. This profile is about 3" high and 1" wide.

Industrial Spring Expands Spring King Options

In July, Industrial Spring Company announced that their Spring King spring winding unit is now available in both left-hand and right-hand models. The Spring King winds torsion springs using a 3/8" drill.

Spring King uses standard cable drums, standard torsion springs, and standard 1-3/4" and 2" anchor and winding cones, and works on almost all standard residential garage doors. The Spring King is easy to install and requires no maintenance.

Each unit is now rated for 450 total inch pounds, doubling the capacity of the original model. The Spring King also has a newly revised end bearing bracket and center support.

Northwest Adds New Insulated Door

In July, Northwest Door announced a new addition to their Therma Shield product line. The door includes a 2" thick high-density polystyrene core for an R-value of 12.

A unique joint seal provides a thermal barrier and eliminates air infiltration. The sections are available in flush or raised-panel designs, in both 18" and 21" heights.

GarageGrids Expands Availability

GarageGrids, a new garage-organizing product, is now being sold exclusively through garage door dealers. "It represents the most logical product for dealers to sell, since they witness the organization and storage dilemmas of thousands of garage owners everyday," says Chris Samuels of GarageGrids.

GarageGrids' first distributor was Door Systems of Framingham, Mass. Service Spring, a DASMA member, is also now a major distributor for GarageGrids. As of August 2002, more GarageGrids distributors had been added throughout the U.S.

"GarageGrids is quickly gaining recognition as the garage storage and organization sold only through the garage door dealer channel," adds Samuels.

Samuels cites several recent developments that indicate an increasing market for garage organizing products. He says Home Depot’s Design Expo Center has started marketing GarageTek, and Whirlpool is entering the market with Gladiator GarageWorks, sold through Lowe's.

GarageGrids comes packaged as a kit. Besides 12 wall mounts used to mount the two 2' x 6' grids on the wall, it also comes with three 15" x 24" x 4" baskets (holds 60 pounds), four 12" brackets, two work hooks, and six utility hooks. More information is at www.garagegrids.com.

EMX Offers New Card Reader

EMX Industries now offers the PRX-320, a waterproof proximity card reader and keypad access control unit.

The product provides ease of programming, access for up to 2000 access cards or 8 password codes, a 5" reading range, data memory in the event of power loss, and a doorbell enunciator button. The PRX-320 can be used in solar applications due to its low standby current consumption.

Indicators include a red power-indicator LED, a green access-confirmation LED, and a yellow alarm-or-deny LED.

Chamberlain Introduces New Universal Receiver

In July, The Chamberlain Group introduced the LiftMaster STAR 250 Receiver for gate and commercial operators and for residential garage door openers.

Suited for gated communities, parking lots, and garages, the receiver features a patented technology that allows users to easily add, block, and delete up to 250 transmitters individually.

The STAR Receiver includes Rapid Learn, an exclusive feature that allows users to "learn in" multiple transmitters in seconds. The receiver is compatible with all LiftMaster transmitters including DIP switch, billion code, Security+, and Keyless Entry products.

The unit comes in a compact size that is designed to fit inside most gate operators and is available with an optional weatherproof box for external applications.

Software for Service Technicians

In June, HindSite Software introduced productivity software for the door and access systems industry. The program is said to provide an efficient and easy-to-use method of scheduling, dispatching, time/materials recording, and billing.

"Our software replaces the standard service clipboard with a palm handheld device, eliminating the paper work order," says David Crary, president of HindSite Software. "Clients gain control of their office and field service activities while adding profit to their bottom line."

HindSite Software helps to eliminate the backlog of paper. Field service technicians receive their daily work orders on the palm handheld device. The automated work orders are uploaded to the office each day where they are integrated with standard accounting software for immediate billing.

"Efficiency gains from this software will allow you to bill one additional hour, per service technician, per day," says Roger Supalla, director of product development. Additional information is available at 888-752-5978.

New Rub-On Graphics

A simple rub-on process can place your company logo or a graphic on a product. Color Vu makes dry color transfers that are easily transferred to a product's surface using a simple handheld tool burnishing process.

If you E-mail your art or design graphic or text (e.g., created in Adobe Illustrator), Color Vu will produce a dry color transfer with adhesive backing. These "rub-on" graphics can be used to enhance products for sales presentations or tradeshow exhibits.

Dry color transfers are available in single and multi-colors, custom matches, metallics and foils, and come on several sheet sizes. More information is at www.colorvu.com.

Hardnox Offers Portable Door Cart

In June, Hardnox announced the Door Jak 50, a sturdy, portable door cart for installing residential and commercial entry doors with safety and efficiency.

