Raynor Unveils Latest Carriage-House Door

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Publish Date: Spring 2007
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Raynor Unveils Latest Carriage-House Door

In February, Raynor displayed its newest residential door, the RockCreeke overlay carriage-house door, at the 2007 International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando. The new door features an “environmentally stable” trim board material with a vinyl capstock.

The overlay material “is a revolutionary structural composite that blends the very best attributes of vinyl and wood,” says Charlie Ferris, product development manager. “Used in a variety of applications, its strength and durability have been field-proven in extreme weather and environmental conditions.”

With an R-value of 12, RockCreeke’s steel sections have 1-3/8" of polyurethane insulation. The sections come in white, almond, and ClayTone with white contrasting overlay trim boards. Offered in widths of 8', 9', 10', 12', 15', 16', and 18', RockCreeke is available in heights up to 10' in 3" increments. Many exterior designs, window options, and decorative face hardware are available. www.raynor.com

LiftMaster Introduces Smart Control Panel

In January, Chamberlain introduced the LiftMaster 398LM Smart Control Panel with several first-of-its-kind options. The 398LM offers a 1-1/4" ´ 2-1/4" LCD screen with a backlight/nightlight that informs homeowners of the time, the garage’s temperature, and short status messages about the garage door opener.

To save installation time, extra remotes can be programmed directly from the Smart Control Panel without the need to climb a ladder to program them from the opener. The 398LM includes a motion-detecting feature that automatically turns on garage door opener lights when movement is detected in the garage.

Status messages notify owners when the opener’s sensors are misaligned, when the remote controls are locked out, or whether the motion-detecting feature is turned on or off. If the control panel is installed with the EverCharge Battery Backup, status messages can indicate when the opener is operating in battery backup mode and how much battery life remains.

The display is also available in French and Spanish. www.liftmaster.com

Lear Offers Vehicle Remote Control

In February, Lear Corporation announced its Car2U Home Automation System (HAS), a universal remote-control device using Z-Wave wireless mesh technology that allows consumers to operate garage doors, home appliances, and lighting from their vehicles.

General Motors (GM) is first to offer the Lear device, marketed under the “Universal Home Remote” name. The system is optional on more than 20 2007 models of Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Saturn vehicles.

Lear expects to produce an estimated 1.1 million units annually for GM at its Tampa, Fla., plant. Lear says it has future commitments with three other automotive manufacturers.

The Car2U HAS features easy programming, a proprietary antenna design with a working range of up to 650 feet, a patented technique to preserve battery life, and jamming resistance. To assist consumers with programming, Lear has created a call center at 1-866-57-Car2U and a special Web site at www.learcar2u.com.

Accessories include control modules for home indoor and outdoor lights, dimmer switches, small appliances, and thermostats. These products are produced by Lear’s supplier, Wayne Dalton, a member of the Z-Wave Alliance. In 2006, Lear had annual net sales of $17.8 billion and 104,000 employees at 275 facilities in 33 countries. www.lear.com

Wayne-Dalton Announces SystemWorks Concept

In February at IBS in Orlando, Wayne-Dalton introduced SystemWorks, a whole-home approach to garage doors, garage door openers, home control systems, storm protection products, commercial doors, and more.

“Garage doors are just the beginning,” says Bill Earnest, director of marketing and product development. “SystemWorks reaffirms our corporate commitment to whole-home solutions. This new tool will simplify the purchase process and save customers time.”

The SystemWorks concept promotes several Wayne-Dalton capabilities, such as offering “any style door at any price point from one source,” a synchronized garage door and opener system, storm protection products such as Fabric Shield and wind-load-rated garage doors, home control systems, and a vast distribution network. www.wayne-dalton.com

Rytec Offers First “Hurricane-Proof” High-Performance Door

In February, Rytec announced the Spiral Hurricane Zone (HZ) door, “the first, and only, high-speed, high-performance door approved by the Florida Building Code to withstand category-four hurricane force winds.”

The Spiral HZ, with aluminum slats, reinforced hinges, and galvanized steel side columns, “can handle wind forces in excess of 149 mph.” The door features an opening speed of up to 60"/sec.

Two photo eyes open the door when a person or object enters its closing path. A reversing edge reverses the direction of the door if it contacts an object. www.rytecdoors.com

HySecurity Introduces High-Speed Gate Operators

Caption: This automated fortified crash gate at a federal courthouse has a 4,000-lb. beam.

In February, in response to demands for better perimeter security, HySecurity introduced two new high-speed operators to move heavy gates at high speeds.

SlideDriver 50VF2 and SlideDriver 50VF3 operators use variable-speed technology to accelerate a gate up to 5,000 lbs. at a rate of 26"/sec. or a full 36"/sec., says Brian DeNault, president.

He adds that slower gate acceleration and deceleration translates into less wear on gate components, reducing gate maintenance, and increasing system life. www.hysecurity.com

LiftMaster Introduces Premium Remote Controls

In January, Chamberlain announced a garage door opener (GDO) remote control that senses the user’s hand before it contacts the remote, emitting a blue light that allows users to see and operate the control.

The new three-button LiftMaster Premium Remote Control uses narrowband technology to transmit signals with reduced interference. When a button is pressed, the remote also flashes to tell the user the signal has been transmitted. Built-in lighting technology uses “sleep” mode to conserve battery power for extended remote control operation.

