Raynor Introduces Innovations Series

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Publish Date: Summer 2002
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Raynor Introduces Innovations Series

In May, Raynor announced the new Innovations Series, a line of four finger-protected doors. "Raynor Innovations Series doors offer our dealers style and safety advantages found with no other product line," says Executive Vice President Ray Neisewander III.

Raynor technology allows dealers to offer 13 door designs by mixing ranch and colonial panels in the same section. With six colors and 23 designer window patterns, customers can choose from thousands of possible combinations.

The doors also feature the patented Raynor Finger Protection System and foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation for R-values up to 18. The company says the doors are the most energy-efficient, durable, and reliable doors Raynor has ever offered. Door sections are backed with the Raynor "For As Long As You Own Your Home" warranty.

The Raynor Innovations Series includes four doors: Affina, Centura, Relante, and Prisma.

Affina doors feature 2" thick sections, a continuous thermal break and air seal between sections, and polyurethane insulation for an 18 R-value. Affina also features the EnduraCote hardware system with powdercoated white track and hinges and black springs. The entire Affina door, both sections and hardware, is warranted against rust for as long as the original purchaser owns their home.

Centura doors are also 2" thick, with a continuous thermal break and air seal, and polyurethane insulation for an 18 R-value. Hardware and springs carry a five-year warranty.

Relante’s 1-3/8" sections are filled with polyurethane insulation for a 12 R-value. Door sections are warranted against rusting through for as long as the original purchaser owns their home, while hardware and springs feature a three-year warranty.

Prisma is the only pan door in the Raynor Innovations Series line. Its 2" thick door sections are available with optional polystyrene insulation offering a 5 R-value. Door sections are warranted against rusting through for as long as the original purchaser owns their home, while hardware and springs feature a three-year warranty.

Hörmann Doors Now Available in U.S.

The Hörmann SSP 42, DSP 42, DLP 42, and DCP 42 sectional doors are marking their debut in North America.

The doors are available as single-skin versions reinforced with steel struts or as double-skin versions. Doors are supplied in a complete package including tracks, galvanized torsion springs, and hardware box. The polyurethane foam is CFC-free. The woodgrain-embossed door finish is scratch-proof, impervious to dirt, and weather-resistant.

Hörmann safety features include finger protection inside and outside, and the side frames are enclosed along their entire lengths. The anti-drop device secures the door in the event of the failure of the torsion springs or the cables, which are designed to carry five times the required load.

Hörmann Brings SupraMatic Opener to U.S.

Hörmann introduced their SupraMatic opener at the IDA Show in Nashville. The garage door operator, assembled in Vonore, Tenn., is specially developed for the U.S. and is UL-listed.

The operator features a DC motor with soft start and soft stop, and its patented toothed belt is maintenance-free. When the door closes, its security kit engages into the guide rail stop and does not release if someone tries to force the door open.

An integrated automatic cut-out stops the door immediately if it encounters an obstruction, and then raises the door by 30 centimeters.

Two buttons on the hand transmitter allow you to control another door or outdoor lighting. Other versions of the transmitter are available. The operator can be programmed quickly and easily using the 7-segment display.

New Monitor Senses Open Garage Door

In May, LiftMaster announced a new Wireless Garage Door Monitor that tells you if your garage door is open or closed.

The monitor requires no special tools for installation and is easily operated. It features a sensor that mounts to the garage door. The receiver can easily be mounted on a wall in the kitchen or on the bedroom night stand. The receiver plugs into a standard 120V outlet.

When the garage door is closed, the sensor is vertical and the receiver light will be green. When the garage door is open, the sensor will be horizontal and the receiver light flashes red.

Up to four doors can be monitored by one receiver with the purchase of additional sensors.

Martin Receives Patent on Bottom Bracket

In early 2002, Martin Door received a U.S. patent on their new "Lock-On Bottom Roller Bracket." The new bracket locks-on while under spring tension.

Injuries may happen when a homeowner tries to fix his damaged track and/or broken bottom roller by himself. Unfastening the bottom roller bracket under spring tension could cause severe injury.