The company says Door Jak is the only door installation cart that allows one worker to safely transport and install heavy entry doors of all types. It weighs 60 lbs. and folds for easy transport. It is rated to handle doors up to 250 lbs. Suggested retail price is $599.

Hardnox also manufactures the Door Jak 100, a heavy-duty full-featured commercial door cart with the capacity to carry up to 750 lbs. or more.

"The Door Jak 50, like the Door Jak 100, is so easy to use, you roll it up to a door, use the controls and attach the door using only one worker," says Jim Echternacht, Hardnox president. "No more pinched fingers and sore backs." More information is at www.DoorJak.com.


Amarr Announces New President

On July 1, Amarr Garage Doors promoted Jeff Mick from chief operating officer to president. Richard Brenner, former president, is now chief executive officer.

Mick is Amarr's fifth president in the company's 51-year history. The changes recognize Mick's significant accomplishments and contributions to Amarr since his arrival four years ago.

"I'm excited about this new opportunity within the organization and with the opportunities Amarr has to grow the business," says the 50-year-old Mick. "The focus for Amarr is to further expand our industry leading service through people and product development."

Mick earned a B.S. in finance and marketing and a master's degree in finance from Indiana University. He has held many executive-level positions. Prior to Amarr, he was executive vice president for Greensboro, N.C.-based Oakwood Homes.

Since joining Amarr in 1998, Mick played a pivotal role in reducing manufacturing costs and improving efficiencies. He led the streamlining in the accounting area, which produced more accurate financials in less time.

Richard Brenner says, "Jeff is one of those rare individuals who combines business savvy with street smarts. He also motivates, trains and inspires people to help them reach their potential."

Osco Hires New Sales Manager

In August, Operator Specialty Company (OSCO) announced that John Teske has joined its management team as sales manager. Teske will lead OSCO’s sales efforts to distributors and dealers nationwide.

Teske brings to the company more than 15 years of industrial and commercial sales and sales management experience in the distribution industry. He holds a bachelor of business administration degree from Eastern Michigan University.

Two Additions to Marantec

Marantec America has added Gerry Mosby and Jim Renz to its sales team.

Mosby is now the western regional sales manager and is responsible for all sales and dealer recruitment in California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Alaska and Hawaii. With 26 years of sales experience, Mosby is a graduate of Long Beach City College. He will soon relocate to Southern California.

Renz is now sales manager of the North Central region. Based in St. Louis, he is responsible for all sales and dealer recruitment in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming. Renz has 10 years of experience in the door and access systems industry.

Wayne-Dalton Hires Business Development Manager

Bob Patton is now the director of business development for Wayne-Dalton. Patton previously served as the vice president of sales and marketing for the Premium Garage Door Company. Before that, Patton was vice president of sales for The Genie Company.

A graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, Patton has more than 20 years of experience in the garage door and opener industry.

New Communications Position at Martin

In July, Antone Clark became Martin's chief communications officer, responsible for public relations and media relations. A former newspaper editor in New York, Clark holds a B.A. in communications from Brigham Young University.

With more than 20 years experience in the media, Clark served as managing editor for two newspapers. He has won a number of awards, including the New York State Publishers Award for editorial excellence. A former voting member of the Heisman Trophy Committee, he also served on an Olympic Committee for the 1980 Winter Games.

Ken Martin, president, says the move will create more exposure for the company and Martin dealers. Besides writing and editing, Clark will also have a role in the company's international sales, working with Martin dealers in Latin and South America.

Amarr Names Director of National Builder Accounts

In June, Amarr announced the promotion of Val Sigmon to fill a new position in the company. As director of national builder accounts, Sigmon will be the key contact and resource for all residential contractors.

"The position was created because Amarr recognizes the importance of building relationships with national and regional builders," says Sigmon. "My responsibility will be to influence builders to use the Amarr product, which will trickle down to our dealers and allow them to acquire new customers."

A graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Sigmon began his career with Amarr in 1995 as an assistant manager for the Raleigh Door Center. He then served as general manager at both the Greenville and Raleigh Door Centers. He was recently the district sales manager for the southeastern coastal and Mid-Atlantic states.

Chamberlain Appoints Executive VP

In June, Chamberlain announced that Scott Mordell had been appointed executive vice president.

In his new position, Mordell will develop strategies to grow Chamberlain's core business, while also looking for new business opportunities. He will also oversee the financial activities of Chamberlain, a Duchossois company.

In addition, Mordell will continue to oversee Duchossois Industries' interests in other companies. Mordell has been with Duchossois Industries for 12 years, and until last fall, Mordell was president and CEO of Arlington Park, another Duchossois company.