It controls up to three GDOs or can be programmed to work with Chamberlain’s LiftMaster and Elite gate operators and remote light-control products. The remote is compatible with all LiftMaster 3000 series openers and all 315MHz LiftMaster and Elite gate operators. www.liftmaster.com

DoorKing Adds Maximum-Security Operators

In February, DoorKing introduced models 9530 and 9550, two new slide gate operators designed for heavy-duty maximum-security applications. Both offer features not typically found in Class III and IV operators.

The model 9530 is designed to operate gates up to 100' long and weighing up to 5,000 lbs., and the model 9550 is designed for gates up to 160' long and weighing up to 10,000 lbs. The 9530 features a 3-HP motor and operates the gate at 2'/sec. The 9550 has a 5-HP motor and operates the gate at 4'/sec.

The 9530 also has a unique panic close feature that will close the gate at 6'/sec. Both operators feature a solid-state speed controller that provides slow-start and slow-stop. Gates can also be stopped short of their full open position to facilitate smaller vehicles, reduce operator run time, and allow the perimeter to be secured as quickly as possible. www.doorking.com

Allstar Introduces “Plug and Play” Universal Control

In December, Allstar introduced a Universal Plug-In Radio Control System that solves the problems caused by high-power military radio system interference. Using Allstar’s MVP radio platform, the Universal Radio Control operates at 318 MHz, avoiding frequencies affected by the military’s new communications network.

The kit comes with a plug-in receiver and a pre-coded three-button transmitter. Since no coding is required, installation is practically “plug and play” and is compatible with any brand of garage door or gate opener. Additional transmitters and keypads are available.

“This product was carefully engineered from the ground up, to provide door dealers with a solution to this widespread radio interference problem,” says Bob Holland, president. www.allstarcorp.com

Clopay Streamlines Reserve Collection

In February at IBS, Clopay announced its new Reserve Collection Limited Edition Series with reduced lead times. This wood carriage-house door line features eight designs based on some of the company’s most requested custom doors.

“We have streamlined the design templates, pricing, and manufacturing on this series to help eliminate delays builders and homeowners often encounter when custom ordering,” says Pat Lohse, vice president of residential marketing.

For the Limited Edition Series, Clopay uses a four-layer construction method, resulting in a polystyrene-insulated door up to 3" thick. Customers can select from up to seven wood species, 12 top-section designs, and many decorative hardware and window styles. www.clopaydoor.com

Raynor Adds Insulated Commercial Door

In December, Raynor introduced the TC200 Thermal-Core entry-level commercial sectional door. Its 2"-thick, two-sided steel sections feature expanded polystyrene insulation for an R-value of 10.25.

“Raynor TC200 offers many more sizes, color selections, and options than a typical entry-level door,” says Charlie Ferris, product development manager.

Available in widths up to 18' and heights up to 14', TC200 doors come in eight standard colors, 187 custom colors, and several window and glass options. Its sections carry a 10-year delamination warranty and a 20-year insulation warranty. www.raynor.com

Hörmann Gadco to Launch Country Design

In February, Hörmann Gadco announced its new stamped-steel carriage-house doors with a “country panel” design.

“To my knowledge, this new carriage-house door is the only door that comes standard with all the unique Hörmann safety features, including a pinch-resistant section joint,” says Norbert Fritz, vice president.

He says the new door will be in stock after the IDA Expo in Orlando and will be available in white and sandstone, offering two different window designs and a variety of sizes and hardware components. www.hoermann-gadco.com

C.H.I. Introduces Recessed-Panel Carriage-House Line

In January, C.H.I. Overhead Doors announced an all-metal recessed-panel carriage-house line, the 5290 Series.

The exterior skin and design battens are maintenance-free prefinished metals that are mechanically and chemically fastened to the door.

The 5290 series is offered in four designs, three colors (white, almond, or sandstone), and with stamped (standard) or optional wrought iron exterior hardware. Window options include multiple insert designs with plain or glue-chip glass. www.chiohd.com

DoorLink Announces Carriage Door

In February, DoorLink announced a new line of carriage-style doors that are built on its Model 3650 2"-thick sandwich doors. The new door, yet to be named, will be available in April 2007.

The vinyl overlay boards, available in white, attach to insulated steel sections (R-value = 10.25). The sections are available in white, almond, and sandstone and offer a variety of styles and glass options. www.doorlinkmfg.com

Hörmann Gadco Upgrades Hardware

In January, Hörmann Gadco began supplying upgraded hardware for its residential garage doors. The Pioneer, Plainsman, Independence, and Americana series doors now feature 10-ball-bearing nylon rollers and an aluminum retainer as standard components.

Pioneer, Plainsman, and Americana doors also now come standard with full box-style 16-gauge hinges and roller carriers and 7"-stem rollers for the bottom brackets.

In February, the company also upgraded its light commercial doors with standard-equipped heavy-duty hardware. Specifically, the same bearing plates, step plates, lift handles, and slide locks are now standard on all light and heavy commercial doors. Doors for 2" track applications now feature 10-ball-bearing nylon rollers as standard.

All these upgrades come with no price increase. www.hoermann-gadco.com

FrenchPorte Receives U.S. and Canadian Patents

FrenchPorte recently announced that it has received a utility patent in Canada and the United States.

