Overhead Offers New High-Speed Door

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Publish Date: Fall 2003
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Overhead Offers New High-Speed Door

In August, Overhead Door introduced the JetRoll 692 Series doors. The new door fits larger openings (up to 32' x 24') that were too large for high-speed doors in the past.

The JetRoll 692 features a Spring-Away breakout system, a cycloidal high-ratio gear drive, programmable controls, and an oversized counterbalance spring.

The SpringAway breakout system allows the door to be reset at floor level by one man with common tools. The control panel provides precise operation via microprocessor controlled self-diagnostics. The oversized spring offers extended cycle life and smoother operation.

Overhead says it offers the broadest offering of industrial doors and operator systems.

Chamberlain Introduces Remote Light Control

In July, Chamberlain announced a new remote control that allows homeowners to turn on the house lights with their garage door opener remote control.

The LiftMaster Remote Light Control plugs into any standard wall outlet and can be used with any lighting fixture that utilizes incandescent light bulbs up to 600 watts. The Light Control can also be used to turn on small appliances, such as a television or radio.

“Homeowners will never have to walk into a dark house again,” says Ken Roehl, vice president of marketing. “The new light control provides a little extra peace-of-mind when returning home at night.”

The unit requires no tools for installation and is programmable to any LiftMaster Security+ remote control.

Amarr’s Biltmore Collection Offers Six Designs

Amarr’s new Biltmore Estate For Your Home Carriage House Collection features six designs inspired by architectural elements of structures on the 8,000-acre Biltmore Estate.

The Vanderbilt is designed after the doors to the original main stables adjacent the house. The Swannanoa is named after a nearby river and the Swannanoa River House. The R.H. Hunt is named after the architect of the farm manager’s house.

The Amherst is named for William Amherst Vanderbilt Cecil, owner of Biltmore Estate. The Chateau uses architectural elements from the Oak Sitting Room on the second floor of Biltmore House. The design for the Antler Hill was taken from the Historic Horse Barn.

“Each of these designs has a look that is uniquely Biltmore Estate,” says Director of Marketing Teresa Lowry. She says the doors “evoke the feeling of living on a grand estate while reminding you of a more refined and elegant era.”

Optional decorative hardware is available with each door. This hardware reflects the artistry of the metalwork found at Biltmore House. For the Vanderbilt, Swannanoa, and Chateau models, seeded or straw glass is available.

Cornell Announces New Emergency Grille

In August, Cornell introduced the CrossingGard Emergency Response Grille, a product that provides access control and automatic opening response to emergencies.

“Cornell is proud to protect the safety of our customer’s clients,” says Steve Gallacher, vice president of marketing. “No other manufacturer offers this combination of safety and security on a fail-safe grille.”

The CrossingGard Grille, intended for schools, hospitals, and public buildings, offers “an exclusive AutoLock, anti-lift device.” The product is available in built-to-order configurations, materials, and finishes.

New Handheld RF Tester from Linear

In August, Linear launched the FT-1, a new portable radio frequency (RF) tester. The compact device helps installers set up and service MegaCode-format radio products.

The FT-1 identifies RF interference on Linear’s access control panels, MegaCode receivers, and garage door openers.

A built-in speaker on the FT-1 broadcasts what a MegaCode receiver is hearing. A special tone for decoding a valid MegaCode transmitter enables easy testing of transmitters. An LED provides visual indication.

Hoermann Now Offers Flush Panels

Responding to customer demand, Hoermann has expanded its line of residential sectional doors to include Flush Panels.

The new “DFP” doors are available in Hoermann’s foamed-in-place polyurethane insulated doors with 26 gauge interior and exterior skins. The doors also feature a pinch-resistant section joint, integral anti-drop device, and an R-value of 11.4.

The doors are offered in white, almond, or sandstone.

Manaras Announces New Gear Head Operator

In August, Manaras announced a new gear head operator with a self-engaging chain hoist. The Opera-GH, a heavy-duty worm gear operator, is designed for industrial, high and vertical lift, sectional, rolling, and grille applications.

The unit’s self-engaging chain hoist enables one-step operation and automatic power cut-off. No floor-level disconnect is required.

The Opera-GH replaces the GH model and is expected to be available in October.

Windsor Adds Vacuum Systems

Windsor Door is now selling central vacuum systems.

In June, Windsor announced it has agreed with a leading manufacturer of central vacuum systems to provide Windsor dealers with a complete line of private-labeled central vacuum systems and accessories.