Before joining Duchossois in 1989, Mordell worked in the public accounting practices of Deloitte and Touche and KPMG International. Mordell holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from Michigan State University and a master's degree in marketing and finance from The Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

New Consultant for Door Dealers

Tom Schuler, an experienced business analyst in the garage door industry, recently opened up his services to all garage door dealers.

His firm, TRS Associates, provides consulting advice to dealers about how to control and minimize inventory, forecast sales, determine true product costs, and improve business and computer processes.

"Garage door dealers tie up thousands of dollars each year by having poor control over the size of their inventory,says Schuler. "After a short review, I can usually pinpoint key areas where significant improvements can be made."

From 1979 to 2001, Schuler worked at Raynor Garage Doors, with most of those years as senior business analyst. Schuler holds a B.S. in aeronautics from St. Louis University, certificates in industrial management and engineering, and he is APICS certified in production and inventory management. He can be reached at 815-625-2996 or trs@coiinc.com.

Chamberlain Adds Project Managers

Chamberlain has hired two new project managers for Chamberlain Professional Products.

Sherry Johnson will implement marketing plans for the radio controls product line and identify and develop new product opportunities.

Prior to joining Chamberlain, Johnson worked for eight years as a project manager, product manager, and manufacturing engineer. Most recently, she was a senior project manager with Cybiko, where she set up and implemented their customer service and technical support departments, worked on new product development. Johnson holds a B.S. in applied mathematics with an emphasis in electrical engineering from Michigan Technological University.

Jim Stafford will implement marketing plans for fire door release devices and control panels, and he will also develop new product opportunities.

Prior to Chamberlain, Stafford spent 13 years in marketing at Chicago Metallic. He most recently held the position of product manager for System Sensor where he worked in product development and marketing. Stafford holds a master's degree from Roosevelt University and a bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois.

Two Added at Ankmar Door

Tom Gee is now the sales manager at Ankmar. His background in the door industry dates back to 1965. Gee has owned his own door dealership and has served in sales and management positions at door manufacturers. He holds a degree in industrial engineering.

Gary Lombard comes to Ankmar as service manager and director of training. With more than 30 years in the door industry, Lombard spent 20 years in the field as a service technician and installer. Lombard has served on the board of directors of DODA, IDA, and IDEA, and he has conducted numerous training seminars and workshops around the country.

Beachy Joins C.H.I. Marketing

In June, Brian Beachy joined C.H.I. to assist distributors with their marketing needs. Beachy brings several years of graphic design and marketing experience.

"The additional support for marketing C.H.I. products is already evident to our distributors," says Tim Miller, sales and marketing manager. "Brian will be instrumental in continuing to expand marketing opportunities for C.H.I. distributors."


Clopay Opens New Campus Headquarters

In August, Clopay completed the move of its headquarters and Technical Development Center to a new 20-acre campus in Deerfield Township, north of Cincinnati. The move affected about 250 employees.

"For the first time, the headquarters functions for Clopay's building products, plastic products and service companies, and the technical and service groups that support them, will be operating under one roof," says Gene Colleran, Clopay Building Products president. "Uniting the two facilities will benefit both our customers and our employees through improved intra-company communications, teamwork, and business efficiencies."

In the fall of 2000, the company began construction of its custom-designed 46,000-square-foot headquarters and 80,000-square-foot Technical Center. Clopay's new address is 8585 Duke Blvd., Mason, OH 45040-3101, and the new phone number is 513-770-4800.

Overhead Opens Flagship Plant

Overhead Door has opened its new 220,000-square-foot Texas manufacturing plant in West Dallas.

Overhead refurbished the space and outfitted the plant with state-of-the-art equipment designed for streamlined operation and increased safety for its employees. The plant is the hub for manufacturing and shipping of the Banner Collection, its newest line of garage doors.

"The Texas Overhead Door plant will set the company standard in terms of efficiency and safety," says Dave Evans, vice president of manufacturing for the Texas plant. "In addition to employee safety, our equipment was designed to be flexible and allow for easy product changeover."

The new plant is at 2170 French Settlement Road in West Dallas.

New Corporate Office for Amarr

Earlier this year, Amarr Garage Doors moved into a new corporate office building in Winston-Salem, N.C.

The 37,000-square-foot building has many unique features. The building includes a two-story atrium that serves as a meeting and relaxation area.

Past the atrium is an employee breakroom and game room called Sonny's Café, named after Herbert "Sonny" Brenner, past president and chairman. This area features a full kitchen, a seating area, beanbag chairs, and a foosball table for recreation.