“I believe we are the only ones in the garage door industry with a patent like this,” says Kenneth Maher, president. He also expects to receive another patent in Europe soon.

Maher says FrenchPorte also recently filed patents for its seamless extrusion and pinch-resistant extrusion. He says the door lasts 20 years and carries a limited lifetime warranty. FrenchPorte’s newest door will be displayed at the A-tech booth at the IDA Expo in April.

FrenchPorte, a new member of DASMA, offers three designs of its residential sectional garage door. Each model has an aluminum frame, designed with the look of a French door. www.frenchporte.com

HySecurity Offers Solar SlideWinder

Caption: A SlideWinder 38S (solar) at a federal installation in New Mexico.

In February, HySecurity announced higher-speed and solar versions of its SlideWinder 38 lighter duty commercial gate operator. The new model is field-adjustable and offers up to 24"/sec. opening speed, using a variable-speed drive controller.

SlideWinder’s battery-backed-up, lighter-duty, cable-drive slide gate operator allows over 1,000' of gate travel after a power outage, keeping all gate safety and access control systems operable.

In addition, HySecurity now offers SlideWinder 24 and 38 in solar models. Depending on availability of sunlight, SlideWinder can move a gate more than 100 cycles per day using the power accumulated by solar panels and stored in on-board batteries. www.hysecurity.com

Janus Debuts French Oak Collection

In February, Janus announced the French Oak Collection, a new line of customized facades.

The collection, a wood-look laminate over galvanized steel, is designed for flush storage doors, hallway systems, and storage lockers. The company says the finish has been attractively used on a full section of wine storage lockers in Miramar, Fla.

Aesthetic upgrades such as crown molding are also available. www.janusintl.com

Amarr Introduces Wrought Iron Windows

In February at the Builders’ Show, Amarr displayed its new ornamental wrought iron DecraGlass windows. The designs complement interior and exterior design elements of wrought iron railings, fences, gates, entry doors, and light fixtures found in today’s homes.

“Ornamental wrought iron continues to play an important design element in homes today—on both the inside and outside,” says Vickie Lents, residential doors category manager.

Three ornamental wrought iron designs (Rosette, Arabesque, and Trellis) will be available in short and long panels. The glass is opaque and tempered. Lents expected Amarr’s wrought iron collection to be available in March 2007. www.amarr.com

Janus Announces Preassembled Door

In January, Janus announced its new Model 1000, a preassembled industrial door (PAID) that reduces installation time.

The Model 1000’s push-up operation comes with brackets and tensioner preassembled. The reduced-drive chain hoist operation is delivered with brackets, tensioner, and chain drive preassembled on the door. In addition, the door and guides install to the jamb as a single assembly. www.janusintl.com

Albany Adds 3000 Series High-Speed Doors

In February, Albany Door Systems announced its RapidRoll 3000R high-performance door in a space-saving design.

Its 1.5-HP motor is mounted on the inside of the side frame. On doors under 12.5' high, a single spring box in the drive frame reduces the size of the side frames and the top roll. This makes the door ideal for openings under 10' with limited clearance.

Albany also announced its RapidRoll 3000L with double-walled anodized aluminum slats and transparent PVC vision panels for improved vision.

These doors offer a maximum opening speed of 80"/sec. and closing speed of 24"/sec. The speed of the door saves on utility costs in temperature-controlled environments. www.albanydoors.com

Magnetic Automation Introduces Automated Barrier Gate

In February, Magnetic Automation announced the Magstop MBE 35/50 automated barrier gate, a cost-effective solution for gated communities, access control applications, and smaller parking lots.

The MBE 35/50 uses a direct-drive maintenance-free torque motor, offers easy installation, and can be configured for each application. Since the motor consumes less power, it can operate in any climate without additional heaters or fans. www.ac-magnetic.com

Flexon Introduces Cost-Effective Hood

In January, Flexon announced an economical weather hood for use with the Speed-Master high-performance roll-up doors.

The new hood is a light-duty metal with a sloped top to protect the Speed-Master roll and motor from the weather. Available in any width, the hood is shipped in multiple sections for easier handling and installation.

For severe weather and heavy snow loads, Flexon recommends its heavy-duty hood. www.flexoninc.com

Johnson Simplifies Training for HomeLink

In January, Johnson Controls announced an easier and faster way to train consumers to use and program the HomeLink Wireless Control System. The product will soon be available with voice-prompted training that can be activated by pushing any button on the device.

The Bluetooth-enabled HomeLink with VoiceTrain prompts consumers through a quick, step-by-step process of programming the device to interact with home-based products. The HomeLink with BlueConnect voice-recognition capabilities and in-vehicle displays will be available in model year 2010 vehicles.

In 2004, Chamberlain implemented HomeLink with QuickTrain technology into its access control systems. Wayne-Dalton and Genie/Overhead Door currently have the technology targeted for implementation. HomeLink with QuickTrain is now available on five 2007 model vehicles from two major automakers. www.johnsoncontrols.com

Flexon Reintroduces Reinforced Door Material

In the fourth quarter of 2006, Flexon reintroduced Blackflex and Clear Reinforced Flexidoor panel materials. These materials, unavailable for a few years, have the same anti-stretch quality that originally made them popular.

