Safe-Way Announces No-Stain Wood-Grain Door

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Publish Date: Winter 2007
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Safe-Way Announces No-Stain Wood-Grain Door

In October, Safe-Way Door introduced the Regency Madera residential steel insulated garage door with a “completely maintenance-free” factory-applied wood-grain color and finish. No painting or staining is required.

Initially, the door will come in one color or “wood species.” More finishes will be added soon.

Leaded-look and obscure glass options are available. The window frames match the base color of the door, and matching vinyl trim molding is available. Two inches of polystyrene insulation provides an R-value of 8.0.

Sommer Announces New Products for the USA

In July, Sommer USA of Charlotte, N.C., began offering its U.S. customers garage door openers with 24V DC motors.

The models include the Synoris 550 with a 1/2-HP motor and the Synoris 800 with a 3/4-HP motor. Featuring automated force adjustment, operator movement is controlled with a supervised safety-microcontroller system.

Units come with a UL 325 fully compliant safety kit, optical sensors, and infrared photo-eye alignment monitor.

Canimex Creates New Stopping Bottom Brackets

In November, Canimex introduced the SBB V3, a new generation of stopping bottom brackets designed to reduce the risk of a door falling after a cable failure. The SBB V3 also features a burglar-resistant device that prevents tampering with the door from the outside.

“The introduction of the SBB V3 by Canimex will set new standards in the industry,” says Michel Beaudoin, director.

The SBB V3 comes with a protective cover and a rust-resistant cast steel design. A minimal amount of cable tension is required, reducing the risk of activation in rail curve. The bracket offers two choices of roller location and allows limit switch installation directly on the bracket.

Summit Adds Economical Wood Door

In November, Summit Door introduced the Vintage Collection of wood garage doors for the budget-conscious.

“Summit Door has simply created a wood garage door for the masses, appealing to both million-dollar tastes and realistic budgets,” says Mike Rader, president.

The collection offers nine designs with various options such as custom glass, decorative hardware, and insulation. The door takes standard track and hardware and comes ready to paint or stain.

Martin Launches Torsion Drive Opener

In November, Martin Door announced a new residential garage door opener with a torsion tube drive and DC motor.

“When a trolley-type opener cannot be installed, the DC 4600 is the desirable unit to put in,” says Dave Martin, chairman.

Martin Door recently introduced four new torsion-drive openers: the DC 4600 for residential applications and the DC 4800, DC 7000, and DC 7000 CH for commercial applications.

Dave Martin says the computer automatically sets the open and close limits as well the force needed to open and close the door. The DC 4600 opener includes photo eyes and complies with UL 325 requirements.

Artisan Introduces Steel and PVC Carriage Door

In September, Artisan Custom Doorworks announced the Duet Series, a new carriage door line with steel insulated panels and pre-finished, custom-milled cellular PVC trim boards.

The door comes standard with a 28" top section and is available in swing, trifold, and bifold designs. Style options include arch tops, window grilles, and panel battens and bucks.

Panels are offered in three standard colors: white, almond, and sandtone. Custom colors are also available.

Linear Upgrades AK Keypads

In November, Linear announced that it has added new programming features to its AK series of stand-alone keypad models for doors or gates. The new models, AK-11, AK-21W, and AK-31, are replacing the AK-1, AK-2W, and AK-3.

The timed and toggled features of the keypads can now be programmed for each individual entry code. The keypad lights of AK-11 and AK-21W also are now programmable for user-defined time periods.

The new AK-11 is an exterior surface-mount keypad, the AK-21W is a weather-resistant keypad for flush-mount exterior installations, and the AK-31 is an economy interior keypad.

Martin Adds New Residential Aluminum Door

In November, Martin Door announced the Athena, a new addition to its line of aluminum-extruded residential garage doors.

The door offers multiple window and aluminum panel combinations and is available in 77 powder-coated colors. Window options include acrylic or tempered glass in clear, smoked, or frosted panels. All of Martin’s 30+ safety upgrades are standard.

Shaun Murphy, national sales manager, says he expects the door to be especially popular among higher-end homes in coastal areas.

Ankmar Renames CladPanel Doors: “DuraGreen”
Caption: Kurt Franz of St. Charles Town Company (left), with Greg Clarke and Tom Sojak of Ankmar, inspects a DuraGreen door at a new residential project in Denver.