Martin’s Lock-On Bottom Roller Brackets require the spring tension to be released before removal. Once the springs are unwound, the bracket may be easily removed to change a damaged roller, etc.

Martin Offers Patented Spring System

On Feb. 4, 2002, Martin Door’s new "Lock-On Safety Spring System" received a U.S. patent. The company says the system was created following a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission on torsion-spring-related injuries.

Injuries can occur when a homeowner attempts to fix a center-mounted spring anchor bracket that is pulling loose from a splitting 2 x 6 wood spring pad. If they tighten the lag screws in the bracket, the screw(s) can strip, resulting in the center spring anchor bracket breaking loose. The bracket spins until the spring is unwound. Injuries can be severe.

Martin’s Lock-On Safety Spring System has side-mounted torsion springs, which are locked-on to the steel track while under spring tension. If fasteners on the spring anchor bracket are removed, the springs remain locked to the track until the tension is unwound from the spring(s).

Wayne-Dalton Improves TorqueMaster

In April, Wayne-Dalton unveiled a new version of their TorqueMaster counterbalance spring system.

Due to a complete change to the end brackets, the redesigned TorqueMaster has 75 percent fewer parts to install. This simplifies installation and makes it easier for the installer to make adjustments while winding the springs.

The redesign creates a new winding procedure in which a power drill is not required. Springs on the new version can be wound quickly with a standard ratchet and socket. The need for winding gear lubrication is also eliminated.

A safety lock does not allow the end bracket to be removed from the flag angle until all spring tension is removed. A tamper-resistant ratchet pawl also prevents tension from being accidentally removed from the springs, eliminating a potential danger to homeowners.

Manaras Opera Family Adds Two

At April’s Expo, Manaras launched two new medium-duty jackshaft operators: the Opera MH and the Opera MJ. At press time, they were expected to be available to the commercial and industrial door industry in June.

Designed for medium-duty commercial door applications, the Opera MH incorporates a Hoist-a-Matic: a self-engaging chain hoist for manual operation with automatic cut-off (no need for a floor disconnect). The Opera MJ incorporates an emergency floor disconnect for manual push-up operation.

These jackshaft operators are available for applications up to 14 cycles per hour or 50 cycles a day. The line features an Accu-cam that allows for precise limit adjustment and enables you to keep the adjustment on one cam while adjusting the opposite cam.

Delden Announces Custom Wood Collection

Delden introduced its new Custom Wood Collection at Expo 2002 in Nashville. The door is available in a variety of popular designs and can also be customized.

The door features a 1-3/8" insulated flush section with its interior side primed for painting. Tight-knot cedar, mahogany, or any other species of wood is then laminated to the face of the sub-panel. Custom door sizes are available as well as a variety of window templates and ornamental iron hardware.

Chamberlain Offers New Transmitters

In May, Chamberlain expanded its LiftMaster Transmitters with Passport Technology to include a one, two, three, or four-button transmitter along with a compatible access-control Passport receiver.

Introduced in August 2001, Passport transmitters feature a single transmitter that can control any of the desired entrances throughout a community, including residential garage door openers, commercial door operators, gate operators, and access entry systems.

Now customers have the choice of one, two, three, or four button transmitters for increased flexibility of control. These options offer a more convenient and less expensive transmitter option for both the installer and their customers.

The one, two, and three-button Passport transmitters will be available in July and carry a three-year warranty.

New Chamberlain Multi-Door Control Panels

In May, Chamberlain introduced the 2-Door and 3-Door Multi-Function Control Panels.

"Garages with multiple doors are growing in popularity," says Sally Anderson, vice president, Marketing Communications for The Chamberlain Group, Inc. "The 2-Door and 3-Door Multi-Function Control Panels are our answer to the need for one convenient control panel to operate all of the garage doors and openers."

The new models have large pushbuttons that allow you to open or close the garage doors. Model 902LM is designed for homes with two garage doors, and Model 903LM is for homes with three garage doors.

All models include an adjustable light timer with 1-1/2, 2-1/2, 3-1/2, and 4-1/2 minute settings. A lock button blocks outside radio signals, and a light button operates opener lights.

Chamberlain Introduces New Access Control System

In April, Chamberlain introduced the Sentex Entrymaster Access Control System. This latest addition is said to simplify installation and operation, and provide advanced features to the access control market.

