Royal Offers Garage Door Trim

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Publish Date: Summer 2003
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Royal Offers Garage Door Trim

In May, Royal Mouldings (formerly Marley Mouldings) announced no-rot Garage Door Trim Systems to enhance garage doors. The trim selection upgrades the look of an existing door system or provides the design for a new door.

Royal Mouldings offers trim, crown and dentil moulding, brick mould and backband profiles, as well as beaded planking and the ThermoStop product that installs flush to the garage door and is available in six colors. A separate, easy-to-install Carriage Door System also is available.

Royal Mouldings is the leading U.S. extruder of cellular polymer mouldings and millwork in the United States.

Miller Edge Introduces Non-Contact Sensing Edges

At Expo 2003 in April, Miller Edge introduced its new Patriot line of non-contact sensing edges.

This new non-contact system is designed to provide an alternative solution for stopping and reversing motorized doors. The system includes a control unit, an infrared emitter, and a receiver, which easily mounts to and travels with the leading edge of a door, thus eliminating any “dead zones.”

The system is designed to be weather resistant and has an active range of up to 50 feet. Two models are offered: the Z-Flap for rolling steel and sectional doors, and the Telescopic for rapid roll and sectional doors.

Helton Offers Adhesive Handles

Helton Industries, a major hardware manufacturer, announced in May its new vacuum-formed adhesive handles for residential garage doors. The handles allow door installers to attach attractive handles to a door’s exterior, without punching a hole in the door’s skin.

“Many dealers share a dilemma when installing doors with non-pinch-resistant section joints,” says Mike Rauch, vice president and general manager. “They either install the door without regard for the DASMA 116 standard or conform by piercing the skin of the door section to attach unsightly steel handles.”

The Helton handle, he says, is another alternative. Rauch says the Helton handle is made of the same UV-stable material used for decorative window inserts. The handle’s peel-and-stick adhesive bonds to the door with a heavy-duty automotive-grade adhesive. Helton testing shows that the load rating for the handle is 180 lbs.

Helton Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of overhead door hardware and accessories in North America. For more information, see

Gateway Introduces New Bug Barrier Door

Gateway Industrial Products has introduced a Bug Barrier door for the residential market.

This Bug Barrier is made from tear-resistant black screen and can be attached with heavy-duty 2" wide pressure-sensitive hoop and hook fasteners. Installation time is approximately 10 minutes.

Once installed, this door can be easily accessed by opening up one zipper for foot traffic. For large traffic access, open both zippers and the screen can be manually rolled up and locked into place. More information is available at

Overhead Door Announces Ranch House Collection

In April, Overhead Door launched a new line of custom wood garage doors. The Ranch House Collection is a series of custom and semi-custom doors in a selection of classic carriage house styles.

“These doors give our homeowner customers a new opportunity to enhance their homes with a unique, custom look,” says Chuck Miller, vice president of new business development.

The Ranch House Collection is available in 18 designs and optional decorative hardware. The new line is now sold at Overhead Door Ribbon Distributors across the U.S. and Canada.

C.H.I. To Add Steel Carriage House Door

At Expo 2003 in April, C.H.I. Overhead Doors announced that it is expanding its collection of carriage house doors with the addition of a maintenance-free steel door. C.H.I. plans to make this door available this summer.

Raynor Enters Custom Wood Door Market

This summer, Raynor is set to launch the American Rivers Collection of custom wood garage doors, including four models with 15 standard sizes, eight decorative design options, and eight window design options.

“This wood door product offering blends well with the Raynor philosophy and that of our quality distributors,” says Patrick Kennedy, director of marketing.

American Rivers Collection doors are built around a Douglas fir frame. Vermilion, Columbia, Potomac, and Savannah models feature a western red cedar surface material and an exterior-grade super-ply for the interior.

Decorative bucks may be added to the exterior, while window patterns and glass options include true divided windows with hand-fit trim. Track and hardware options include white and antique copper powdercoated finishes.

Martin Adds Carriage House Option

At the International Builders’ Show in January, Martin Door introduced a new carriage house design with a Finger Shield joint design (patent pending).

Developing a safer section joint was a challenge for the carriage house line, according to Ken Martin, president. “Most competitive carriage doors have section joints that open twice as wide as steel sectional doors, adding to the already-great hazard,” says Martin.

The door is available in various wood options and designs. The doors feature a 2" thick design, available in heights up to 12' and in widths up to 18'2".

“We can create almost any design you can dream up, so the door matches any architecture perfectly,” says Martin. The new carriage house door will come with a five-year warranty.

Wayne-Dalton Announces Torsion idrive Opener
Caption: Wayne-Dalton’s Kelly Green describes the new idrive at Expo 2003.