This flexible material is a component of Flexon’s Flexidoor Series Model HD and Model CSR impact traffic doors. The materials, available on new Flexidoors and as replacement panels, help these doors withstand abuse associated with motorized traffic. www.flexoninc.com

Garage Door Anti-Freeze System Invented

In February, inventors Gunnar Tumlinson and Vernon Christopherson announced a patent-pending invention known as the Overhead Garage Door Anti-Freeze System.

The invention reduces the occurrence of garage doors freezing shut during cold weather conditions. The apparatus features a strip of resistance heat tape—similar to that used to de-ice gutters or to keep exposed piping warm—included with, or retrofitted to, an existing garage door opener. The tape would be routed within the door’s bottom weatherstrip.

The strip is electrically connected to a thermostat control device having a visible illuminated indicator that gives off a signal when the heat strip is energized. Electricity is provided through cabling routed along the edge of the door. www.inventSAI.com

Re-Source Adds More Carriage-House Hardware

In February, Re-Source Industries announced five new carriage-house hardware products.

The additions include a 7" spear-end iron lift-handle, a 10" spear-end iron pull-handle, a 6" traditional non-operating decorative handle set with a reduced profile, a 3-1/2" traditional ring pull, and a 4" twisted-iron ring pull. The ring pulls are offered in lightweight solid aluminum for use in high-corrosion environments.

Each piece features a pounded-look finish in antique black or any of five Elegance colors in a powder-coated finish. www.re-sourceind.com

Gateway Introduces Tuff Impact Doors

In February, Gateway Industrial Products introduced Tuff Impact Doors for use in temperature-controlled environments. The flexible doors allow traffic to move easily through the doorway, while gravity brings the door back to center to ensure a controlled climate.

Tuff Impact Doors, designed to replace standard PVC strip doors, can be custom manufactured to fit specific applications. Options include corrosion-resistant hardware, high-strength impact panels, and top, bottom, and jamb seals. www.gatewayindustrial.com

Byers Offers Versa Lift for Garage Industry

In January, Byers Products Group introduced their new Versa Lift and Versa Rail garage products.

Versa Lift is a new attic storage and package lift, capable of lifting up to 200 lbs. It offers the garage door dealer a new product line. The new Versa Rail safety railing mounts to the floor at the top of folding attic stairs, creating a safety handrail. www.bpghome.com


Re-Source Offers SpringPro Gauge

In February, Re-Source Industries introduced the new SpringPro Spring Wire Gauge, a convenient tool that measures springs in the field.

This stainless-steel tool includes 15 saw-toothed gauges for 30 different wire sizes from 0.1875" to 0.50". Fast, accurate results are obtained when sliding the gauge over the spring. Wire sizes are stamped on the gauge, eliminating charts and conversions.

The SpringPro Gauge can be private labeled as a gift or reward. www.re-sourceind.com

U.S. Door Adds “Color-Ring”

In January, U.S. Door & Building Components announced a “color-ring” of paint colors for each of U.S. Door’s 22 standard precoated roll-up door colors. These 2" metal color chips make it easier to match a project’s color scheme with U.S. Door’s existing colors.

The chips are from actual prepainted coils used in the manufacture of commercial and self-storage roll-up doors. The color-ring reduces the guesswork associated with using printed literature for color matches. www.usdoor.com

Bosch Introduces High-Torque Impact Wrench

In January, Bosch Power Tools announced the 21618 18V NiCad 1/2" High-Torque Impact Wrench, calling it “the most powerful, compact, and lightweight tool in its category.”

The new tool boasts 350 ft.-lbs. of torque. Its head length is more than an inch shorter than other impact wrenches, measuring only 9-1/2" and weighing 7.5 lbs.

The 21618 comes with a 30-minute charger, carrying case, and two 18V Bosch Bluecore NiCad batteries, offering up to 50 percent more cycle life than previous generation batteries. www.boschtools.com


New President and CEO at Ankmar

In January, Greg Clarke was appointed president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Denver-based Ankmar. Prior to this appointment, Clarke served as Ankmar’s chief financial officer.

Clarke succeeds William Smith, who led the firm since Gallagher Industries acquired Ankmar in 2005. Smith will continue to work with Ankmar as a consultant.

In early 2006, Clarke joined Ankmar from FMI Corporation, where he worked with construction industry companies. Earlier, Clarke held executive positions at Johns Manville, Coleman, and Pepsico. He holds a B.A. degree in economics and an M.B.A.

Flexi-Force Hires Wahler

In December, Flexi-Force Group announced that it has appointed Bill Wahler as its sales representative for the United States and Canada. Flexi-Force is a Dutch multinational company that designs, manufactures, and distributes hardware components and sets for residential and commercial overhead doors.

Wahler is a 20-year veteran of the door and access systems industry. He is a past member of the board of directors of the International Door Association (IDA) and a past president of the Canadian Door Institute (CDI), and has been active in DASMA and in many IDA affiliates.

The company says it hopes to use Wahler’s experience to “learn rapidly what specific demands we can fulfill in the U.S.A. and Canada.” Flexi-Force has production facilities in the Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, and China.

Amarr Promotes Joyner to Engineering Post

In January, Amarr announced the promotion of Danny Joyner to manager of applications engineering. Joyner has worked in that department for more than seven years as a product engineer and engineering supervisor.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from East Carolina University, Joyner previously worked for Rubbermaid and Lexington Furniture. He is also a member of the DASMA Commercial & Residential Garage Door Technical Committee.