In September, Ankmar Door changed the name of its 30-year-old CladPanel wood composite garage door to DuraGreen, “a name that better reflects their features and benefits.”

In 2005, CladPanel doors were SCS certified for 100 percent recycled content, due to their composition of unused Douglas fir recovered from mills (fused with exterior-grade resins and waxes) and resin-impregnated recycled newsprint. Ankmar is now focusing its entire manufacturing operations on this product.

Greg Clarke, president and CEO, says the name change springs from the growing green movement. The price, “typically one-third the price of traditional wooden doors,” remains the same.

According to a 2007 survey by Professional Builder magazine, 70 percent of builders, developers, and contractors say that green building is important to market strategy.

Wayne-Dalton Adds Wind-Resistant 9800

In September, Wayne-Dalton announced that its Model 9800 fiberglass-clad garage door is now rated for wind resistance.

“Homeowners in disaster-prone areas have often settled on a less attractive garage door for safety purposes,” says Bill Earnest, director of marketing and product management.

The door is built with a top section roller brace to resist inward and outward force. High-grade carbon steel hinges add vertical stability, and commercial-grade U-bars provide horizontal stability. The door meets the International Building Code and is available in all states except Florida and Texas.

Amarr Launches Commercial Model 1350

In November, Amarr announced the Model 1350, a 1-3/8"-thick sectional door with polyurethane insulation. With 27-gauge exterior and interior steel skins, the door provides an R-value of 11.04.

“Having this additional model in our commercial sectional door lineup gives us a truly complete collection,” says Steve Roesner, commercial product manager.

Other features include a thermal break and two continuous 20-gauge reinforcing strips in each section. The door is available in white or brown and has three window options.

Martin Adds ArchCrest Aluminum Door

In November, Martin Door announced the ArchCrest, a residential aluminum door with arched windows.

Windows are available in acrylic or in tempered glass with clear, smoked, or frosted panels. Every door is aluminum and comes with a lifetime warranty that includes the torsion springs. A portion of the aluminum is recycled.

The ArchCrest door is powder-coated and available in 77 color options and more than 100 window design options. All of Martin Door’s 30+ safety and quality upgrades are standard.

Wayne-Dalton Offers Home Entertainment Control

In November, Wayne-Dalton announced that its Z-Wave remote controls can now control lighting, climate, appliances, TV, movies, music, and pictures.

The new offerings feature a client/server system and a stand-alone system. The Solo stand-alone system comes with a single box that incorporates a DVD and CD player and a digital video recorder, with various inputs.

The Series Three Server can manage TV, movies, music, pictures, lights, climate, and appliances. The server is set with a home control communications bridge, controller, and schedule manager. The Theater Client is a system-extender product with a full feature set. All Wayne-Dalton Home Network and HomeSettings products are compatible with the client/server and Solo product lines.

Linear Adds “Plug and Play” for Osco Systems

In December, Linear released Apex, its next-generation gate operator controller for Linear’s Osco operators. Apex replaces current circuit boards with a simpler design that integrates convenient new features.

“The Apex controller puts Linear/Osco gate operators ahead of the competition in terms of diagnostics, aesthetics, and communications—features that offer a level of installer convenience and flexibility unprecedented in the industry,” says Randy Baker, product line manager.

Apex features on-board, low-voltage surge protection, plug-in loop detector capability, and pluggable, European-style field wiring connectors. A built-in MegaCode radio can program up to 40 handheld transmitters, two MGT gate edge transmitters, and an integrated three-button station.

The Apex controller also brings soft-start and soft-stop capability to Osco’s commercial DC battery-backup gate operators. The Apex controller meets all UL 325 requirements and is C-UL listed.

Ankmar Unveils Gallantry Garage Doors
Caption: Greg Clarke (left) and Tom Sojak, Ankmar president and vice president, inspect a Gallantry door.

In October, Ankmar introduced a new group of premium garage doors called the Gallantry Series as part of the DuraGreen line of wood composite doors.

Gallantry doors feature wood composite panels with a wood-grain texture. The homogenous layers and panels, which expand and contract at the same rate, are mechanically and chemically bonded.

The doors are currently available in six designs (Royal, Monarch, Chancellor, Sovereign, Imperial, Escalade), along with a choice of windows and hardware. Insulated doors are also available with an R-value of 6.0.