At Expo 2003, Wayne-Dalton showcased the new torsion spring version of its idrive garage door opener.

Attaching to the torsion bar and the wall above the garage door, this idrive version allows Wayne-Dalton dealers to offer the opener on larger doors equipped with standard torsion springs, such as carriage house doors. Dealers also now can promote the opener in the retrofit market.

Aided by computer-driven technology, the idrive opener eliminates the rail used by common openers. When activated, idrive turns the torsion bar to operate the door without a rail or chain, offering quieter operation. A soft start/stop motor system allows for smooth door operation.

“We are excited to launch this first-of-a-kind product,” said Yan Rodriguez, residential product manager. “The idrive for torsion springs will revolutionize the way garages are viewed.”

The idrive opener also features a pet button that opens the door to a height specified by the homeowner, rolling access codes, and an automatic door lock. With 50 percent fewer parts, Wayne-Dalton says installation of the idrive opener is easier to install than conventional openers.

Raynor Releases Relante

In April, Raynor launched its Relante finger-protected residential garage doors. Relante joins Affina, Centura, and Prisma in completing the Raynor Innovations Series of insulated finger-protected residential steel doors.

“Relante is the perfect choice when a customer wants the best, but can’t quite afford Centura or Affina,” says Mike Massa, director of domestic sales.

The 1-3/8" Relante residential sandwich doors feature 24-gauge steel skins, a continuous thermal break, polyurethane insulation, and a 13.08 R-value. Raynor warrants the door sections against rust through “for as long as you own your home.” Hardware and springs carry a three-year warranty.

“As a DASMA member, Raynor has been monitoring the development of this standard since it was first proposed. In the interest of consumer safety, we have anticipated the need for new doors that are pinch-resistant,” says Executive Vice President Ray Neisewander III.

“Not only are Raynor Innovations Series doors safer,” he adds, “but they provide an alternative to consumers who may object to lift handles on the door’s exterior for aesthetic reasons.”

Amarr Adds Insulated Commercial Model 2700

In May, Amarr Garage Doors announced the Model 2700, a sandwich door with 27-gauge steel interior and 27-gauge steel exterior skins.

Teresa Lowry, marketing manager, says the door’s 2" thick layer of polyurethane insulation gives the door an R-value of 17.48 and a U-factor of 0.06.

All the sections of the Model 2700 are ribbed and have an 18-gauge reinforcement strip at the top and bottom of the section for added strength and for mounting of full hinges. Three glazing options are available.

C.H.I. Expands Rolling Door Line

In May, C.H.I. Overhead Doors announced the expansion of its rolling door line with the introduction of the Series 7500 Fire Shutters and Series 6500 Counter Shutter.

The new Series 7500 Fire Shutter is available in painted or powdercoated steel and stainless steel. The shutter is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and complies with all NFPA-80 standards from 45-minute to 3-hour protection for mounting to approved sheetrock, steel, or masonry openings.

The 6500 Counter Shutter, soon to be available, features extruded aluminum, two-piece guides with hidden fasteners and no frontal shadow lines for better appearance and simple installation. The curtain will be available in clear anodized aluminum, painted steel, powdercoated steel, and stainless steel.

Linear Offers Multi-Tenant Telephone Entry System

In March, Linear introduced the AE-1000 Telephone Entry System designed to integrate traditional telephone entry with complete access control for gated communities, condominiums, hospitals, and other commercial sites.

As a telephone entry system, the AE-1000 provides full duplex telephone communications through hands-free operation and controls up to four doors via touch-tone telephone.

As an access control system, users can be assigned to up to four security levels that will allow or deny access based on what door and what time of day. All system activities are tracked via the built-in event log. With a capacity of 10,000 users, the AE-1000 is ideal for large installations.

The AE-1000 is housed in a 16-gauge steel cabinet with a 16-gauge brushed stainless steel front panel to protect the unit from severe weather conditions or mistreatment by vandals.

Wayne-Dalton Offers Adjustable Brackets

In May, Wayne-Dalton announced new adjustable brackets for its commercial sectional doors. Previously, doors were shipped with center brackets that had to be installed onto the torsion shaft before mounting to the header.

The new brackets can be installed to the header before lifting the torsion shaft/spring assembly onto the brackets. This feature is particularly helpful for 6" I.D. or duplex springs.

In May, Wayne-Dalton also began offering an adjustable trolley bracket kit for its pinch-resistant residential doors.

The adjustable bracket allows more flexibility when installing in a retrofit application or where the operator cannot be placed in line with the factory-attached stile. The new bracket only uses standard screws instead of epoxy glue.