“Windsor Door is committed to helping our dealers grow their businesses,” says Bob Strahan, director of sales. “Providing them with a competitively priced source for central vacuum systems fits that strategy.”

Windsor’s Central Vacuum Systems feature self-cleaning filters and require no bags. The systems are available factory direct or from Windsor’s 22 sales support centers.

Steel-Craft Launches New Flush Door

In July, Steel-Craft Door Products announced a new flush door design in the TD-12 model. Steel-Craft is stocking the TD-12 flush door in all their national distribution branches.

“We have received numerous requests for a flush door,” says Aaron Latimer, marketing manager. “It provides our customers an improved product selection.”

Hoermann Door Security Now Patented

The Hoermann SupraMatic A garage door opener was recently awarded Patent No. 6,557,301.

The opener’s security kit is integrated into the operator guide rail. As the door closes, the latch on the front end of the traveler engages into the fixed stop. The kit prevents the door from being forced open and even functions during a power failure.

FlexScreen Keeps Pests Out

In July, FlexBarrier Products announced FlexScreen, a motorized rolling screen door. FlexBarrier says the door “improves employee productivity and comfort while keeping mosquitoes and other disease-carrying pests outside.”

FlexScreen’s fabric is approved by the American Institute of Baking for use at food processing and packaging facilities. The door is also useful for bottling, packing, and printing plants, paint manufacturing operations, pharmaceutical companies, and other applications requiring ventilation and bug/pest control.

FlexBarrier President Rick Rochelle says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommend screen doors to keep out mosquitoes and discourage the spread of West Nile Virus.

Osco Adds New Slide Gate Operators

Operator Specialty Company (OSCO) recently released its new SL series slide gate operators. The series includes the model SLC for commercial applications, the residential model SLR, and the model SLD with a DC motor, battery backup, and optional solar power.

All SL series models feature a 1/4"-thick plated-steel chassis with a cast-iron gear reducer and UL325-compliant control boards. All models have a beige cover, 19" x 19" footprint, and are designed for easy pad mounting.

An easily accessible manual release lever is standard. OSCO operators feature an external button to reset the machine after an entrapment alarm condition.

New Operator from US Door

US Door & Building Components now offers an internal-drive “ultra quiet” operator for their roll-up doors. US Door says the operator is “the only internal-drive operator specifically designed for continuous sheet roll-up doors.”

The unit uses dual 1/3 HP DC motors and planetary gear assembly and is capable of 20 cycles per hour. A “unique manual release system” allows for quick emergency operation.

Allstar to Make Standby Power Supply

In May, Allstar Corporation announced that it has acquired the technology and manufacturing rights to the “Standby Power Supply System.” Allstar previously resold the system as Model RPT-50.

Now called the SPS-50, the unit is a rechargeable-battery-based, 500-watt backup power supply for Allstar gate operators and others that use permanent split capacitor motors. The product is useful where fire codes require a fail-safe power supply with automatic gate operators.

“This unit is in great demand in the access control industry,” says Robert Holland, president, “and our acquisition of the manufacturing rights will allow us to guarantee both its manufacturing quality and ongoing availability.”

H-P Adds New Vacuum System

In July, H-P Products launched the Vacuflo FC300, a high-performance, low-cost central vacuum system. At 2-1/2 feet tall, 22 pounds, and a foot wide, the unit is intended for homes up to 2,500 square feet.

Air is dissipated via peripheral exhaust vents around the base. The dirt canister has a 4-gallon collection capacity. The FC300 combines a bagless feature with a high-performance filter.

H-P manufactures Dirt Devil central vacuum systems. More information on the FC300 is found at www.vacuflo.com.

Service Spring Expands Offerings

In August, Service Spring expanded its GarageGrids product line by offering additional accessories in stock for immediate shipment. Service Spring has also improved pricing on all GarageGrids kits and accessories.

“With the improved pricing and immediate availability of accessory items, we feel more dealers will make the commitment to enter the rapidly growing market of garage organizing systems,” says Craig Radabaugh, vice president of sales and marketing.

FlexBarrier Premiers Vinyl Roll-up Door

In June, FlexBarrier announced its new FlexVRD (Vinyl Roll-up Door) for low-usage loading docks or where a temperature, dust, or humidity barrier is needed.

FlexBarrier President Rick Rochelle says FlexVRD’s vinyl material keeps heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer. A clear vinyl view panel, sewn into each door, provides light and visibility.

Available with manual or motorized operation, the door can be installed with existing dock doors and allow the entire opening to be sealed.