Wayne-Dalton Expands Model 9700 Colors

In September, Wayne-Dalton announced new two-tone colors and staining options for the Model 9700 garage door.

Base panels now come in clay, green, and gray paint, and in oak, mahogany, walnut, green, clay, and gray stain options. Now available in 14 door styles and 13 colors, the Model 9700 also comes with custom trim patterns, windows, colors, and accessories.

Amarr’s Classica Adds New Color and Designs

In October, Amarr announced the addition of four new stamped-steel carriage house designs and a new color: sandtone.

The new Classica models include the Northampton, a recessed panel design; the Edinburgh, a herringbone pattern; the Alicante, a Southwestern design; and the Bordeaux, a regal door style. Sandtone will be available for all the Classica designs.

With the new designs, the Classica Collection now offers 96 unique variations.

US Door Launches Medium-Duty Door

In October, US Door & Building Components introduced the new Models 700 and 701, medium-duty roll-up doors designed for heavy motorized traffic.

The doors’ 3"-high 24-gauge steel slats are replaceable. Features include a fully enclosed 12" galvanized steel barrel, 16-gauge guides, and UHM (Ultra High Molecular) nylon end locks.

The Model 700 features a curved profile, and the 701 has a flat profile. The 700 exceeds standard wind loads for most commercial applications.

Fimbel Door Adds New Residential Door

In November, Fimbel Door began offering the Designer Choice 400, a 1-3/8"-thick carriage house garage door.

With polyurethane insulation, the DC-400 offers an R-value of 11.04. The DC-400 features the same bead-board carriage house look as the Designer Choice 500, which is a 2"-thick door with a 15.67 R-value.

Fimbel also announced that it is discontinuing the tongue-and-groove open-back doors from the Builder Core Series and Presidential Series. Fimbel plans to concentrate on producing foamed-in-place doors with high R-values.

Re-Source Offers Hoist Chain Tensioner

In November, Re-Source Industries announced it had recently added the Guide-Right Hoist Chain Tensioner to its chain hoist line.

The product virtually eliminates tangled hoist hand chain and interference from obstacles around the door. It also provides more control of the door descent, keeping the hoist hand chain aligned and under tension. The tensioner is easy to install on the floor, wall, or door track.

US Door Announces Quick-Installing Self-Storage Door

In September, US Door & Building Components announced the new Model 502, “the only roll-up door specifically designed for maintenance-free operation and an installation time of less than five minutes.”

The Model 502 includes a 9-1/2" fully enclosed barrel assembly, helpful for low headroom applications, and a universal guide system for any jamb type. Doors are available in sizes up to 10' x 10' and in 22 different colors.

PPG Introduces Lower-Cost Coil Coatings

In October, PPG Industries’ coil and extrusion coatings business introduced Durastar and Truform HP roll-applied coil coatings as a lower-cost alternative to its Duranar and Coraflon coatings. Truform HP coatings are for applications such as garage doors, entry doors, pole barns, and truck trailers.

Available in Europe and Australia for seven years, Durastar coatings feature an enhanced super polyester formulation with better flexibility, stain resistance, dirt pickup, and recoatability than other silicone-polyester products.

Linear Launches Multipurpose Wireless Access Controller

In September, Linear announced the AP-5, its latest wireless gate/door controller.

The AP-5 has three separate relays: access, obstacle, and configurable to either access or obstacle. Unlike previous wireless controllers, the access relays in the AP-5 are programmable for use with vehicular gates, pedestrian gates, security gates, office doors, or any combination.

The controller features a 318-MHz super heterodyne receiver with an external antenna that can pick up signals from a Linear MegaCode block-coded transmitter from up to 500' away. A whip antenna is standard, or Linear’s EXA-2000 directional antenna and EXA-1000 omni-directional antenna are available as options.

Each AP-5 supports up to 480 Linear MegaCode block-coded transmitters. Each of the 480 remote transmitters can be programmed with a few keystrokes.

Re-Source Adds Adirondack Carriage House Hardware

In November, Re-Source Industries added the Adirondack Collection to its carriage house hardware line.

Available in a large assortment of hinges, handles, and accessories, the Adirondack Collection is made of stamped stainless steel in classic black or five other finishes: gold, silver, copper, weathered copper, or dark earth.

