Rolling Steel Fire Doors

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Publish Date: Summer 2004
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 65

Rolling Steel Fire Doors

Getting in a Jamb (A Masonry Jamb)

Rolling steel fire doors are a critical safety component of the buildings where these doors are used. Installers must master the task of properly attaching fire door guides to the jambs, and that task will vary depending on the type of jamb.

The DASMA Rolling Door Division’s Technical Committee has drafted several Technical Data Sheets (#261 - #264) to guide installers through the process of installing rolling steel fire doors to masonry jambs and non-masonry jambs.

TDS #261, for example, contains 15 pages of illustrations of proper jamb construction for attaching a fire door to a masonry jamb with bolted and welded guides. Since guide configurations and approved jamb construction will vary, you should contact individual manufacturers for specific instructions for their models.

These helpful data sheets also provide recommendations for rebar locations in jambs and the limitations for welding guide angles to steel jambs.

You can read or print these four Technical Data Sheets by pointing your browser to Under "Publications," just click on "Tech Data Sheets." You’ll find TDS #261-#264 grouped with several other Technical Data Sheets relating to rolling doors.