Chamberlain Introduces Designer Controls

In June, Chamberlain announced a new line of LiftMaster remote controls available in Ivory, Tan, or Gray, including translucent models in Teal, Clear, Smoke, and Blue.

“Now our customers can choose a remote that will match the individual mood, style, and personality of the buyer,” says Ken Roehl, vice president of marketing.

Available June 1, 2003, the new LiftMaster 3-Button Designer Series Remote Controls feature the same technology as Chamberlain’s traditional remotes.

Door Systems Offers New Paint Finish

In August, Door Systems, a division of Wayne-Dalton, announced that its mini roll-up doors will be painted with a new silicone polyester paint finish.

The new paint carries a limited warranty against weather-induced chipping, cracking, and peeling for 25 years. Each color is warranted not to chalk or change color for up to 20 years depending on the color.

In addition, Door Systems has added the colors of Fern Green, Yellow, Sea Green, Pacific Blue, Harvest Orange, and Patriot Red.

Sunray DecraTrim for 10' Doors

As of July 1, Amarr began offering the Full Sunray DecraTrim windows in 10' wide doors.

“With the design available to a broader range of customers,” says Teresa Lowry, marketing director, “we are confident that it will become even more popular.”

Chamberlain Adds Slide Gate Operator

In May, Chamberlain announced an enhanced SL 1000 commercial slide gate operator with an internal quick-disconnect and an optional Fire Access Release (FAR) Kit.

The operator is designed for high-traffic gated communities and commercial sites. Its continuous-duty 1/2-HP motor includes overload protection and supports gate lengths up to 40 feet and gate weights up to 1,000 pounds.

After a disconnect, the SL 1000’s precise limit tracking allows for quick re-operation of the gate, maintaining the original-set limits.

The SL 1000’s exclusive optional Fire Access Release (FAR) Kit, when activated, allows emergency vehicles access to the gated site. Chamberlain says more local and state governments are mandating this type of emergency vehicle access system.

Helton Adds New Low-Headroom Angle

In July, Helton Industries announced a new hole-pattern design for their 23" Low-Headroom Starter Angle and Top Track.

Mike Rauch, vice president, says the new design offers two major conveniences. “First, it does not require the installer to drill for end bearing brackets. And second, it relieves the front of the angle for inboard cable installations.”

He adds that the same starter angle can be used for zero-0", extra-3-1/2", and standard-6" low-headroom track assemblies.

Chamberlain Adds Hydraulic Slide Gate Operator

In May, Chamberlain introduced LiftMaster Model HS 670 GL, a new UL325-compliant heavy-duty hydraulic slide gate operator. The unit is designed for commercial applications with high cycles and large gates.

The HS 670 GL supports gate lengths up to 80 feet and gate weights up to 5,000 pounds. Its LiftMaster Gate Logic (GL) Board provides adjustable inherent entrapment sensing and a DC control circuit that allows for long control lines of over 1,000 feet.

The unit can also operate two separate gate operators in unison at a single entrance.

C.H.I. Teams with Miller Edge

In August, C.H.I. announced a collaboration with Miller Edge to fabricate a sensor, known as the ME 116 SensingEdge.

When touch-activated, the sensor will send an immediate electrical signal to controls that will start, stop, and/or reverse operations. The ME 116 SensingEdge was designed to fit C.H.I. sectional doors with a double-track bottom retainer.

DoorKing Offers New Telephone Entry System

In August, DoorKing launched its new Model 1837 telephone entry system with several advanced features.

Users can easily scroll through an electronic directory to locate a tenant. When the tenant’s name is displayed, one push of the large CALL button connects them directly to the tenant’s telephone. The system can control up to 16 entry points and provide service for up to 3,000 residents.

The system’s new software offers an optional Anti-Pass Back module that prevents users from allowing unauthorized personnel to enter a secured area by “passing back” their access card. The feature allows administrators to record violations and allow or prohibit entry or exit.

Max-R Panels Offer Environmental Advantages

Max-R commercial and residential insulated door panels are now made with an environmentally friendly process, according to a June announcement from Metecno-Aluma Shield. The panels are also said to “significantly enhance the energy efficiency of the structure on which they’re installed.”

The company says its polyurethane foam sandwich panels carry R-values as high as 25 and could qualify for Leadership in Energy Environmental Design (LEED) credits.

Chamberlain Adds Two 3/4-HP Openers

In May, Chamberlain expanded the LiftMaster Estate Series products with two new 3/4-HP garage door openers.