Suited for one to 16 door applications, Entrymaster is an integrated PC-based system designed to manage and monitor the activities of cardholders, and to notify the system operator of any alarm conditions. Each Entrymaster unit supports up to two card readers and two doors, and is expandable by linking together multiple units, allowing for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

The system’s software supports up to 3,000 individual cardholders, 255 access levels, and four access levels per cardholder.

The Configuration Wizard walks the installer through the setup process. Once the installation is complete, customizable fields including time zones, access levels, cardholders, and door assignments can be set or altered in a matter of minutes.

The long-access capability can allow a physically challenged person or several people additional time to get through the door without altering the programmed time for the majority of users. A built-in area counter keeps track of entries and exits. When the pre-programmed capacity is reached, the "LOT FULL" sign is automatically activated.

New Security Closure from Cornell

Cornell has introduced SentryGate, an alternative to traditional rolling grilles.

The SentryGate features a stylish European design and a curtain constructed of injection-molded, smooth nylon components with concealed horizontal metal rods at two inches on center. The 65 percent open curtain permits visibility from both sides.

The smooth curtain components withstand heavy use and are available in black or white. Suited for schools, SentryGate has minimal headroom requirements, a compact design, and addresses the issue of school security. The SentryGate can also be used for storefront security, in-store pharmacies and parts counters, and for high-cycle applications such as parking garages.

Hunter Green Comes to Amarr

In March, Amarr Garage Doors announced the addition of Hunter Green to its range of color options. The color, available only on Weatherguard, was selected because of its popularity with the design community and homeowners.

Amarr doors are also offered in white, sandtone, almond, and brown.

C.H.I. Adds New Model

In May, C.H.I. introduced a new model in their residential line of doors. The urethane-filled 2214 is a double-sided steel door with a section joint seal and is available in eight colors.

Various glass and insert designs are also available. The new 2214 raised-panel design accompanies the recessed-panel 2290 residential series and the 3214 commercial product.

Windsor Adds New Insulated Door

Windsor’s new Model 795 insulated steel garage door offers many design choices and features in a premium residential garage door. Windsor says the 795 is "one of the most flexible door systems in the industry."

The door offers an injected polyurethane foam core (11.5 R-Value), raised-panel, ranch-panel, or flush-panel designs, four standard colors, and ten optional glass inserts.

Flush steel interior panels provide a finished appearance while adding strength and sound-deadening values.

Service Spring Introduces GarageGrids

Service Spring has added GarageGrids, an innovative wall-mounted garage storage system. The GarageGrids system holds a wide variety of items, maximizing valuable garage floor space.

Sold only through professional garage door dealers, Service Spring says GarageGrids gives the dealer an opportunity to sell a specialized accessory that cannot be purchased at large retailers.

GarageGrids are made of 1/4" steel and finished in scratch-resistant white epoxy. Designed by professional door dealers, GarageGrids installation requires no special training.

Clopay Launches GQS Updates

In May, Clopay Building Products introduced an updated version of its proprietary Global Quoting System (GQS). The updated software is designed to increase the automated functions of dealers’ businesses.

GQS Dispatch
Clopay introduced a new module, GQS Dispatch, to replace the scheduler function in GQS. By clicking on a truck icon, dealers can see where technicians are assigned for that day. This helps dealers maximize the amount of service calls possible for that day.

The GQS Dispatch Module interfaces with the @Road Global Positioning System, which shows the current status of dealers’ trucks, whether traveling, on-site, out of service, etc. Mapping software helps dealers send the nearest truck to an urgent call, by plotting the quickest route.

Journals 1.1
The new release of GQS Journals 1.1 includes more than two dozen enhancements, including updates to its dealer accounting system, increased deposit functionality, simplified invoicing, and the ability to add departments.

"GQS was designed specifically for dealers in the garage door industry, to better automate their business processes—significantly reducing bidding time and increasing their productivity and accuracy," says Fred Lehmann, manager of pricing administration and marketing services at Clopay.