Wayne-Dalton Announces Z-Wave Upgrades

Prodrive Integrates Z-Wave
In October, Wayne-Dalton announced that its Prodrive ceiling-mounted garage door openers now offer Z-Wave technology integration in select models. By pressing a button on Prodrive’s three-button remote, homeowners can control garage lights, outdoor security lights, indoor pathway lighting, security systems, thermostat controls, and more.

USB Interface Enables Control From a PC
In November, Wayne-Dalton introduced the new USB Z-Wave Interface, allowing homeowners to access, create, and control their home networks through a PC or the Internet.

The interface plugs into any USB port and is compatible with computers that run Windows XP or Vista. Homeowners can then install ThinkEssentials software that allows the user to set up control of the other Z-Wave-enabled devices from their computers or through the Internet.

In-Wall Dimmers and Switches
Also in November, Wayne-Dalton announced new Z-Wave-enabled in-wall dimmers and switches. With the flip of a switch, homeowners can control light switches locally within the room, remotely with a controller, or automatically with programmable interfaces.

Z-Wave-enabled switches and in-wall dimmers are compatible with all lighting types.

Encon Expands Inventory

Encon Electronics has added several new products. Encon now stocks maintenance-free gate rollers and covers, indoor/outdoor exit bars, and products from DAC Industries. The LiftMaster 379LM, a keyless remote with fingerprint technology, is now in stock.

Also now available is Linear’s new AP-5 multipurpose wireless access controller and the new Apollo BA12, a stand-alone, continuous-duty, rechargeable, battery-powered 12V DC barrier gate operator.

Encon has also added the weather-resistant Securitron GL1 electromagnetic gate lock and the DoorKing Wireless by Aerotech. This Comwave controller provides a wireless link between Wiegand-based access control systems.

Aleco Announces New Air Curtain

In September, Aleco announced its new JetStream Air Curtain for building entryways that require insect, dust, odor, or climate control.

JetStream provides an invisible barrier of air that protects entrances from contaminants, stops wind, and reduces infiltration of outside air into heated or air-conditioned areas. Requiring only an 8-1/2" clearance, JetStream offers a corrosion-resistant cabinet in baked-enamel beige or stainless steel.

The JetStream Air Curtain is available in widths from 36" to 60" and provides adjustable air velocity. It is UL approved with a pre-wired 5' 110V grounded plug.

Bircher Launches New Swinging Safety Sensor

In November, Bircher Reglomat announced the launch of ZoneScan, a new sensing system for swinging automatic doors.

The ZoneScan is a header-mounted safety sensor for swinging, low-energy, and folding doors. It provides enhanced safety with “look back” capability and higher performance with new active infrared technology. Fitting many door applications, ZoneScan also provides faster setup.

Kelley Improves Its Vehicle Restraint

In September, Kelley announced improvements to the Kelley Star 4, its powered vehicle restraint. The Kelley Star 4 engages the rear impact guard of a vehicle and holds it at the loading dock during the loading and unloading process.

The new Star 4 offers a higher level of automation and convenience using a restraining arm that is raised and lowered automatically by a linear actuator drive system. The programmable logic controller offers more program intelligence and flexibility.

The new compact Star 4 control panel, at just 14" x 16", also provides ample space for controls for a dock leveler and powered dock door.


New Telescoping Lifting Tool Announced

In October, Motion Control Systems introduced Starlift, a portable telescoping lifting device that can lift garage doors and other cumbersome items up to 16' with its electric motor and one-person operation.

Starlift’s four adjustable legs can retract for uneven applications or close positioning against walls. The telescopic mast is made of aluminum alloy and has a built-in level. A remote-control handle controls the variable lifting speed, and its electric motor has an emergency shut-down and a hand-operated override crank.

Starlift can lift up to 300 lbs., but it is not recommended to lift 200+ lbs. more than 9' or 120+ lbs. more than 11'.

DeWalt Launches 28V Impact Wrench

In October, DeWalt launched its 28V impact wrench (DC810KL) with proprietary Nano Technology that offers “maximum life and minimal weight.”

The DC810KL’s motor has replaceable brushes, a heavy-duty impact mechanism, and a battery with Nano phosphate lithium ion cells that provide 2,000 recharges. Internal testing concluded that this tool has almost twice the run-time of a leading 18V impact wrench.