The 2595 Carriage House Door Opener is designed for heavier custom, designer, and carriage house doors. It includes a commercial I-beam rail and chassis support, a dual sprocket assembly for a choice of door speeds and 200 watts of light. The new Model 2585 features a revolutionary belt for quiet operation.

Models 2595 and 2585 come with a Motion-Detecting Control Panel that turns on garage door opener lights automatically when the homeowner enters a dark garage through their home’s access door. All Estate Series openers feature a burgundy finish with a designer burled walnut 3-button remote control.


Makita Offers New 3/8" Impact Wrench

In May, Makita released its new 6917DWDE 12V 3/8" Drive Cordless Impact Wrench. This tool’s compact design features a length of only 6-5/8".

The 6917DWDE features variable speed and weighs only 3.5 pounds. Its motor uses a rare-earth magnet delivering 20 percent greater power. This new tool is intended for installers, mechanics, builders, and other trade professionals.

New Color-Coded Staples

In June, Gardner Bender launched its new ColorCode series of plastic and insulated metal staples. The staples are color-coded to match color-coded NM cable: white for 14 gauge, yellow for 12 gauge, and orange for 10 gauge.

Color-coding makes it easier to choose the right fastener and simplifies inventory management. The resulting installation also presents a clean and professional appearance.

The staples are available in two sizes for two-conductor cable and three-conductor cable. Color-coded insulated metal staples—an industry first—are also available in small and large. For more information, see www.gardnerbender.com.


McAlear Named Entrepreneur of the Year

Mike McAlear, president of Service Spring, was recently honored as one of seven Northwest Ohio Entrepreneurs of the Year. The competition, sponsored by Ernst & Young, honors innovative business leaders.

McAlear has served as Service Spring’s president since 1994 and has been with the company for 25 years. Under McAlear’s leadership, significant improvement in order lead-time was achieved. A same-day guaranteed shipping program was also established.

McAlear’s grandfather, Clarence Veigel, founded the company in 1962.

New VPs Added at Amarr

In June, Amarr announced Richard Sears as vice president of development, a newly created position. In addition to strategic projects, Sears has supervisory roles for the credit and treasury departments.

“One thing that is great about Amarr is the fact that everyone works as a team,” says Sears. “Together, I believe we can continue to take this company forward and make Amarr number one.”

A graduate of Catawba College, Sears began his career in public accounting. He has held positions as chief financial officer and treasurer of several publicly held companies.

In a related move, Larry O’Dell has been promoted from controller to vice president and controller. A Wake Forest University graduate, O’Dell has been with Amarr since 1999.

O’Dell was thankful for his new opportunity. “I have a wonderful group of hardworking individuals in general accounting, inventory, and product structure,” O’Dell says.

Steel-Craft Adds Two Executives

Lawrence Werbicki is now national sales manager at Steel-Craft Door Products. Werbicki has more than 20 years of overhead door experience in Canada, including 18 years with Steel-Craft. He will develop Steel-Craft’s residential and commercial door and operator business through the firm’s national dealer network and four distribution centers.

Aaron Latimer is now Steel-Craft’s national marketing manager. With 14 years of marketing management experience in Canada, Latimer will develop marketing plans and brand promotions for Steel-Craft.

“With our new management structure in the sales and marketing area,” says Gary Berglund, president, “we are positioned to enhance the relationships with our customer base.”

Linear Adds New VP Post

In August, Linear Corporation promoted Larry Foisie to vice president of its entry systems product group. The VP post and the group designation are new, reflecting Linear’s continued expansion into the residential and commercial controlled entry market.

Foisie has responsibility for Linear’s garage door operator, radio, and access control lines in 11 sales territories and distribution centers in Vista, Calif., and Atlanta, Ga.

Foisie has served Linear in regional manager posts for the Eastern U.S., Canada, and the Southeastern U.S. Foisie has been in the door and access control industry for 20 years, 11 of them with Linear.

Phil Strauss, vice president of sales and marketing, says that Linear subscribes to the philosophy of promoting from within. “We have invested in developing a strong, experienced, and reputable team in garage door operators and access equipment,” he says, “and Larry is a natural to head it up.”

Manaras Appoints Regional Sales Manager

In August, Manaras announced the appointment of Greg Quinkert as the company’s new Northeast U.S. regional sales manager.

Quinkert will direct and implement sales efforts in 12 northeastern states. A graduate of Indiana University with a degree in organizational communications, Quinkert brings 18 years of sales and marketing experience.

Prior to joining Manaras, he was an account executive for a major electrical distributor, operated an electrical contracting company, and he holds a Master Electrical License in seven states.