The Nation’s First Accessible Door Entry System

In April, Viking Electronics announced the introduction of its AES-2000 Accessible Entry System. The AES-2000 was developed in a joint effort with the city of San Francisco to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.

As visitors scroll through the tenant directory, each tenant’s name appears on the LCD screen and is announced audibly, allowing persons with visual and hearing disabilities to operate the system without outside assistance. The tenant name recordings are made by the building manager to ensure proper pronunciation.

The AES-2000 also provides operating instructions in visual and audible formats. In addition, the AES-2000 operates with portable TTY text telephones, so visitors at the entry door can communicate with tenants who are hearing impaired.

The operating buttons are engraved for touch recognition and can also be operated by mouth stick. The device includes provisions for wireless operation for persons with mobility disabilities.

Marley Expands Door Accessories

At Expo 2002 in April, Marley Mouldings announced an expanded line of door accessory products for door manufacturers and installers.

The accessory products offer ways to upgrade the look of standard garage doors to a carriage door look. The products also change the dimensional aesthetics of a door.

Marley’s Garage Door System encloses and surrounds the garage door frame, including exterior trim and door stop. Exterior trim with dentil, trim boards, exterior door frames, and window sills, finished porch planking and railing, columns, and pole and post surrounds. All are no rot, no maintenance and beautifying decorations for the home.


President of Safe-Way Dies

Harold James, the president of Safe-Way Door of Warsaw, Indiana, died on April 12, 2002, at the age of 62, after a two-year battle with cancer.

Prior to entering the door industry in 1976, James was an electronic engineer at Magnavox in Fort Wayne, Ind., and at Spartan Electronics in Jackson, Mich., where he worked on anti-warfare submarine detection technology. He attended several colleges and earned a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from Western Michigan University in 1961.

In 1976, James purchased Safe-Way Door when the company had five employees and manufactured commercial and residential garage door operators. After purchasing the company, James quickly expanded operations and purchased Custom Overhead Door, a wood door manufacturer in Churubusco, Indiana.

Safe-Way Door is now a manufacturer of residential and commercial steel and wood garage doors, headquartered in Warsaw. The firm has its own fleet of trucks with distribution centers in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, and Missouri. Safe-Way now delivers its products from coast to coast and exports internationally.

The funeral was held April 17 in Warsaw. In lieu of flowers, memorials were requested to be sent to the building fund of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a proposed Spanish-speaking Catholic Church in Warsaw.

Bob James Oversees Operations
Bob James, Harold’s son, was placed in charge of daily operations in 2000 when his father first contracted cancer. Bob now continues in that capacity, serving as vice president of the company.

Bob James started at Safe-Way door at the age of 13 and now has 26 years with the company. After working in the factory for 12 years in a variety of functions, he eventually became plant manager. Around 1990, his duties were expanded to include sales management.

Hensel Promoted at Trac-Rite

In January, Mark Hensel accepted the position of sales manager at Trac-Rite. In his new position, Hensel is responsible for increasing sales through Trac-Rite’s distribution network, managing sales growth and profitability, assisting with product improvement, and directing Trac-Rite’s sales department.

Prior to his new role, Hensel held the position of sales account executive. He brings a bachelor of arts in business administration and economics from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa, and numerous years of sales and management experience with distributor networks from the truck and farm equipment industries.

Amarr Creates New Commercial Position

In April, Amarr Garage Doors promoted Ron Sutcliffe to commercial product technician. In this newly created position, Sutcliffe will be the key commercial door resource for Amarr’s sales force and Door Centers.

Sutcliffe will assist the field with commercial ordering and sales, review of job specifications, troubleshooting, and evaluations of new products to improve Amarr’s commercial applications.

Sutcliffe holds an associate degree in building trades and construction from the University of New York at Alfred. He worked for five years in the residential construction industry before he studied Computer Aided Drafting (CAD). After receiving CAD training, he worked for two firms in Raleigh.

Rivers Returns to Amarr

In April, Amarr Garage Doors named Billy Rivers as Assistant Credit Manager. Rivers previously worked with Amarr from 1994 to 1997 in the same role.

A graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone N.C., Rivers comes to Amarr with previous experience as a controller and a financial analyst.