C.H.I. Adds Sales Manager for Canada

In January, C.H.I. Overhead Doors announced the hiring of Tim Bader as sales manager in Canada. Bader will be responsible for helping C.H.I. build market share throughout Canada.

Bader brings more than 16 years of sales and marketing experience in the garage door industry.

Albany Hires Strategic Accounts Manager

In February, Albany Door Systems announced that Clay Buhler had joined the company as the new strategic accounts manager. Buhler’s responsibilities include managing, servicing, and growing existing national accounts and developing new strategic initiatives.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Buhler also has many years of high-level sales experience, most recently as national account manager for TKO Doors.

Janus Promotes Two

In January, Janus announced two new regional sales managers. Clay Cullins is now central region sales manager, where he manages sales of Janus self-storage and commercial/industrial doors.

Rob Hadden has been promoted to eastern region sales manager for Janus’ self-storage products. Hadden will continue to manage his international marketing duties.

Marantec Appoints Director of Sales

In August 2006, Tom Rachfal was named director of group sales at Marantec America.

Rachfal joined the company in 2005 as the manager of new construction. He brings 15 years of experience as vice president of sales of a major vinyl siding and accessory company.

Marantec Names National Sales Manager

In September 2006, Matt Ryan was promoted to national sales manager at Marantec America. Ryan joined the company in 2003 as a regional sales manager.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Regis University, he has more than 15 years of business experience in the building materials industry.

U.S. Door Adds Project Management Team

In November, U.S. Door & Building Products hired two new project managers, Jason Figart and Jason Williams, to expedite project delivery, minimize construction costs, and maximize project value. Charles H. Cordes, vice president, says the firm plans to add more project managers in the next 12 months.

Jason Figart has held regional management and project management positions during his 10-year career. He is a graduate of Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in industrial and systems engineering.

Jason Williams’ background is in commercial construction management and with Centex Homes and Sprint. He is a former U.S. Marine and earned a bachelor’s degree in business and computer science from the University of Central Florida.


Wayne-Dalton Aligns With Therma-Tru

Caption: Wayne-Dalton’s 9800 V-Groove, displayed at IBS, was produced with Therma-Tru technology.

In January, Wayne-Dalton and Therma-Tru Doors announced a supplier agreement to provide complementary fiberglass entry and garage doors. Through this relationship, Wayne-Dalton will provide garage doors with a proprietary technology developed by Therma-Tru Doors, a leading manufacturer of fiberglass and steel entry doors.

Wayne-Dalton’s Model 9800 fiberglass-clad garage door uses Therma-Tru’s AccuGrain technology to produce a natural-looking wood texture. The fiberglass surface offers increased energy efficiency and protection against warping, splintering, swelling, or shrinking that can happen with wood doors.

A recent survey by TNS (formerly NFO WorldGroup) and Therma-Tru found that an enhanced Therma-Tru fiberglass entryway can add as much as $24,000 to a home’s perceived value.

The Weather Channel and Amarr Join Forces

In February, Amarr announced a joint effort with The Weather Channel to create a nationwide preparedness campaign to urge the public to take precautions before severe weather strikes. The campaign will officially kick off on July 1, one month after the start of the 2007 hurricane season.

“Although the strength of garage doors is a significant concern in high-wind conditions, many people simply are not aware of the need for reinforced garage doors,” adds Patrick O’Sullivan, Amarr vice president of marketing and new ventures.

He cites research indicating that only 25 to 33 percent of homes in hurricane-prone areas have an adequate wind-load reinforcement system in place. In addition, only 40 percent of consumers in hurricane-prone areas know that their garage doors are required to meet building code criteria for wind pressures.

The joint campaign will provide information to consumers via weather.com and amarr.com, and is considering public events and classroom educational programs. The Weather Channel is seen in more than 90 million U.S. households.

Feig and Magnetic Automation Join Forces

In January, Feig Electronic and Magnetic Automation announced a partnership to sell their products in North America. The two firms have a combined 100 years of experience in developing motor controls and automatic entrance control products.

Magnetic is a worldwide manufacturer of automated vehicle gate and barrier systems. Feig Electronic specializes in contactless identification (RFID) door controllers and traffic sensor technology, including loops.

Ankmar Opens CladPanel Plant in Texas

In February, Ankmar opened a plant to produce its CladPanel garage doors in Lockhart, Texas, south of Austin.

“By placing a fabrication center in the heart of Texas’ thriving residential building industry, we are bringing our product to market in the most effective and streamlined manner possible,” says Greg Clarke, president and CEO.

CladPanel doors are a “Certified Green” alternative to traditional wooden doors, made of unused Douglas fir recovered from mills and fused with exterior-grade resins and waxes to create a homogeneous composite wood panel. The door’s front and back surface is composed of recycled newsprint.

Ankmar also has manufacturing facilities in Kansas City, Kan., Sweet Home, Ore., and in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Loveland, Colo.

DoorLink Expands

In January, doorLink completed a 45,000-sq.-ft. expansion of their plant in North Kansas City, Mo. The new space will be used for materials storage, distribution, and for research and development of wind-loaded products.

The new expansion gives the firm more than 171,000 sq. ft. Founded in March 2004, doorLink makes residential and commercial steel garage doors.