Amarr Promotes Managers to Directors

From left: Angie Anthos, Tony East, Teresa Lowry, and Frances Frazer.

On July 1, Amarr promoted four managers to the director level. Each director will be responsible for strategic planning and initiatives in his or her department.

The new directors are Frances Frazer (director of credit services), Teresa Lowry (director of marketing), Tony East (director of applications engineering) and Angie Anthos (director of accounting).

Frazer has been with Amarr for 22 years, developing good financial relationships with customers. “I feel very fortunate to work for a continuously growing company that truly cares about its people,” says Frazer.

East has been with Amarr since 1994. He has implemented a cycle test facility, improved and developed wind load products, and expanded engineering services.

Lowry has been with Amarr for six years, developing and promoting the Amarr brand. She has also played a key role in developing and promoting the Timberlake and Biltmore Estate brands of Carriage House garage doors.

Anthos has been with Amarr for three years. In that time, she has decreased the number of days to close and distribute financials, clearing out checks, and uploading budgets.

Plymouth Foam Hires Operations Manager

In August, Plymouth Foam announced that Phil Templin is the new operations manager for its recently consolidated facilities in Newcomerstown, Ohio.

Templin comes from a position at Dell Computer headquarters in Round Rock, Texas. Prior to Dell, Templin spent 12 years in managerial and operational roles with the United State Air Force. A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Templin also holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering from New Mexico State University.

“Our primary strategic goal is to delight our customers,” says Templin. “There are obviously many operational components to this goal, but complete customer satisfaction will be the overriding focus of our daily operations.”

In December 2002, Plymouth acquired Pacemaker Plastics, the original operator of the two Newcomerstown plants. The majority of Plymouth Foam’s Beach City staff has been transferred to Newcomerstown. Plymouth has manufacturing locations in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Minnesota.

A.O. Smith Adds Senior Vice President

In July, A.O. Smith Electrical Products announced the hiring of Christopher Ruttle as its senior vice president of global sales and marketing.

Ruttle replaces Paul Doyle, who will retire at the end of 2003 after more than 37 years with A.O. Smith. Ruttle will be responsible for all sales and marketing activities, including product planning, market research, pricing, advertising, and customer support.

Ruttle comes to A.O. Smith after 24 years with GE Industrial Systems. Ruttle is a 1979 graduate of Wabash College with a bachelor’s degree in political science and German.

A.O. Smith makes motors for garage door openers and many other industries. The company employs 13,000 people at facilities in the U.S. and worldwide.


SmartGate to Develop with Australian Opener Manufacturer

In August, Invisa announced that its SmartGate subsidiary has agreed with Dominator International to develop applications of the InvisaShield presence-sensing technology for Dominator’s commercial and residential garage door operators.

The collaboration will result in “a revolutionary new range of operators that we believe will be more than capable of dominating the world of garage door automation for the foreseeable future,” says Dominator Director of Marketing Paul Yaxley, “unleashing a new era of safety to both person and property.”

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Dominator is a leading garage door and operator brand in the Australasian market. Dominator currently sells its products in New Zealand, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and the UK.

“We believe that the addition of the InvisaShield technology to the Dominator product line,” says Invisa President Steve Michael, “will provide them with a valuable competitive advantage in the global market place.”

Yaxley expects to exhibit Dominator DC Cobra Operator and SmartGate’s InvisaShield sensing system at the International Garage Door Expo in Las Vegas in May 2004.

Able Door Acquired by NCI Building Systems

In July, NCI Building Systems of Houston announced that it had acquired certain assets, inventory, and the name of Able Manufacturing and Wholesale Garage Door Company in a cash transaction of $3.3 million. NCI also owns DBCI (Doors and Building Components, Inc.), a rolling sheet door manufacturer.

Able filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May 2003. Prior to filing, Able generated annual sales of about $18 million. Able makes commercial and residential steel sectional doors in Houston, Texas, and operates five distribution centers from California to Atlanta.

Fred Koetting, the new president of Able Door, says NCI has shortened the acquired name to Able Door Manufacturing.

“It’s a little early to determine if we’re going to add staff or capacity,” says Koetting, who also serves as president of the NCI Door Division, which includes DBCI.

“We have every intention to grow this business,” he adds. “NCI has never bought anything that we haven’t grown.”

Johnie Schulte, president of NCI, says the acquisition “will complement and enhance NCI’s position as one of the country’s leading suppliers of metal doors. We expect to market both commercial roll-up and sectional doors through both our existing and the acquired distribution networks.”