Amarr Names New District Manager

In March, Amarr Garage Doors promoted Rich Greggs to district service manager of the Mid-Atlantic States, Northeast, and New England markets.

Greggs is a graduate of Clarion University in Pennsylvania and started with Amarr in 1997. He had been the general manager of the Manassas Door Center for five years. In his new role, Greggs oversees the service and sales of 13 door centers on the East Coast.

Chamberlain Appoints International Marketing Director

In April, Chamberlain announced that Brian Strzalka had been appointed international marketing director for Chamberlain GmbH, the sales and marketing arm of Chamberlain in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

In this new position, Strzalka will provide strategic direction for all aspects of Chamberlain GmbH’s marketing. His focus will involve current and developing markets around the world.

In 1991, Strzalka joined Chamberlain as international product manager and most recently held the position of international marketing manager. He is a member of the American Marketing Association, AHMA International Trade Committee, and is a registered professional engineer in Illinois.

Receiving several sales awards from Chamberlain, Strzalka holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Northwestern University, a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from I.I.T., and a master’s degree in international marketing from Loyola University.

New Residential Marketing Manager at Chamberlain

In March, Chamberlain announced that Daniel Nixa is now residential marketing manager.

In this new position, Nixa will provide strategic direction for all aspects of Chamberlain’s professionally installed residential garage door openers and related accessories. He will focus on enhanced merchandising, new dealer services and programs, and aggressive new product development. He will manage a staff of six.

In 1998, Nixa joined Chamberlain as retail marketing manager. He is a board member on the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) and holds a B.S.M. from National Louis University in Chicago.

Chamberlain Appoints Regional Sales Manager

Chamberlain has promoted David D’Anthony to regional sales manager. In this position, D’Anthony will be responsible for the District of Columbia and 14 states in the eastern U.S.

D’Anthony will supervise five sales representatives and will be responsible for all professional products including LiftMaster residential and commercial door operators, gate operators, and Sentex telephone entry and access control systems.

Joining Chamberlain in 1992 as inside sales coordinator, D’Anthony was then promoted to territory manager. He most recently held the position of district sales manager.

D’Anthony holds a bachelor of arts degree from Valparaiso University with a master’s in business administration. He is a member of the New Hampshire Home Builders Association and has won the Chamberlain Circle of Excellence Award for seven consecutive years.

Hollis Promoted at Chamberlain

Bradley Hollis is now commercial product manager at Chamberlain. Hollis is responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans for LiftMaster commercial door operators and related accessories, as well as new product development for the commercial product line.

Hollis joined Chamberlain in 1996 as inside sales coordinator and was then promoted to territory sales manager. He most recently held the position of associate commercial product manager.

He holds a bachelor of science degree in business management from Bradley University in Peoria, Ill.

Manaras Announces Regional Sales Manager

Manaras has added Ed Vining as regional sales manager for the southeastern United States.

Vining graduated from Georgia State University with a business degree and has 20 years of sales experience in the electrical distribution industry. He will work closely with door dealers, door manufacturers, and installers.

Wayne-Dalton Hires Residential Product Manager

In May, Wayne-Dalton announced the addition of Yan Rodriguez as residential product manager. He will lead the effort to launch product initiatives at the company, including the new idrive opener.

Rodriguez previously served as product management manager at Thomson Multimedia in Lancaster, Pa. Rodriguez also held a number of engineering positions during a 7-year period with Wayne-Dalton Research and Development in Pensacola, Florida. He holds a bachelor of electrical engineering degree and a M.B.A. from the University of North and West Florida.


Europe's Leading Door Manufacturer Now in the U.S.

Hörmann, Europe's largest manufacturer of doors and operators, exhibited for the first time at Expo 2002 in Nashville in April. This appearance is the starting signal for the entry of the German family-owned business on the U.S. market.

Hörmann seeks to position itself favorably in the U.S. Hörmann will manufacture and market its products at their production facility near Knoxville, Tenn.

Hörmann currently has about 4,500 employees and annual sales of about US $700 million in 2001. Over 30 percent of sales revenue is earned in foreign markets. In Europe, Hörmann manufactures industrial doors, garage doors, operators, controls, fire doors, aluminum and steel entry doors, and insulated glass aluminum windows.