Universal Control Board Introduced

In May, Wayne-Dalton launched a new universal motor control board for all its Quantum openers.

The universal motor control board allows service workers to carry only one board for all Quantum openers, if service is needed.

This new board helps reduce inventory and makes it easier to service homeowner needs. The universal control board also makes the opener compatible with any HomeLink system.

New Company Offers Garage Door Screen

A new company called Secure Screen has designed a retractable garage door screen as an accessory for existing sectional doors (patent pending). The screen and hardware are packaged for the independent garage door dealer market.

Secure Screen is made from textilene material with 90 percent and 60 percent UV ratings. The system requires 5-1/2" of headroom, and the hardware is compatible with common sectional door parts. Installation requires few changes to existing torsion or extension spring systems.

The screen can be adapted to insect control but is primarily designed for visual and solar resistance and air flow. It comes in all standard sizes plus commercial applications.

The owners of Pro Overhead Door in Broken Arrow, Okla., designed the new product. For more information, call 866-605-9498.

Clopay Introduces Stronger Commercial Door

In May, Clopay introduced commercial model 3602, a new 2" urethane door with a thermal break. A foamed-in-place manufacturing process completely fills the door with polyurethane foam for a higher R-value and more durable construction.

“Clopay is committed to meeting the needs of our customers by offering the strongest and most energy efficient commercial doors available,” says Dan Beckley, vice president of commercial business development.

The model 3602 features 26-gauge steel skins that are micro-grooved and stucco embossed and continuous hinge plate reinforcements. The door is available with a pass door option.

Martin Meets Florida Hurricane Standards

Martin Door has announced that its garage doors have passed hurricane test standards for the state of Florida. Martin will offer the specialty doors in select markets.

Larry Martin, vice president at Martin Door, says Martin Door submitted specially reinforced garage doors for the wind standards testing over a 6-month period.

As part of the testing, Martin says the doors passed a large missile test and a gyration test where the door is shaken 600 times at 50 percent of design pressure, 75 times at design pressure, and once at 30 percent above design pressure.

A CD entitled “Wind and Doors” on Martin Door’s new wind-tested garage door is now available. The CD includes footage of wind pressure tests conducted in Florida. The CD can be obtained at

Clopay Introduces New Ribbed Steel Doors

In May, Clopay announced the replacement of its 600 series of ribbed steel doors with the new 500 series. The 500 series models feature a new tongue and groove meeting rail design that provides better protection against weather, dirt, and light penetration.

“Clopay is putting forth a great effort to produce strong and durable commercial doors,” says Dan Beckley, vice president of commercial business development. “This is evident in the 16-gauge end stiles for wide doors and the updated larger ‘turned down’ stile holes.”

The new 500 series also displays an improved pass door and larger 24" x 12" screw-together window frames for easy replacement. The 500 series’ maximum door width 32'3".

Allstar Offers Better Transmitter

In June, Allstar Corporation announced that it has developed an advanced replacement transmitter for its Allstar line of access radio controls.

The new Allstar Classic is a versatile, three-channel unit that replaces all previously produced Allstar, Allister, Pulsar, and Heddolf transmitters, up to three channels, including Twin Key models. Compactly sized, the Classic can be visor or keychain mounted.

“The Classic is a breakthrough for dealers and distributors since it allows them to fill customers’ demands with a better product that requires absolute minimum inventory,” says Robert Holland, president.

Allstar is online at

AST Improves Gaplock

At April’s Expo, Automated Security Technologies (AST) unveiled a pluggable, easy-install version of Gaplock, its automated garage door lock.

The new Gaplock operates with the opener by plugging Gaplock and the opener into a control module. This eliminates any need to wire it in with the opener and compresses installation time to less than 10 minutes.

“Dealer-installer pros who specialize in home security and automated garage doors told us they needed an automated garage door lock that was super easy to install,” says Rodney Shoemaker, president.

Gaplock works with the garage door opener and rolling code remote to automatically lock the garage door every time it is closed, and unlock it before it is opened.

FlexBarrier Unveils Screen Door

In January, FlexBarrier Products announced FlexGuard, a new security screen door for loading docks.

“FlexGuard is innovative and a perfect addition to our other products, providing that additional level of security for your warehouse operation if the situation requires it,” says Roy Latimer, general manager. “The customer response so far has been great.”

Developed in response to demand for increased security, the doors are made of strong chain mesh, virtually alleviating trespassing and helping prevent theft from the loading dock. FlexGuard also keeps out birds, bats, and large bugs. FlexGuard is available in various sizes of aluminum and stainless steel mesh.

FlexGuard comes in slider and roll-up models, designed for easy installation. Both include locking systems and can be installed along with an existing door, in a door jamb, or on the exterior of a building.