Raynor to Close South Carolina Plant

In January, Raynor announced that it will close its Duncan, S.C., manufacturing and distribution center on June 15, 2007. The facility, in operation since 2000, employs approximately 46 employees.

The company will relocate Duncan’s manufacturing lines for the BuildMark and SteelForm products to Dixon, Ill. Start-up production in Dixon for the lines is estimated to begin by early July.

“The consolidation is necessary because lead times have increasingly become a competitive issue within the garage door industry for Raynor,” says Dennis Ruetten, senior vice president of operations. Producing and shipping these products from Dixon will reduce lead times, he adds.

Production Begins at Amarr’s Carolina Plant

In January, Amarr shipped the first doors from its new manufacturing facility in Davie County, N.C., only four months after taking over the empty building.

The 109,000-sq.-ft. plant is operating two shifts a day, producing Stratford and Heritage models. More shifts and models may be added later.

The new plant is expected to create 143 jobs over the next three years. The facility allows Amarr to deliver products faster to East Coast dealers and at a lower cost.

Marantec Opens New Facility

In November, Marantec celebrated the official grand opening of its new larger facility in Gurnee, Ill., only seven months after beginning construction. The event attracted many guests, including the owner and chairman of the board, Michael Hörmann of Germany.

Expanding sales necessitated the move from a 42,600-sq.-ft. building in Lincolnshire to the new 65,000-sq.-ft. building, with the option to expand to 95,000 sq. ft.

Wayne-Dalton Announces IHRA Sponsorship

In January, Wayne-Dalton announced it has become the official garage door and home control company of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA).

As a result, Wayne-Dalton’s “Turn on Your Lights” program will award $1,000 and a Wayne-Dalton Home Control Kit to the professional racer with the best reaction time during qualifying. Wayne-Dalton’s home control products are sold under the trade names of Home Settings, Lear Car2U, and Wayne-Dalton Home Controls.

“IHRA racers and fans are a natural fit for our primary products,” says Bill Earnest, director of marketing and product management. Through the sponsorship, Wayne-Dalton will also exclusively own the rights to the starting-line Christmas tree.

Chamberlain Academy Announces Enhancements

In December, Chamberlain’s Training Academy announced two new training initiatives.

First, the Academy will add regional seminars on new products and train-the-trainer programs for dealers. The second initiative seeks “to bridge the gap between the training provided to Chamberlain’s customers and the telephone agents who support their customers.”

To enhance these initiatives, the Academy has also made key personnel changes. Bill McCoy has been promoted from Training Academy manager to regional seminar trainer. Edward Cam is now Training Academy manager, responsible for all Training Academy activities.

Albany Wins Plant Engineering Award

Albany Door Systems recently won Plant Engineering magazine’s 2006 Product of the Year award. Albany’s RapidRoll 3000R, a high-performance industrial door, topped the magazine’s annual Construction, Building and Grounds category.

The award will be featured in the magazine’s April 2007 edition and will be presented in April in Chicago.

Albany's RapidRoll 3000R offers a space-saving design for openings under 9.8' with limited clearance. The door opens at speeds up to 80"/sec. and employs a compact DiscDrive system for operational reliability.

Encon Adds More Suppliers

Encon Electronics recently announced the addition of Byan Systems, AutoGate, and All-O-Matic products to its wide inventory of gate operators.

Byan Systems offers linear-drive operators and Eliminator hydraulic-drive operators. AutoGate offers the only UL 325-compliant vertical-pivot lift-gate operator and other products. All-O-Matic swing-gate and slide-gate operators simplify troubleshooting by using the same control board on all operators.

Also, on Feb. 28 and March 1, 2007, Encon hosted factory certification seminars for Oracle intercom products at Encon’s training facility in Hayward, Calif. Registrants were given system design and installation training and received certification upon completion.

Top Garaga Dealers Honored

Michel Gendreau, Garaga president (left), with Michael Laurent of Laurent Overhead Door.
Leo Thompson of All Door Sales.

In January, Garaga honored top-performing dealers at the fourth annual Garaga Experts Meeting, held on Long Island, N.Y.

The meeting included various workshops and an awards dinner. Michael Laurent of Laurent Overhead Door, Laconia, N.H., received two awards: the Top Performer for promotion of Garaga products and the Excellence Award for outstanding achievement in all categories. Leo Thompson of All Door Sales, Swoyersville, Pa., received the Market Magic Award for best mixed media advertising campaign.

Clopay Introduces Visualizer Sales Tool

In February, Clopay announced the portable Garage Door Visualizer tool that puts garage door swatches at your fingertips. By holding an image swatch up to the garage, a homeowner can visualize how a Clopay door can transform its appearance.

After a selection is made, an authorized Clopay dealer can use Door Imagination System software to scan an image of that door onto an actual photo of the home for final approval.

Raynor Launches Dealer Advertising Program

In December, Raynor introduced a broadcast advertising program for its dealers. The “More than a Garage” ad campaign provides dealers with “national” quality television and radio commercials at an affordable price.

The 30-second TV and 60-second radio spots illustrate how the garage has become more than a garage. Each TV commercial has been produced with different photographs of Raynor products that are specific to various marketplace regions. Each spot includes a customized voice-over.