The DC810KL weighs only 5 lbs. and has a VSR control with an electric break for more control while setting and removing fasteners.

Desa Introduces Portable Forced-Air Heater

In October, Desa Heating launched Pro-Tough, a professional-grade, workspace-friendly, versatile-fuel, forced-air heater. Desa says the Pro-Tough heater weighs less, operates more quietly, and is more maneuverable and portable than traditionally designed forced-air heaters. Fuel options include kerosene, diesel, jet fuel, and fuel oil.

The Pro-Tough heater is designed like a heavy-duty wheelbarrow with ergonomic handles and has a 10" pneumatic tire that treads easily through rough terrain.

A 13.5-gallon fuel tank extends running time. The 100,000 BTU model can run up to 18 hours and heat 2,400 sq. ft. The series also includes models in 150,000 and 200,000 BTU output.


Amarr Hires Director for Service Center

In August, Amarr announced that Jim Clark had been hired as the director for the Amarr Service Center in Lawrence, Kan. He manages customer service, order intake, and large account support. The center now has 100 employees taking orders from customers like Lowe’s, Costco, and Sears.

Clark has more than 15 years of customer service management experience including work at a large call center for the Department of Homeland Security and managerial positions at Sprint/Nextel Communications. Clark earned a bachelor’s degree from Wichita State University and a Master of Business Administration from Baker University.

Overhead Door Announces Genie Regional Realignment

In October, Overhead Door announced a reorganization of its Genie sales centers, which expands its number of regions from two to three: East, Central, and West. Overhead Door says this realignment allows for greater operational standardization with current locations and enhances future expansion of Genie sales centers.

As a result of the realignment, Jeff Sturlaugson has been promoted to western regional manager. Tom Bratton will continue to manage Genie’s eastern region, and Howard Seay will manage the new central region.

New President at Bircher America

In November, Bircher America appointed Stephan Zwahlen as the new president of Bircher America, effective on Jan. 1, 2008. Zwahlen will also join the board of Bircher America, succeeding Barac Bieri.

After five years in the United States, Bieri will move back to Switzerland to take a new assignment within the BBC Group, the parent organization of Bircher Reglomat. Bieri says Bircher’s U.S. sales doubled under his leadership.

Upwardor Expands Management Team
Caption: Back row (from left): Yvon Essiembre, Clarence White, Sean Saliba, Brad Morgan. Front row: Jon Mendoza, Diane Aquilina, Joseph Aquilina.

In April 2007, Upwardor announced several promotions and additions to its sales and management team.

Joseph Aquilina was promoted to general manager of operations, having formerly managed Upwardor’s service and installation division for five years. Diane Aquilina, with Upwardor for 15 years, now oversees all bulk accounts for commercial and residential products and manages customer service, sales, and marketing efforts.

Scott Roberts joins Upwardor as U.S. sales manager. Previously with Gadco, Roberts has 20 years of sales experience. Brett Lomax, with six years in door sales, service, and installation, has been promoted to sales manager for Canada.

Sean Saliba is now manager of Upwardor’s pneumatic operator department, responsible for building market share for Pow’Air’Dor throughout Canada and the United States. Jonathan Mendoza joined Upwardor as mechanical engineering technologist, responsible for all product development.

Clarence White has joined Upwardor as manufacturing manager. With 30 years in the door industry, White recently worked for Wayne-Dalton as manufacturing manager for sectional and rolling doors.

Amarr Adds National Commercial Accounts Manager

In August, Amarr Garage Doors announced the hiring of Bobby Jones as the national commercial accounts manager. Lyle Symons, vice president of sales and operations, says Jones is a veteran of the garage door business who understands the commercial market.

Jones started in the garage door business in 1985 as a sales manager for a dealer. He later worked for a Sears contractor as a salesman and trainer. He spent the last 11 years with Clopay, holding national account management positions for commercial products.

Jones earned a bachelor’s degree from Liberty University in 1981.

Taylor Announces Management Appointment

In October, Taylor Building Products promoted Kevin Bulow to product and research and development manager for Taylor’s garage door and exterior door product lines.