NCI Building Systems is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of metal building components. The company operates manufacturing and distribution facilities in 17 states and Mexico.

Overhead Combines Door and Operator Divisions

In June, Overhead Door announced the integration of its Door and Operator Divisions. The newly created Access Systems Division combines Overhead Door, Genie, and WB McGuire into one operating division.

“The combination of the Door and Operator Divisions gives us the opportunity to maximize and leverage three of the most recognized brands in our industry,” says Dennis Stone, CEO.

Karl Adrian is president of the new Access Systems Division. The new group is responsible for manufacturing doors, operators, and dock leveling equipment under the brands Overhead Door, Genie, and WB McGuire.

Overhead Door Corporation’s other operating divisions include Horton Automatics and TODCO. Overhead Door Corporation is a subsidiary of Sanwa Shutter Corporation of Tokyo, Japan.

Clopay Makes Morning TV Shows

On May 28, Clopay Building Products broadcast a satellite media tour showcasing the “Extreme Garage.” Bill Keller, a lifestyle reporter and home improvement expert, acted as a spokesperson during the live news segments focusing on the garage as the solution to creating more living space in the home.

Fourteen morning news programs in cities such as Cincinnati, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, and San Diego broadcast the segment.

The “Extreme Garage” tour featured garage accessories and alternative uses for the garage such as a home gym. Viewers were reminded that one of the most important garage accessories was the garage door itself. A Clopay Reserve Collection semi-custom garage door was featured as a way to add curb appeal and value to the home, while providing security.

The segments were broadcast from a home in suburban Chicago and also featured LiftMaster, Rust-Oleum, Hyloft, and Slide-Lock.

Wayne-Dalton Launches Great Garage Promotion

In August, Wayne-Dalton launched The Great Garage Tune-Up Promotion and Giveaway.

The promotion offers rebates up to $65 when Wayne-Dalton garage door openers are purchased. It also features a sweepstakes that will give away a new Wayne-Dalton garage door opener or GarageGrids garage organizer system every weekend from August 22 through December 20, 2003.

“Just as Wayne-Dalton’s wall-mounted idrive opener eliminates the space-consuming and unattractive ceiling-mounted rail of traditional garage door openers, the (GarageGrids) storage system helps organize the garage into a functional, more aesthetically pleasing space,” says Dave Osso, corporate marketing manager.

To promote the Great Garage Tune-Up Promotion and Giveaway, Wayne Dalton will run a national advertising campaign in USA Today and on home improvement radio shows.

GTO/PRO Announces Expansion

GTO, makers of the GTO/PRO line of gate openers and accessories, announced in August three expansions to enhance services to professional installers.

Phase I of GTO/PRO’s expansion includes (1) a 20 percent larger facility in Tallahassee, Fla., for more development, training, and inventory space, (2) extended customer service hours, and (3) extended live technical support service hours.

“This expansion will allow us to continue delivering the most innovative new products to the professional market, fulfill orders even more quickly, and provide outstanding technical support and customer service,” says Joe Kelley, president and CEO.

Steel-Craft Eliminates CFCs and HCFCs

As of January 1, 2003, Steel-Craft Door Products’ polyurethane insulation process became CFC- and HCFC-free.

The company says eliminating all CFCs and HCFCs from their polyurethane foam insulated doors resulted in a zero Ozone Depletion Potential and zero Global Warming Potential rating. The transition to Pentane as a blowing agent was “a major financial investment.”

Iowa Spring is ISO Registered

Iowa Spring was recently registered to the ISO 9000:2000 quality system.

The International Organization for Standardization, a federation of more than 140 countries, developed ISO guidelines to establish common international standards.

ISO 9000:2000 is a quality management system that provides documentation for employees to consistently produce high-quality products using standard work instructions for each particular task.

Artisan Opens New Manufacturing Plant

In August, Artisan Custom Doorworks, a provider of high-end architectural wood garage doors, announced the opening of its Morgantown, W.Va., manufacturing facility.

John Violante, general manager, says, “This new location will better position us for future growth in the customized-segment of the wood garage door market.” The addition will also allow Artisan to streamline product development for different product lines.

Artisan (at www.artisandoorworks.com) currently offers several different design collections of carriage-style garage doors.

Wayne-Dalton Introduces Door Selection Center

In August, Wayne-Dalton introduced its Door Selection Center (DSC) software. This program allows dealers to help customers envision a Wayne-Dalton garage door on their house before it is installed.

After taking a digital photo of the home, the image can then be opened in the DSC software to show how the new door will look on their home. The homeowner can experiment with a variety of options from different designs to lite options and colors.