A-tech Debuts EverDoor and ZAP

At the April Expo 2003, A-tech introduced the EverDoor vinyl garage door and the ZAP commercial door operator.

At the A-tech exhibit, salespeople demonstrated the door’s durability by pitching softballs against the door without leaving marks or dents.

The ZAP operator works with commercial doors to open and close the door quickly and smoothly. A-tech says ZAP senses obstructions on any part of the garage door and installs in half the time of other commercial operators.

A-tech ( is a garage door distributor with warehouses in Palmer, Pa., and Indianapolis, Ind.

Amarr Adds Gray

Amarr Garage Doors has added gray to its range of color options. Amarr says it selected gray because of the color’s popularity with the design community and homeowners. It is available as a color for the WeatherGuard model only.

“We have received numerous requests for a gray color and felt it was an appropriate time to introduce it to our product line,” says Teresa Lowry, marketing manager.

The WeatherGuard door is also offered in white, sandtone, almond, hunter green, and brown.

Clopay Adds Break-Away Bottom Section

In May, Clopay announced “the industry’s first break-away bottom section designed specifically to match the appearance of commercial deep ribbed steel doors.” Clopay’s break-away section features an exterior skin matching the “parent” door.

“This allows for a more aesthetically pleasing door and avoids the obvious mismatch look of other breakout sections,” says Dan Beckley, vice president of commercial business development.

The design allows the bottom section of the door to break away 90 degrees inward and outward. The door remains functional if the bottom section is hit, and the section can be easily reset in a matter of seconds. The inside polycarbonate liner prevents dents and dings from affecting the door’s appearance and stability.

The new break-away bottom section is available on certain Clopay and Ideal Door models.

New Safety Gate Rollers Announced

Superior Gate Systems has developed an enclosed cantilever gate roller that helps automated gates comply with UL 325.

The new Safety Roller features a totally enclosed body that helps to prevent injury and protect the bearings and roller. UL 325 requires guarding for exposed automated gate rollers.

Joe De Gasperis, president, says the new roller was developed in response to the number of personal injuries associated with conventional rollers. “We sought to make a safer roller that is built for a long trouble free life,” he says. “We believe we have accomplished these goals.”

The new Safety Roller features a precision-machined UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) roller, prelubricated sealed bearings, easy maintenance-free operation, and a 10-year warranty. Superior Gate Systems, of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, is located at

Protective Cover to Shield Photo-Eyes

A door dealer and inventor has created and patented Photo Cell Guard, a device that would protect garage door sensors. A prototype is available from Invention Submission Corporation (ISC).

Photo Cell Guard, made by a garage door company owner from Youngsville, La., is designed to protect a garage door’s infrared sensor so that the infrared signal path is not impaired.

The invention’s encasement would be made from a durable transparent acrylic and would measure 6" high, 7" long, and 4" wide. The unit would mount directly over sensor units and would be secured with screws.

“I wanted to develop a unit that would reduce service calls and repair costs,” explains the inventor. More information is available at 800-851-6030 or

Diablo Launches New Vehicle Detector

In May, Diablo Controls announced its newest vehicle detector. The DSP-11 is an 11-pin Amphenol-style base detector with no switches, requiring no setup and no adjusting.

The DSP-11 is available in three models. A low-voltage model operates on 10-30V AC/DC and two line voltage models operate on 117V AC and 230V AC.

All models are voltage protected; if you plug into incorrect voltage, the detector will not be destroyed. When you reconnect to proper voltage, it works. The unit carries a 5-year warranty. More information is at


DeWalt Announces New Impact Tools

In February, DeWalt introduced a new line of 9.6 volt, 12 volt, and 14.4 volt cordless impact drivers and impact wrenches. DeWalt says the new line offers “nearly three times more torque than traditional cordless drills while measuring up to 35 percent shorter and weighing up to 20 percent less.”

The new cordless impact tools are designed for garage door installers, HVAC installers, general contractors, and others who want faster productivity for their fastening and driving applications.

The internal impacting mechanism allows users to drive large fasteners without the typical kickback felt on the wrist. This makes them ideal for driving lags into wood, fastening anchors into concrete, and driving self-tapping screws into metal.

For ergonomic comfort, the tools feature a wrap-around rubber overmolding with a textured anti-slip grip. In addition, they are small enough to fit into a tool pouch or holster.

DeWalt Introduces New Carbide Bits

DeWalt’s new Rock Carbide SDS+ bits for SDS rotary hammers are specifically designed for drilling into concrete and masonry.

Engineered for longer life and faster drilling, the new bits feature a flattened tip contoured for durability, a 4-flute design, and a core diameter for better performance.