Clopay Kicks Off Third Year of Contest

Clopay is accepting entries until April 27, 2007, for its third “Transform Your Home” contest, co-sponsored by Meredith Corporation, publishers of 24 magazines including Better Homes & Gardens.

The grand prizewinner will receive a personal in-home design consultation from HGTV’s Chayse Dacoda, a new Clopay garage door installed, $500 in exterior lighting fixtures, exterior paint, and $6,000 toward the cost of repainting and landscaping the home’s exterior. The makeover will also be featured nationally in magazines and newspapers.

The company received more than 3,500 entries last year, double the number of responses for the 2005 contest.

Telco Moves to New U.S. Headquarters

Telco Sensors expects to move in March into a new 8,200-sq.-ft. building in Charlotte, N.C. The new location will contain the U.S. headquarters and a distribution and training center, and will give Telco the ability to expand manufacturing.

The new site is across the street from the location they occupied for 11 years. Telco, a Danish company, supplies sensors to the door and access systems industry.


Raynor Unveils Online Store and WebPrint

In December, Raynor announced two new features at raynor.com, the Online Marketing Store and WebPrint.

Located within the DealerWeb, the Marketing Store is a way for authorized Raynor dealers to purchase marketing and advertising materials online 24/7. The online offering includes product literature, samples, Raynor apparel, and more.

With WebPrint, Raynor dealers can design Raynor-approved marketing collateral pieces, customize them, and purchase them. The available pieces include postcards, brochures, and door hangers.

After designing a piece, dealers can review proofs before submitting the order. Orders placed and approved before 2:00 p.m. CST are ready for shipment the next day.

Amarr Launches New Web Site

In February, Amarr launched its new Web site, designed to offer an improved consumer experience and ease of navigation.

“We removed the technical data that intimidates many first-time buyers,” says Dustin Glasscoe, marketing. “This enables the consumer to focus on the style of the door rather than get lost in the specifications.”

The new site facilitates easier browsing of garage doors and gives increased visibility to Amarr dealers. Glasscoe says that visits to the site have doubled since the new site was launched.


Iowa Spring Wins Ad of the Year

Caption: Brian Setchell (left) and Tim Bianco of Iowa Spring display their trophy.

Iowa Spring won the seventh annual Door & Access Systems Advertisement of the Year award. Rick Sedivy, DASMA president, presented the trophy to Brian Setchell and Tim Bianco of Iowa Spring at the DASMA Annual Meeting in January. The ad marked the first time a DASMA Associate Member won the top prize in the competition.

The Winning Ad
Iowa Spring’s “Meet Our Offspring” ad appeared in the winter 2006 issue of Door & Access Systems. The ad, selected from more than 100 entries, earned the highest scores in three of the five judging categories.

“The judges felt that the ad took a creative approach to announcing a new manufacturing plant, with a distinctive appeal not commonly seen in a magazine for our industry,” says Tom Wadsworth, magazine editor.

Top Five Finalists
Four other ads were awarded certificates as Top Five Finalists: Janus International’s “Tension Mounting” ad, Linear’s “Connect the Dots” ad, Marantec’s “Our Sweet Sound” ad, and Wayne-Dalton’s “Multiple Choice” ad.

Judging Criteria
The judging panel was composed of 11 independent judges including nine design experts and two industry observers. Most of the judges have more than 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising. None of the judges were employed by any DASMA member company.

The panel assessed each ad on the basis of creativity, attractive design, helpful copy, integrity/professionalism, and overall effectiveness. All ads that appeared in Door & Access Systems magazine in 2006 were automatically considered as entries.

Two New Certification Programs Coming to Expo

The Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA) will launch one new certification program at Expo 2007 and announce another. The Certified Door Dealer Consultant (CDDC) program will be launched at Expo, and CDDC testing will be offered (see related story, p. 57).

The new Commercial Sectional Door Systems Technician Certification will be introduced at Expo but will not be fully ready. The new program was developed to identify knowledgeable and skilled technicians for the installation and service of commercial sectional door systems.

The program, available to qualified individuals, requires a high level of expertise regarding the products, accessories, installation, and servicing methods associated with commercial sectional door systems. Applicants must pass a 200-question written examination based on a comprehensive study guide that was developed by IDEA over a three-year period.

Full information on the program, including eligibility and exam subject matter, is available at www.dooreducation.com.

DASMA Welcomes New Members and Board Members

At DASMA’s Annual Meeting in January, DASMA welcomed six new member companies and three new board members.

The new board members are Chuck Miller, vice president of business development at Overhead Door; Jeff Franklin, executive vice president at Wayne-Dalton; and David Kendell, vice president at Megadoor. Miller now serves as the board’s second vice president.

The Operator & Electronics Division welcomed three new members: Allstar Corporation of Downingtown, Pa., a maker of garage door openers, gate operators, and radio controls; Feig Electronic GmbH of Weilburg, Germany, a manufacturer of door controllers, activation, and safety devices; and Martec Access Products of Mountainside, N.J., a manufacturer of safety sensors and home automation products.

The Commercial & Residential Garage Door Division added two new members: FrenchPorte of Rockville, Md., a maker of sectional garage doors, and Jeld-Wen of Klamath Falls, Ore., manufacturer of residential composite garage doors.

The Associates Division added one new member: Flexi-Force Group of the Netherlands, makers of garage door hardware components.