Non-standard colors are also viewable on the door. The software can match a color from the home’s exterior or a color from Valspar’s 50 most popular exterior colors.

Martin Dealers Go to Hawaii

Caption: Dave Haslam (left), Martin director of sales and marketing, and Scott McLaughlin of Anderson Door, Seattle, Wash.

Martin Door recently treated its top dealers to a week in Hawaii.

Over 100 dealers took part in the event at Turtle Bay Resort on the north side of Oahu. Turtle Bay is a world-class golf resort set on 880 acres.

Dealers qualified for the trip through various incentive-based programs. This is the eighth straight year that Martin Doors has sponsored a special trip for its top dealers.

Steel-Craft Builds Test Chamber

In June, construction began on a test chamber at Steel-Craft’s Edmonton facility. The chamber will be used to test doors for the DASMA Performance Values Certification Program (PVCP).

The facility is said to have the capacity to test for air infiltration and thermal transmittance (R-value), static air pressure (wind load), and cycle life tests on a complete installed door system.

The company says the decision to construct a certification facility for the DASMA Certified Performance program is a reflection of Art Mihalcheon, owner of Steel-Craft. The firm says Mihalcheon is committed to maintain Steel-Craft’s leadership role in the garage door industry.

GarageGrids Changes Pricing, Adds Distributors

In August, GarageGrids announced that it has reduced its prices across the board in response to feedback received from dealers.

“I called over 50 dealers in a two-day period, and the feedback was consistent,” says Jeff Kahn, CEO. “Dealers were telling me that they loved the product, but that we’ve got to get them a better price.”

GarageGrids is also offering preferential pricing to dealers who buy in container loads on a first-come, first-served basis. These dealers will be assured that no other dealer in their area will have the ability to do so.

In August, the company also announced several new distributors, including three on the West Coast (New Millenium Distribution, R&S Wholesale Doors, and Multi Sales), one in Puerto Rico (Casa Segura), and one in Ireland and the British Isles (Garage Door Systems).

“Garage organization products answer a real problem that homeowners face around the world,” says Paul McAdoo, commercial director of Garage Door Systems. He says they selected GarageGrids after analyzing suppliers from across Europe and the U.S.

Service Spring Changes UPS Policy

In August, Service Spring announced that coating is now being provided at no additional charge on UPS torsion spring orders. This includes all springs up to 3-3/4" inside diameter and up to 66" long.

“Since the inception of coating we have received many requests for spring coating on our smaller quantity torsion spring orders,” says Mike McAlear, president. “We now are able to fulfill this need without additional cost to the customer and still provide the same quick delivery via our Guaranteed Shipment Program.”

Wayne-Dalton Recognized by Magazine

Home Improvement Executive (HIE) magazine recently awarded Wayne-Dalton first place in two categories of its 2003 Innovation Awards issue.

Judges assessed Wayne-Dalton product designs, including pinch-resistant doors, enclosed spring systems, and the new idrive opener for torsion springs. The awards were for garage doors and garage door openers.

“Winning first place for both is a great achievement that is exciting for all of us at Wayne-Dalton,” says Bert Bennett, president. “Considering we haven’t been in the garage door opener business for that long is great testimony about the creativity of our design team and manufacturing capabilities.”

HIE magazine is geared to executive-level readers in the home improvement industry.


Chamberlain Enhances Online Ordering System

In July, Chamberlain launched an improved dealer online ordering system for commercial operators. The password-protected LiftMaster Dealer Extranet Web site allows Commercial Door Operator (CDO) dealers to specify, customize, and order commercial operators quickly.

The CDO Express Order Customizer enables dealers to select the appropriate LiftMaster Commercial Door Operator, regardless of the complexity of the specifications or the skill level of the user. Stock ordering is even easier with the “Quick Order” option.

The site also offers dealers the ability to track any order and provide a personalized account history of any recent order. Whether placed online or via the telephone, the dealer will be able to instantly track order status to determine if it has been entered, readied for shipment, shipped, or invoiced.

Dealers can also access copies of invoices or credits, order replacement parts, and download product manuals and specifications.

Wayne-Dalton Upgrades Design Center

In August, Wayne-Dalton launched a new version of its Web-based Door Selection Center. The site now shows actual homes of different styles to give viewers a better idea of which door and with various options will appear on their own homes.

The new site is closely aligned with Wayne-Dalton’s recently released Door Selection Center software, available exclusively to their dealers. Using a digital photo of a customer’s home, the software program allows dealers to show the customer how a Wayne-Dalton door will look on that home.