Compared to pointed bit tips, the flattened titanium carbide tip is said to allow more of the highly durable material to be used in the wear area, maximizing surface contact and extending the life of the tip.

The bits work with all SDS Plus rotary hammers and are available in sizes from 5/32" up to 1-1/8" in diameter.


Chamberlain Promotes Mark Tone

In March, Chamberlain announced that Mark B. Tone has been appointed to the post of executive vice president of administration.

Since November 2000, Tone held the position of vice president of law and human resources. In his new position, Tone will continue to serve as Chamberlain’s general counsel. He will also be responsible for Chamberlain’s information technology department.

Tone joined Chamberlain in 1990 as an attorney in the legal department of Duchossois Industries, Chamberlain’s parent company. In 1997, he was named assistant general counsel of the Consumer Products Group, and became Chamberlain’s general counsel in 1999.

Tone received his J.D. from New York University School of Law and a bachelor of arts from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is a member of the American Corporate Counsel Association and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Raynor Promotes Kennedy

In April, Raynor announced the promotion of Patrick Kennedy to director of marketing.

Kennedy has been with Raynor for 15 years, 10 of which were served as a territory sales manager. Since 1998, he has been manager of training and education in the Raynor Academy. In June 2001, he took on an additional role as marketing manager.

Prior to joining Raynor, Patrick was a major account representative for Bausch and Lomb and an operating room representative for Synthes Maxillofacial. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Eastern Illinois University.

Roll-A-Flex Adds Regional Sales Manager

In March, Roll-A-Flex Doors announced the appointment of Bruce Bloker as the company’s new western regional sales manager. Bloker will help expand the company’s market in 11 western U.S. states and western Canadian provinces.

Bloker joins Roll-A-Flex from U.S. Door and Building Components where he served as western regional sales manager. Bloker has many years of sales management experience in the self-storage industry.

Roll-A-Flex Doors is a manufacturer of roll-up doors and panel systems for the self-storage industry, with facilities in Anaheim, Calif., and Ft. Worth, Texas.


Chamberlain Acquires Automatic Gate Supply

In March, the Chamberlain Group announced that it has acquired the assets of Automatic Gate Supply (AGS) of Valencia, Calif.

AGS has more than 30 years of experience in solid state and DC motor-controlled swing and slide gate operators. AGS specializes in gate operators, access control systems, and gate hardware.

“With the acquisition of AGS, our product offering is now broader, with a more complete offering of gate operators and related gate hardware and access control products,” says David Rolls, CEO.

“AGS products have an excellent reputation for exceptional quality and durability with models that specifically address the industrial/commercial market as well as the residential swing and slide gate opener market.”

Ed Court, who has owned and operated AGS for over 30 years, will be assisting in the transition of AGS into the Chamberlain Professional Products family.

GADCO Receives National Award
Caption: GADCO’s Shaun Webb (left) and Joe Kee receive their honor in Las Vegas.

In January, General American Door Company (GADCO) earned an American Building Products Award from Home magazine for its new Presidential Series line of carriage house garage doors.

The awards are given annually for home building and renovation products that provide time-tested style, exceptional performance, and technological breakthroughs.

GADCO’s Presidential series was among 12 award recipients featured in Home magazine’s February 2003 issue. The editors wrote that these garage doors “recapture the charm and ingenuity of early American architectural styles without sacrificing today’s technical conveniences.”

Standard doors are available with a smooth, clear western red cedar finish, or a rough-sawn textured hemlock wood can be ordered as an option. All doors are fully insulated and manufactured to a thickness of 2-11/16".

Amarr Honors Iowa Spring at Vendor Conference
Caption: Brian Setchell (left) and Tim Bianco (center) from Iowa Spring accept the award from Jim Karasek, Amarr’s manager of purchasing.

In January, Amarr Garage Doors presented Iowa Spring with a “Partners in Excellence” award at Amarr’s first Vendor’s Conference, held in Lawrence, Kan.

Iowa Spring received the award because of its record of on-time delivery, quality products, and for its willingness to adapt. Other suppliers attending included Arrow Tru-Line, New Process Steel, The Chamberlain Group, Marley (Royal) Mouldings, Canimex, and others.

The conference was an effort to improve communication with suppliers, inform of company goals, and new vendor performance standards. Other topics included cost reduction measures, new products and developments, and expectations for 2003.

“We felt it was important for our vendors to see our facility and for them to realize how vital their performance is to our manufacturing and delivery process,” says Jim Karasek, manager of purchasing.