In 2000, Hörmann established the Hörmann Beijing Door Production Co. in China to produce and sell fire-proof doors and apartment doors. In the same year, the company expanded European operations by acquiring Garador, a British garage door producer.

This year, Hörmann purchased the Dutch Dyna Seal group, a supplier of loading bridges and door seals.

Major Expansion at C.H.I.

The C.H.I. production facility in Arthur, Ill., is expanding.

"The new annex will enclose an additional 157,000 square feet of production floor space," says John Jess, project coordinator at C.H.I. "The addition will allow C.H.I. to streamline productions, become more efficient, and better serve the valued family of C.H.I. distributors."

The company expects to move into the new facility in July.

Caption: The new building is at the top, the long 210' x 750' section that is parallel to the main building.

Steyer Three-Peats in QI Race

Randy Steyer of Lucius Door in Tiffin, Ohio, is champion of the 4th Annual Wayne-Dalton Quick Install races held at Expo 2002. Steyer completed the door installation in 10 minutes and 13 seconds. He was also the winner in 2000 and 2001.

The contest showcases the features of the Wayne-Dalton Total Pack and Quick Install system, in addition to giving installers the opportunity to compete for prize money. Contestants installed an 8' x 7' 9600 Thermogard directly out of the Total Pack boxes.

Claiming second place and $4,500 was Tim Glenn of Pawnee, Ill., Darren Golec of Alberta, Calgary, Canada, took the third place prize of $2,500. Fourth place and $1500 went to Marion Schlabach of Millersburg, Ohio.

Randy Steyer (center) celebrates with Philip LaVelle, vice president of sales and marketing, (left) and Bert Bennett, president.

LiftMaster Launches Sweepstakes

In May, Chamberlain announced a new LiftMaster Sweepstakes. The Grand Prize package includes a 2003 Ford Mustang convertible.

LiftMaster Authorized Dealers in the U.S. are automatically entered in the sweepstakes every time they purchase a LiftMaster Estate Series opener from Chamberlain between April 15 and November 30, 2002.

The grand prize will be awarded in December 2002. Other prizes include: one dream NASCAR weekend for two at the Kentucky Speedway; five leather All-Star baseball jackets with the LiftMaster Estate Series logo; 50 racing merchandise items, including T-shirts, caps, and a collectible Dale Earnhardt Monopoly game.

LiftMaster sales staff pose with the grand prize Ford Mustang convertible. From left: Bob Rainey, Jim Bowers, Rod Slaughter, David Sarson, Dan Domkowski, Ron Halley, Rich Nolda, Don Wiedrick, David D’Anthony, George Meikle, and J. van de Linde.

Raynor Introduces New Corporate Logo

Raynor has adopted a new logo as a part of an initiative to strengthen and unify their corporate image.

"Our new logo is a signal to our customers and consumers that we are committed to a strong and prosperous future," says Executive Vice President Ray Neisewander III.

The new logo features the familiar Raynor lettering, but incorporates a linear arc that adds movement and emphasizes the company’s worldwide reach and goal of providing a complete product line. The parallelogram refers to a recognizable historical element that identifies a Raynor door – the parallelogram lock handle.

Clopay Unveils Advertising Program

In May, Clopay launched a new national consumer advertising campaign and contest designed to jump-start consumer interest in garage door replacement projects.

In the contest, one homeowner will win a $10,000 prize package of items for the garage and one Clopay dealer will win an all-inclusive cruise package of their choice. Winners will be announced in October 2002.

"Most homeowners don’t realize that more than 40 percent of their home’s curb appeal is impacted by their garage door," says Pat Lohse, Clopay director of marketing, dealer residential. "Our goal with this new campaign is to increase consumer awareness of how important a garage door is to a home’s total value."

"Our research shows that once a homeowner has made the decision to buy, appearance and durability are ranked as the top-two product attributes that influence their purchase decision," says Lohse.

For the program, Clopay signed an exclusive advertising and promotion deal with Meredith Corporation, the publisher of Better Homes & Gardens, Country Home, Traditional Home, Midwest Living, Renovation Style, and Home Planning Ideas.