The building also features eight themed meeting rooms, such as the Map Room, the Expressions Room with beanbag chairs and a lava lamp, and the Garage, which features a suspended car chassis.

The entire building acts as a showroom, featuring nine Amarr doors on display. A Bob Timberlake carriage house door is mounted so that it slides back and forth, creating a pass-through area for the kitchen.

Windsor Restructures Sales Force

In August, Windsor Door announced a restructuring of its sales force, aimed at broadening the local responsibilities of its 10 area sales managers, formerly referred to as district sales managers.

Bob Strahan, director of sales, says all area sales managers will now be responsible for all Windsor Door sales in their areas, including that of the local Sales Support Centers (SSCs).

"This new approach will offer our dealers and sales support center customers one person in their area to look to for solutions to their needs," says Strahan. "It's part of an effort to support the changing demands of both factory-direct and SSC customers by streamlining their contacts to one person."

Clopay Holds 2002 Dealer Conference

In May, Clopay Building Products recognized top dealers for outstanding sales achievement during the company's annual Authorized Dealer Conference.

The 4-day event was held at The Westin La Cantera Resort in San Antonio, Texas. Over 180 dealerships attended, which was the most in the event's 13-year history, including a record number of first-time attendees. Dealers must increase sales over the previous year to qualify for the trip.

With the theme, "Dedicated to Your Success," the conference featured nationally-known motivational speaker Chip Eichelberger and business-building breakout sessions on a variety of topics. Other activities included river rafting, golf, sightseeing trips, and a rodeo.

"Our key message at this event was that we all rely on each other for success. When our dealers are successful, Clopay is successful," says Gene Colleran. "The programs and services we have implemented to date have resulted in stronger relationships with our professional dealers."

"Clopay really shows that they appreciate all the hard work their dealers put into selling their brands," says Robert Kaufmann of Kaufmann's Overhead Door in Bozeman, Mont.

Clopay's 2003 Authorized Dealer Conference will be held at the Westin Rio Mar Beach Resort in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, April 10-13. The beachfront resort includes two world-class golf courses and a full-size casino.

California Dealer Wins Bora Bora Vacation

In May, Chamberlain announced that LiftMaster dealer Tina Ha of California won the grand prize in the LiftMaster Formula I Sweepstakes: 10 nights and 11 days in tropical Bora Bora, a French Polynesian paradise.

Dealers were automatically entered into the sweepstakes with each purchase of the LiftMaster Formula I Belt Drive garage door opener made from April 16 - October 15, 2001.

The second prize, a Sea-Doo GTI Personal Watercraft, was awarded to Virginia Lizzie of Lizzie's Overhead Doors and More of Nashua, N.H. Other awards included: five third place prizes: wheeled carry-on luggage; five fourth place prizes: Formula I All Star baseball jackets; and 30 fifth place prizes: an array of LiftMaster merchandise, including duffle bags, fleece blankets, and Maglights.

C.H.I. Unveils Door Visions Program

C.H.I. recently developed a new sales tool for C.H.I. distributors. The Door Visions program, accessible on the C.H.I. Web site and on a floppy disk, allows users to select a particular model of door, window, color, size, etc., and print the door.

A homeowner can then take the print to a local C.H.I. distributor and discuss additional options and models that are available. The program was created to illustrate the various C.H.I. residential doors.

Rytec to Sell SmartGate

In July, Invisa said that it has granted Rytec Corporation the exclusive license to purchase Invisa's InvisaShield safety products for use as original equipment in Rytec's line of door products. InvisaShield is used in the powered closure industry under the SmartGate label.

Rytec is a leading manufacturer of high speed, high performance rolling, folding, and sliding doors in North America. Based in Jackson, Wis., Rytec has 15 regional sales offices.

"Our long-term relationship with Invisa is consistent with our commitment to establishing key partnerships and our emphasis on safety," says Don Grasso, chairman and chief executive officer of Rytec. "We believe that InvisaShield technology is the best safety technology available in the world today."

InvisaShield, developed through a commitment of millions of dollars and a decade of research and development, represents a new generation of presence-sensing technology. The company says InvisaShield provides increased design and application flexibility, larger and more dependable sensing zones, greater effectiveness, and reduced maintenance and down-time.

Chamberlain TV Spot Wins Awards

In June, the Chamberlain Group received a second place "Promotional Allowance Association Award" for their TV spot entitled "The Shrink." The ad was created for their LiftMaster garage door opener brand and was aired by AR-BE Garage Doors of Illinois.