Clopay Honors Top Dealers
Caption: A-E Door Sales receives award: (from left) Bill and Rosemary Weber, Keith and Cathy Wempe, Clopay President Gene Colleran, and Julie and Greg Zinser.
In April, Clopay Building Products recognized top performers within its Master and Authorized Dealer network during the company’s annual Authorized Dealer Conference.

More than 186 dealerships attended the 4-day event at The Westin Rio Mar Beach Resort in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. The number of attending dealers marked the most in the event’s 14-year history, including 377 attendees. Master and Authorized dealers must increase sales over the previous year to qualify for the trip.

“Our key message at this event was that we all rely on each other for success. When our dealers are successful, Clopay is successful,” says Steve Lynch, vice president of marketing.

Nationally-known motivational speaker, Jane Aarthun, spoke on “The Profit Specialist,” followed by a series of business-building breakout sessions. The event included deep sea fishing, golf, catamaran and snorkeling, horseback riding, a rainforest tour, and a tour of Old San Juan.

Clopay will hold its 2004 Authorized Dealer Conference at The Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, May 23-26. This 31-acre beachfront resort was named number two of the Travel Channel’s top 10 beaches in the U.S.

Martin Unveils High-Tech Painting System
Caption: Martin’s Larry Martin and Kim Net pose in front of a powdercoated garage door panel.

In May, moving to do its own work in-house, Martin Door unveiled a high-tech environmentally friendly powdercoat paint line.

The new paint line will allow Martin to continue to offer 54 powdercoat color options for its sectional steel garage doors with no delay in shipment.

The new system was fully operational by mid-May, according to Larry Martin, vice president. The line is designed to powdercoat more than 75 doors per day, according to Martin.

Garage door panels are prepped for painting with a high-tech wash system that monitors the acidic level of the water. The runoff is tested for pH levels and not released until it reaches appropriate levels. Any residual powder that does not attach to the panel is captured by a filtering system.

New Look at Action Industries

At Expo 2003 in San Antonio, Action Industries presented a new look, with a new corporate logo and trade show display.

“Action Industries has changed over time,” explains Patrick Marron, vice president. “We have become a different company; this change in our appearance reflects that.”

Marron says Action still carries weatherseal, but has expanded into a line of hardware and control accessories. He adds that they “look forward to the introduction of a line of TODCO truck door parts.”

Clopay Announces 2003 National Promotion

In May, Clopay re-launched its national consumer Before & After Contest.

Designed to urge consumers to replace garage doors, the contest is to appear in publications such as Better Homes & Gardens, Country Home, Traditional Home, Midwest Living, Renovation Style, and Home Planning Ideas. One homeowner will win a $10,000 home improvement prize package, and one Clopay dealer will win $5,000.

“Last year’s contest was a huge success,” says Pat Lohse, director of residential marketing, “and we wanted to give other homeowners an opportunity to get excited about renovating their garage.”

Clopay is supplying its dealers with door hangers, postcard mailers, a radio script, and in-store display materials. Lohse says the campaign benefits Clopay dealers in several ways and is expected to reach 22 million qualified prospects.

“It’s a win for the dealer, a win for the customer, and a win for Clopay,” she adds.

New Champion Installs Door and Opener in 12:06
Caption for WDAcree.jpg: Darren Bonar of Wayne-Dalton congratulates Scott Acree (left).

At Expo 2003 in San Antonio, Wayne-Dalton crowned a new champion at its annual Quick Install races. The event made history for having the first garage door and opener installed in a timed contest.

Scott Acree of Lucius Door in Tiffin, Ohio, became the newest installer to carry the crown of Quick Install champion, installing in 12 minutes and 6 seconds. He beat out Ray Stoltzfus of Miller Door in Millersburg, Ohio, by over a minute to win the $7,500 grand prize.

In this year’s event, contestants also installed Wayne-Dalton’s new idrive opener along with the door. The opener had to be fully functional and operate the door before the time clock was stopped. Wayne-Dalton says installing the idrive opener added about two minutes to everyone’s final installation times.

Raynor Introduces New Programs

In April, Raynor introduced new marketing programs during the 2003 Raynor Distributor Sales Conference aboard the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship. The goal of the programs is a positive, consistent brand image.

“These new marketing programs include tools that will help our distributors carry the Raynor image and message into the marketplace with greater clarity than ever before,” says Ray Neisewander Jr., president.

The plan includes exterior signage, vehicle identification programs, showroom and home show displays, and visualization software.

The exterior signage program offers two levels of sign packages at two price points, while the vehicle ID program offers three price/package levels.

DoorKing Adds Features for Software

In June, DKS DoorKing announced the release of version 5.4 of its Remote Account Manager and Transaction Analysis software which is used to program the company’s 1830 series of telephone entry and access control systems.