Amarr Goes Racing

Amarr Garage Doors is an associate sponsor on the #47 Thomas Pacconi Classics Chevrolet Monte Carlo driven by Shane Hmiel (pronounced "meal"). Amarr’s logo will adorn Hmiel’s #47 in five races: two in April, one in May, one at the Chicagoland Speedway on July 13, and one at Phoenix on Nov. 9.

"Amarr is known for its innovative marketing, and we are excited about the possibilities of sponsoring a car on the Busch Grand National circuit,’’ says Teresa Lowry, marketing manager.

Hmiel finished fifth in his Busch Series debut at Daytona, and scored another top-10 finish at Bristol. He won the Bud Pole at Nashville, setting a new track record in the process.

Raynor Wins Ozone Protection Award

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has selected Raynor to receive their 2002 Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award.

Raynor received the award by installing a fully automated manufacturing line to produce the Raynor Innovations Series insulated doors, using hydrocarbon blowing agents instead of ozone-depleting substances.

The award was presented on March 25, 2002, in Washington D.C., during the Earth Technologies Forum.

"We’re pleased that our efforts have been recognized by the EPA," says Raynor Executive Vice President Ray Neisewander III. "We work hard to create manufacturing processes and products that are environmentally friendly."

Martin Thanks Dealers with Cruise

This year, Martin Garage Doors thanked dealers and managers of Martin Garage Doors with a 7-day cruise aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship down the coast of Mexico. In this seventh annual event, 98 Martin dealers from five countries enjoyed the celebration, which included stops at Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerta Vallarta.

"This is an opportunity to show appreciation for the dealers that sell Martin Doors and at the same time build relationships," says Martin Garage Doors President Ken Martin. "We also have a great setting to listen to dealer suggestions, comments, and concerns."

CFM Completes Major Upgrade

In May, the CFM Companies, parent to Chicago Finished Metals and Chesapeake Finished Metals announced the completion of a major capital project at their Chicago facility.

The project, featuring new, wider, and longer ovens, dual-head "Quick Change" coaters, and tension leveling is now complete and in operation. Fluorocarbons, siliconized polyesters, and exterior polyesters are all offered up to 60" wide.

The new improvements allow CFM to better participate in all segments of the metal construction industry including garage doors and entry doors.

"With the new 60" wide capability we can paint double-wide garage door width," says Rich Uphues of CFM, noting that garage door panel width is 27" and 30" before forming. "Coupled with the painting, the new line can also electro-galvanize the metal to be painted, in tandem."

Detroit Door Celebrates 50th

Detroit Door and Hardware Company, one of the nation’s largest door dealers, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2002.

Established in 1952, the firm now occupies a 60,000-square-foot facility in Madison Heights, Mich., with two branch locations in Flint and Ann Arbor. The company employs more than 200 people. Products include hollow metal doors and hardware, sectional and rolling doors, and loading dock safety products.


Windsor Debuts New Web Site

In March, Windsor Doors launched a new Web site (www.windsordoor.com) aimed at giving customers and dealers the next level in interactivity, content, and function.

A visitor to the site can now create a unique door, selecting a panel design, color, and windows, and then view the designed door in a variety of home exterior settings.

Sherry Booles, the company’s marketing director, says the site allows dealers and builders to show customers what a door will look like before they buy it. "It’s unlike anything that any other door manufacturer offers," Booles adds.

The Windsor Door Designer is available on CD-ROM by request for dealers who would like to use it in showrooms or presentations.

New Manaras Web Site

Manaras has a new corporate Web site.

Besides offering complete product information, the site also features a technical chart to help with the selection of the right operator model for an application. Manaras.com also offers detailed specifications on each model and PDF files of the specification sheets for each operator.

An entire section of the Web site is dedicated to architects, who can copy and paste 3-part architectural specifications in the appropriate format.

LiftMaster Redesigns Dealer Locator

Chamberlain has upgraded their Web site’s dealer locator at www.liftmaster.com with a new look and new advanced functions that will allow customers to more quickly and easily locate their nearest LiftMaster dealer.