Garage Door Wind-Load Code Enforcement Spreads Inland

Caption: Joe Hetzel addresses wind code issues at a DASMA Technical Committee meeting in January.

Wind-resistant garage doors aren’t just for the coasts anymore. In June 2007, Sedgwick County and Wichita, Kan., will begin requiring garage door labels that show their wind-load performance values.

“The aggressive adoption and enforcement of the 2006 International Building Code and 2006 International Residential Code is bringing wind-load code enforcement beyond the traditional U.S. hurricane-prone regions,” says Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director.

In February 2007, Hetzel spoke to Wichita-area builders and local dealers, urging them to work with garage door manufacturers to ensure that products comply with the local 90-mph wind requirement.

DASMA TDS 155m shows wind-load values based on the IRC and helps determine appropriate wind-load values. The document is available at the DASMA Web site.

DASMA Updates Pinch Standard

In early 2007, ANSI officially recognized an updated version of ANSI/DASMA 116, the standard for section interfaces associated with sectional garage doors, as a result of its five-year periodic review. The standard, now designated as ANSI/DASMA 116-2007, was originally published in 2000 and was updated to show some dimensional changes associated with handle locations.

During the January 2007 DASMA Commercial & Residential Garage Door Technical Committee meeting, the committee discussed comments received during the recent canvassing of the standard, including comments submitted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Although no negative comments or ballots were cast during the canvassing of the standard, Pat Hunter of C.H.I., committee chair, says, “We are seriously reviewing each comment, and we will work to change the standard if warranted, without waiting for the next periodic review.”

Unbalanced Door Automation” Studied by DASMA Committee

Caption: Dan Nixa of Chamberlain speaks up at the DASMA Door Operator Committee meeting in January.

DASMA has formed a special committee to study safety concerns of unbalanced doors that may be automated.

“Our group’s mission is to see whether existing standards should be modified, or new ones created, to help ensure safe, controlled door movement,” says Chuck Haba of Wayne-Dalton, a member of the ad hoc committee. The group is composed of members of the Commercial & Residential Garage Door Technical Committee and the Door Operator Committee.

The ad hoc committee is expected to make recommendations to their respective DASMA committees, who will then coordinate further work.

DASMA and MBMA to Test Rolling Door Performance

In April 2007, DASMA will partner with the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) to conduct a rolling door wind-load research project at Architectural Testing in York, Pa. The project will study the performance of a 16' ´ 10' rolling steel door attached to jamb configurations with different degrees of rigidity. Measured performance will be compared with theoretical performance to validate existing wind-load calculation methods.

Dr. Lee Shoemaker, MBMA director of research, says the project will help improve jamb design interfaces between metal buildings and rolling doors. “Both MBMA and DASMA are looking forward to documenting and implementing workable jamb details through our respective organizations,” he says.

Two DASMA Technical Presentations Coming to Expo 2007

Caption: Mike Rader of Summit Door, chair of the DASMA Wood Garage Door Subcommittee.

At Expo 2007 in April, DASMA members will put on two technical presentations: one on wood garage doors and one on the gate operator installer certification program.

The first seminar will discuss technical approaches to today’s wood garage doors. The content will reflect the recent work of DASMA’s newly formed Wood Garage Door Subcommittee.

The second workshop will explain the upcoming automated vehicular gate operator installer certification program. Presenters will outline the material to be covered by the program and describe the administration of the program. Both programs are scheduled for Wednesday, April 11, in Orlando.

DASMA Helps Train Building Code Inspectors

Early in 2007, DASMA joined other building product organizations in committing funding to help the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) develop an online building code inspector training program. The program helps accelerate the education of inspectors using International Code Council model codes, but is also intended to be useful for builders, design professionals, homeowners, and the industries represented in the program.

Jeff Burton of IBHS, who is coordinating the project, expects the program to be rolled out in 2007. It will be available free of charge.

Changes Coming to Florida Building Code Labels

In early 2007, DASMA participated in submitting changes for product labels soon to be required by the Florida Building Code (FBC). C.W. Macomber, a key Florida building code official and Palm Beach County Building Division employee, worked with DASMA to propose a label that will make it easier for Florida code officials to identify approved products and their performance characteristics.

The changes, submitted for the 2007 FBC change cycle, were an outgrowth of work done in 2006 through a labeling work group, in which DASMA participated. The Florida Building Commission had appointed the group.

“The requirements are fair and reasonable,” says Macomber, “and they reflect the continuing cooperation and mutual respect between DASMA and code officials like me.”

The changes will be reviewed by Commission-appointed committees beginning in the spring of 2007. Upon final approval, changes are expected to take place in October 2008.

DASMA Developing Standard for Rolling Sheet Doors

DASMA’s newly formed Rolling Sheet Door Committee recently began work on a new DASMA standard on specifications for rolling sheet doors.

The standard, which will define these doors, will be structured similar to ANSI/DASMA 203 (non-fire-rated rolling doors) but with provisions tailored toward rolling sheet doors. The proposed standard is expected to undergo ANSI canvassing upon DASMA membership approval.

“We want to ensure uniformity in determining product performance, with special attention given to safety provisions associated with rolling sheet door operation and use,” says Bray Allen of DBCi, committee chair. He adds that the committee is also studying safety labeling for such doors.