The new release allows users to fine-tune the program to meet their access control requirements. The release also includes a programmable holiday schedule and facility codes. Live transactions can also be viewed when the access system is connected to the user’s PC via an RS-232 connection.

When ordered with the Anti-Pass Back (APB) option, users are prevented from allowing unauthorized personnel to enter a secured area.

Intertek Transforms Fire Door Approval Process

For the first time, approved specifications critical for manufacturing fire doors, selecting hardware, and assembling certified door systems are available online to the entire product supply chain.

In April, the ETL SEMKO division of Intertek Testing Services announced the launch of SpecDirect, an Internet-based application that streamlines the product approval process and increases end-user business opportunities for fire door manufacturers and their supply chain partners.

SpecDirect allows manufacturers for products such as fire doors, security doors, hardware, and hurricane-resistant doors to post their certified product specifications on a secure application accessible via the Internet. Architects and specifiers can receive SpecDirect’s listings on fire doors matching their criteria for use in a construction or renovation project.

“SpecDirect will transform the way specialty doors reach their target markets,” says Darrell Lehman, sales manager of building products. “For the first time, this information will be housed in one location, and updated constantly, so distributors, architects, and specifiers can easily search for the right fire door to meet their needs, on demand.”

For more information, visit

Clopay Doors Featured on Show Homes

In March, Clopay Building Products announced that it is partnering with several top home magazines to place Clopay doors on prestigious show homes. The doors will then be seen in the pages of Country Home, Country Living, and Midwest Living as a way to add a designer touch to new homes.

Clopay Reserve Collection carriage house doors will be showcased on several homes. “The Reserve Collection is a popular choice for builders of show homes due to its appeal to the high-end customer,” says Pat Lohse, director of dealer residential marketing for Clopay.

“Show homes are a great opportunity for Clopay dealers. We are building strong relationships with builders and architects while creating a broader interest in garage doors and getting great consumer exposure.”

OSCO Seminars Attract Customers

In March, OSCO held two technical seminars for its customers.

The seminars covered topics such as safety, basic electricity, vendor presentations, operator troubleshooting, UL325, and the latest safety standards for door and gate operators. A new feature this year was a gate installation in the classroom.

OSCO provides these seminars semi-annually.

DeWalt Launches Million-Dollar Challenge

In March, DeWalt launched its Million Dollar Challenge cordless screwdriving contest with a chance to win $1,000,000 and a new Chevy Silverado pick-up truck.

The challenge is to sink five drywall screws flush into a wooden board as fast as you can using a DeWalt cordless drill. From now through August, the company will stage more than 500 local qualifying contests in 100 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Any legal resident over 18 can participate. To complete the challenge, contestants must pick up the drill, start the timer, drive the screws, and stop the timer.

The fastest local winners earn prizes and move on to one of 14 regional events. From there, the top 14 contestants advance to the final tournament in November at the Phoenix International Raceway.

The King of the Drill could win up to $1,000,000 by beating the clock in the grand finale. The winner is guaranteed to get at least $25,000 and a new Chevy Silverado pick-up truck. Last year, more than 50,000 people entered the contest.

Garaga Launches Garaga Industrial

In May, Garaga launched Garaga Industrial, a new program that allows users to select the most appropriate commercial door systems for their application.

Michel Gendreau, president, says, “Garaga launches this new Garaga Industrial program to counter the lack of knowledge in garage door systems by buyers and users.”

The program includes concise documentation that presents the selection process of an overhead door in four easy steps. It also recommends the door model and offers details about hardware, window, and door opener systems.

Using a performance/price ratio, the program presents the difference between various systems based on usage and suggests a preventive maintenance program according to the type of building.

DeWalt Launches Incentive Program

In April, DeWalt launched the “Yellow and Black Payback” customer reward program.

For every DeWalt power tool or accessory purchased between April 1 and December 24, 2003, the customer will earn points that can be redeemed for various awards. Points can be redeemed for merchandise including contractor clothing, tools and accessories, NASCAR race tickets, recreational vehicles, trucks, a sports car, and other items.

Any U.S. resident who’s at least 18 can participate in the program. Customers who purchase DeWalt products for company use are also eligible as long as the products are from an authorized dealer.

More information is online at

Marley Mouldings’ Brand Recognition Grows

According to a study by Home Improvement Executive, Marley Mouldings is the extruded polymer mouldings brand most perceived as driving business this spring for home center chains and hardware co-ops.

In the study, 75 percent of home improvement executives indicated that Marley Mouldings was top in its category, up from 71 percent in February 2002. Home Improvement Executive is a weekly news publication for industry leaders.

Marley Mouldings, now Royal Mouldings, is a leading U.S. extruder of cellular polymer mouldings and millwork in the United States.