The new locator provides customers with a list of 8-10 LiftMaster dealers in their local area. The dealers are presented in order of distance from the visitor’s zip code address. An area map appears above the dealer listings to visually show locations of these dealers by a dot on the map.

From this initial page, a consumer can click on one or more of the dealers for further information. They will then receive a map with directions to the dealer’s showroom.


Florida Licensing Becomes Opportunity

When the new Florida Building Code took effect in March of 2002, the garage door industry experienced some unforeseen consequences, particularly regarding dealer licensing.

The Problem
The new code requires that all replacement garage doors be designed and constructed according to the wind load provisions of the Code. This meant that garage door dealers must obtain permits for both new and replacement work.

The problem involves dealer licensing. A Florida statute requires that a garage door installer be licensed to perform work involving new or replacement construction. However, the specific licensing requirements vary from county to county.

Some counties allowed the use of the Occupational License, while others required a Specialty Contractor license for garage door installers. Many counties required that garage door installers possess a General Contractor (GC) license, even though a GC license is far beyond the scope of the work of a garage door installer.

As a result, some garage door dealers saw their installations come to a halt. For help, they turned to their manufacturer suppliers, who then turned to DASMA.

Enter DASMA and FODA
DASMA contacted the Florida Operator and Door Association (FODA). Together, the associations wrote to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) requesting a meeting to resolve the problem.

At an April 12 meeting in Tallahassee, the DBPR agreed to notify all Florida counties of the statute that allowed for the creation, recognition, and administration of Specialty Licensing.

The Opportunity
"The industry has a golden opportunity to help greatly influence, if not control, the creation of a standardized Florida statewide Specialty Licensing training program, approved by the DBPR, for use in any Florida county," says Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director.

Hetzel believes the industry has previously had little or no influence on licensing. He says that DASMA, IDA, IDEA, and FODA are now investigating the matter.

What Now?
In the meantime, Florida garage door dealers have several options until a long-term solution is found. The Code allows different ways to obtain permits, which include the involvement of the homeowner or a homeowner’s "authorized agent." Garage door dealers will need to investigate how this may be done to satisfy the local jurisdiction.

Dealers may need to ask if an Occupational License is acceptable, possibly based on prior business dealings. If a Specialty Licensing program is needed, the garage door dealer may ask for a temporary license, or if the county will recognize an existing Specialty License administered by another jurisdiction.

The Benefits of Cooperation
Hetzel says this situation in Florida demonstrates how regulations can have an immediate, unexpected impact on an industry. He says it also shows how two industry organizations can come together to respond quickly and effectively.

"Although it is still a work in progress," says Hetzel, "the Florida dealer licensing matter has the potential for taking the industry to an even higher level of professionalism in the process."

New Door Requirements Coming in Florida

Beginning October 1, 2003, garage doors and rolling doors will be subject to new requirements for product approvals in the state of Florida.

Manufacturers can choose if they wish to obtain statewide recognition or a series of local approvals. Manufacturers may then demonstrate product compliance in one of four ways: certification, test data, evaluation report, or rational analysis prepared by a Florida Registered Professional Engineer.

Florida will also require manufacturers to demonstrate evidence of a quality assurance program. The state is currently working on approving certification agencies, product evaluation agencies, test laboratories, and quality assurance agencies.

Florida dealers are encouraged to contact their product manufacturers to find out how they will comply with the new program.

DASMA Urges Proper Installation of Gate Operators

With the increase in online sales, DASMA is concerned that more gate operators are not being properly installed.

Since automated vehicular gate systems require a high degree of installation expertise, DASMA recommends that gate operators be installed (1) in conformance to current safety-related requirements in UL 325 and (2) only by gate systems technicians with proper training.

When gate operator products are sold online, Rick Sedivy, chairman of DASMA’s Gate Operator Committee, cautions, "Online sellers should sell responsibly to buyers."

IRC to Support UL 325

The 2003 edition of the IRC (International Residential Code) is expected to include a code section on garage door operators. The section, if approved this fall, will state that operators, if provided with a door on new construction, will be required to comply with UL 325.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, who supported the proposal at the spring code hearings, says these code provisions will add another layer to advance the safety of automated garage door installation and operation.

He adds, "Support from the code enforcement community was evident at the hearings."