DASMA Overhauls Web Site

On Aug. 18, DASMA opened its new Web site, the result of eight months of development.

The site includes a host of new features including an extensive collection of articles from Door & Access Systems newsmagazine dating back to the Winter 1999 issue. The searchable archive includes nearly every feature story, all Newslines, Legal Tips, Technical Tips, Clippings, and all Pages of History stories about selected companies in this industry.

All DASMA Standards are now freely available online in PDF format. Previously, standards cost $20 each. The full collection of 56 Technical Data Sheets (TDS) are also freely available and organized by product type.

The site also includes an expanded section devoted to Safety Tips as well as information on the new DASMA Certified Performance Label program. All 90 DASMA members also have a page devoted to basic information about their company and a link to each company’s Web site.

The overhaul project commenced in November 2002 and was overseen by the DASMA Magazine and Marketing Committee.

Product Labeling Increases

The window and door industry recently reported an increase in the demand for product labeling. In 2002, the number of labeled windows increased by nearly 16 percent over 2001.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says this increase may signal an increased demand for labeling of all window and door products, including garage doors.

The report, from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), applies to windows used for purposes other than manufactured housing. AAMA sponsors a labeling program for windows and glass doors.

Rich Walker, AAMA executive vice president, says this sharp increase is largely due to an increase in model building code requirements for product labeling. The code requirement for labeling of windows and glass doors first appeared in the 2000 International Building Code.

When a new provision enters a model building code, Walker says it generally takes two or three years or more for the requirement to be widely adopted and enforced. He says labeling of window and glass door products will likely continue to increase.

DASMA implemented a voluntary certification and labeling program on January 1, 2003. Several garage door manufacturers are currently undergoing the product enrollment process.

Florida Door Approval Program Underway

On October 1, 2003, the state of Florida became the first U.S. state to adopt and implement a product approval program that includes garage doors and rolling doors. The program allows manufacturers to obtain a statewide product approval or to obtain a series of local approvals.

The program includes four alternative means of documenting product performance that are similar to requirements in other areas of the U.S.: Certification, Evaluation Report, Test Report, and Rational Analysis Report. One aspect that makes Florida’s program unique is its manufacturer-based third-party quality assurance requirement.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says he seeks continuing feedback from DASMA members on the operation of the Florida program.

“DASMA stands ready to interact with the necessary parties in Florida if any problems arise affecting the garage door industry as a whole,” says Hetzel. “We are confident we can successfully handle any situation.”

California Adopts NFPA 5000

In late July, despite opposition from construction industry groups, the California Building Standards Commission voted to adopt NFPA 5000’s Building Construction and Safety Code. California represents the first state to adopt NFPA 5000.

As a result of the July decision, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) code will provide the basis for the 2004 California Building Code.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says this is a significant accomplishment for NFPA, but he notes that the International Building Code (IBC) has already been adopted by numerous state and local jurisdictions.

“DASMA has worked to ensure continuity in garage door provisions contained in both NFPA 5000 and the IBC,” adds Hetzel. “In spite of technical consistency, the codes are so different in format that industries must now keep up-to-date on both codes.”

He says DASMA intends to stay current on developments of both NFPA 5000 and the IBC. He urges DASMA members to help keep abreast of such developments.

Project to Study Garage Doors and Rolling Doors

The American Society for Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) was scheduled to begin a research project on September 1, 2003, to study the thermal performance of garage doors, rolling doors, and revolving doors.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says DASMA has contacted ASHRAE to be included in a Project Monitoring Subcommittee for the project. Hetzel says DASMA is interested in bringing the industry’s expertise to the project to ensure that industry interests are properly represented.

The ASHRAE study will be conducted by Levelton Engineering of Vancouver, British Columbia. Watch for more information on this project in the coming months.

Second Midwest Builders Show Coming

The 2004 Midwest Builders Show is slated for March 25-26, 2004, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill. Free educational seminars are also held March 25 and 26.

Educational topics include subjects of interest to door dealers and other subcontractors such as estimating, business planning, scheduling, customer service, sales and marketing, financial management and profitability, contracts, and more.

In July 2003, about 35 percent of the 2004 floor space was already sold out. Space reservations, exhibitor or attendee registration, floor layout, and hotel reservations are available at www.MidwestBuildersShow.com.

The show draws exhibitors from all over the country but draws home building industry attendees from an eight-state region that includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.




The 2004 show will offer top-notch entertainment, a prominent keynote speaker, social events, and the City of Chicago.