LiftMaster Dealer Wins Mustang
Caption: (From left) Chamberlain’s Ron Mudge, Kevin Kuhl, and David D’Anthony, then Michael Bechard of Champlain Door and his daughters Jessica and Heather.

In March, LiftMaster dealer Mike Bechard, owner of Champlain Door in Milton, Vt., won a 2003 Ford Mustang, the grand prize in the LiftMaster Estate Series “Race to Win” Sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes was open to all U.S. LiftMaster dealers. Dealers entered the sweepstakes by purchasing Estate Series garage door openers between April 15 and November 30, 2002.

“The sweepstakes is our way of recognizing the accomplishments of our top dealers, and Mr. Bechard certainly deserves this ‘heart-racing’ convertible,” says Sally Anderson, vice president marketing communications.

The second prize, a dream NASCAR weekend for two, was awarded to Bill Weber of AE Garage Doors and More of Cincinnati, Ohio.


Amarr’s Updated Site Adds New Features

In May, Amarr announced an updated and improved Web site at

One new feature is a section for architects. The section offers downloadable CAD drawings in three formats for all commercial models, as well as drawings for frame details, jamb details, and track.

A new section on WindPro doors explains why wind load codes are important and how Amarr tests doors to meet wind requirements. The For Dealers Only section now includes a new link for apparel orders.

“We feel this is the most comprehensive Web site we have ever produced,” says Teresa Lowry, marketing manager. “Dealers, consumers, builders, and architects can all benefit from the additional technical data and enhanced features.”

Clopay Site Offers Style Options

In March, Clopay launched its new design-focused Web site, The site simplifies the garage door buying process by helping homeowners choose designs that fit their needs while providing them with a crash course in garage door basics.

“We’ve found that homeowners often have difficulty visualizing the differences between panels, windows, and color options,” says Pat Lohse, director of residential marketing.

The Design Your Door Visualizer helps users visualize a garage door that complements their home. After users design their own doors, they can E-mail specifications to a dealer for a quote.

The Gallery of Doors section presents different types of door designs. The Before & After Gallery displays photos from homeowners who reinvented their home’s appearance using their garage door. A Lifestyle Quiz asks homeowners key questions and provides suggestions for products that fit their needs.

The commercial door section offers tools for architects and builders. The Spec Wizard allows visitors to build a specification. The site also offers cross-reference charts itemizing each Clopay model and comparing its features with competitive models.

Raynor Revitalizes

In May, Raynor opened a redesigned

A key improvement of the site is its navigation, which leads users to desired locations. Users personalize their visit by choosing one of six major areas: corporate, products, homeowners, contractors, architects and dealers.

The new site includes a model comparison button to help dealers up-sell customers on options available with higher quality level doors.

The merger of and allows dealers to jump from the Design-A-Door section to the Dealers Only section. This section includes information on marketing tools, order forms, literature, RaynorGrams, Raynor Academy, and an online Raynorizer newsletter.

Hoermann Expands Web Site

Hoermann has launched a newly expanded

The new site features an overview of the Hoermann worldwide product offering and downloadable brochures and instruction manuals. The site also features links to Hoermann’s international subsidiaries and news concerning its activities.


New Evaluation Reports Published

Garage door and rolling door manufacturers that use evaluation reports should now consider new reports from the International Code Council (ICC).

On March 1, 2003, ICC Evaluation Services began publishing evaluation reports designated as ICC-ES. The reports evaluate products according to code requirements in the international family of codes such as the International Building Code (IBC).

Previous evaluation reports that were linked to the Uniform Building Code, National Building Code, and Standard Building Code will continue as “legacy” reports for now. However, the content of these legacy reports must apply to and be recognized by the IBC.

The conversion to ICC-ES reports involves additional steps many manufacturers have never needed to take. Consequently, DASMA is currently studying this situation.

Evaluation reports help door manufacturers develop products that comply with the code. DASMA plans to work with ICC-ES to make these new reports a helpful option for our industry.

Builders Applaud Bush Tax Plan

The $350 billion tax cut package passed by Congress in late May will provide a significant boost to economic growth, including housing, and create new jobs quickly, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

The package reflects key elements of NAHB’s policy: across-the-board tax rate reductions, an increase in the limit for small business expensing from $25,000 to $100,000, and a reduction in capital gains tax rates.

That, says Jerry Howard, executive vice president and CEO of NAHB, is a prescription that will “move the economy and housing sector forward by providing much-needed stimulus to consumer spending and capital investment.”

NAHB played a pivotal role in shaping the tax cut agreement through months of negotiating and testifying before Congress in support of the administration’s economic growth package.