"The Shrink," a 30-second commercial, also won the "Best of Show" award in a special vote conducted by attendees of the National Association for Promotional & Advertising Allowances conference.

Chamberlain's spot was selected from 19 finalists, and was judged by a select group of advertising, promotional, and marketing experts. Entries were evaluated on the basis of the information communicated, visual appeal, creativity, and overall effectiveness of their co-op advertising campaign.

"When we started this advertising campaign, we noticed an above-average number of consumer calls," says Dave Burns of AR-BE Garage Doors. "It just goes to show that a successful advertising campaign can have a significant impact on business."


DASMA Reaffirms Two Industry Standards

In June, DASMA voted to reaffirm two of its industry standards: ANSI/DASMA 105, the standard used to determine garage door R-value and air infiltration, and ANSI/DASMA 107, the room-corner burn test for garage doors with insulation.

The standards are essential components of the new DASMA garage door certification program (see story on page 36). Upon ANSI approval, the standards will become ANSI/DASMA 105-2002 and ANSI/DASMA 107-2002.

Mitchell Explains Performance Claims

DASMA recently released information on how manufacturers support the performance claims of their products. Al Mitchell, chairman of the DASMA Commercial & Residential Garage Door Technical Committee, says four options are usually acceptable to code officials:

  1. Certification may cover a specific product or series. It is supported by a label from an agency such as UL or ETL. DASMA is now unveiling an industry labeling program (see story on page 36).
  2. Testing is usually performed for a specific product and is usually witnessed by a qualified Professional Engineer (PE).
  3. Evaluation Reports typically cover a range of product offerings and are usually prepared by a nationally recognized code enforcement agency.
  4. Rational Analysis also typically covers a broad range of products, and is usually prepared by a PE and based on tests of representative products.

Mitchell says that manufacturers must clearly state the performance objectives of their products. That can apply to numeric values for wind loads or the intent to comply with code requirements for insulation.

"Dealers should make sure they have the right documents to support the manufacturer's claims on products they sell," he adds. Any questions about using manufacturer documents should be directed to the manufacturer.

Legal Counsel Urges Use of Safety Labels

Naomi Angel, DASMA legal counsel, encourages manufacturers and dealers to use DASMA safety labels.

DASMA has developed several safety labels that warn of risks and urge proper use of industry products. She says the industry minimizes changes to published labels to be consistent and strengthen industry messages.

Angel adds:

  1. Use the most current labels available. Newer labels may address issues that were not addressed in prior versions.
  2. Contact the industry with suggestions for improvement of the labels. Installers may be the best people to assess a label's effectiveness.
  3. Share your proposal about new labels. Installers may be aware of a situation where a new label could alert the user of a risk.

If you have comments on DASMA safety labels, contact DASMA at 216-241-7333 or dasma@dasma.com.

New Gate Standard Completed

ASTM recently approved the new standard for automated vehicular gates, entitled Standard For Automated Vehicular Gate Construction. The standard, ASTM F2200-02, should be published this fall.

An ad hoc committee from DASMA, the American Fence Association (AFA), and the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA) helped develop the standard in 1998. The new 2002 standard is intended to harmonize the UL 325 gate operator standard with the construction of a vehicular gate.

UL 325 requires gate operator manufacturers to include instructions in their manuals, but no design or construction standard has been available for gate and fence fabricators and installers.

Rick Sedivy, chairman of the DASMA Gate Operator Committee and a representative of the ad hoc committee, says, "We plan to continue educational efforts to support the new standard." He says the committees welcome input from installers. Sedivy believes that several committee members will continue to represent the industry's interests within ASTM.

DASMA Seminar Approved in S.C.

The South Carolina Building Code Council recently approved the DASMA 90-minute seminar, "Garage Doors And You – Technically Viewed." The course, good for 1.5 Continuing Education Units for South Carolina code officials, should be presented soon to the South Carolina Coastal Construction Enforcement Association.

The course covers various garage door-related provisions contained in the International Building Code, with a special emphasis on wind provisions.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board has also approved the course. He adds that DASMA may present the course regionally to dealers. Contact DASMA for more information.

New Book of Standards Released

The International Code Council and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) have released a comprehensive publication with all UL standards referenced in the 2000 International Building Code (IBC) and the building portions of the 2000 International Residential Code (IRC).

The new 2000 International Codes UL Referenced Standards-Building Provisions provides a single volume of UL standards to accompany both the IBC and IRC. Containing more than 25 UL Standards for Safety, the book can be purchased at a fraction of the cost normally paid for similar building standards.

The new book retails for $130 and can be ordered from the International Conference of Building Officials at 800-284-4406 or www.icbo.org.