Bulow works on certifications of impact and wind-load products and other product introductions. Prior to joining Taylor, Bulow gained more than 15 years of engineering and product management experience both in and out of the building products industry.

Janus Adds Director for Latin America

In November, Janus International announced the appointment of Nancy Torres as director of business development for Latin America. Torres is responsible for increasing sales and awareness of Janus self-storage and commercial products in Latin American countries.

With 12 years of experience in the self-storage industry, Torres previously served as construction manager with Construction Processes in Puerto Rico and helped form LASSA, the Latin American Self Storage Alliance.

Mohler Returns to Miller Edge

In November, Miller Edge announced that Flossie Mohler had returned to the company full time. In her new position, Mohler develops and executes strategic marketing programs and customer support capabilities.

Mohler has 18 years with Miller Edge. During her sabbatical, she worked for Lodi Garage Doors in Phoenix, Ariz., as a sales manager for custom builder and retail accounts.

“Flossie returns to our family business with firsthand experience of what door dealers need,” says Bearge Miller, president.

Mohler holds bachelor’s degrees in business administration and communications from Drexel University and a Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University.

Southern Atlantic Spring Adds Sales Manager

In October, Southern Atlantic Spring, a division of Iowa Spring, announced the hiring of Bob Chase as regional territory manager to build the garage door market throughout the entire East and Southeast regions.

Chase is a 20-year veteran within the spring industry, having held various sales positions with Bauman Spring, American Coil, and Mid-West Spring. Holding a bachelor’s degree in journalism/marketing from Drake University, Chase has also earned several sales awards, including “Top Sales Performer of the Year” for three consecutive years.

US Door Hires Marketing Director

In October, US Door & Building Components announced that Mary Ann Diehl had been hired as director of marketing.

Diehl brings 15 years of marketing and sales experience in manufacturing and construction companies, having worked with Pulte Homes as the director of strategic marketing for Florida. She also worked with 3M as a Design for Six Sigma marketing black belt.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from Missouri State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Leicester in England.

Aleco Names Industrial Sales Manager

In September, Aleco announced the appointment of Ronnie Driggers to industrial sales manager. Aleco makes impact doors and PVC strip doors.

Driggers brings 18 years of national and international industrial manufacturing sales experience with eight years in the door industry. With an engineering education, Driggers spent several years in engineering positions before moving into sales.


Hörmann Buys Flexon

On Sept. 23, the Hörmann Group acquired the business operations of Flexon of Leetsdale, Pa. Manufacturing will continue in Leetsdale, while Flexon customers will now have access to a broader range of products. The company has been renamed as Hörmann Flexon.

Outside the United States, Hörmann is considered the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial doors and openers and loading dock equipment. With more than 5,500 employees worldwide, Hörmann has operations in more than 40 countries with sales of $1.4 billion.

Flexon is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial doors, loading dock equipment, impact traffic doors, and high-performance and high-speed roll-up doors. The company has been making impact doors since 1979 and high-speed roll-up doors since 1987.

Mark Permigiani will continue to serve as vice president of manufacturing, and Patrick Boyle will continue serving as vice president of operations.

Safe-Way and Ankmar Nix Merger

Citing “current market conditions,” Ankmar and Safe-Way Door announced in October that the merger of their steel door operations will not proceed.

Greg Clarke, Ankmar CEO, and Frank Gallucci, Safe-Way CEO, released the following joint statement: “Though we are in agreement that the merging of our steel businesses can create significant synergies for both companies, the current industry climate does not support going forward with the proposed merger.”

Headquartered in Warsaw, Ind., Safe-Way Door operates manufacturing and distribution facilities in Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Missouri. Denver-based Ankmar has manufacturing facilities in Kansas, Oregon, Colorado, and Texas.

Sommer USA Opens

In October, Sommer Antriebs- und Funktechnik announced that Sommer operator products are now available to North American customers through Sommer USA and its new sales and distribution center in Charlotte, N.C. The facility opened on June 1, 2007.

Sommer, based in Germany, makes garage door openers, swing and sliding gate operators, roller shutter and awning motors, and remote controls for home automation. The company is ISO 9001 certified and has a new Web site at

Sommer products are distributed exclusively by qualified dealers only. The Sommer USA team includes Jim Jacobsen, senior vice president, and Torsten Reimers, customer service manager.

Clopay Announces Contest Winner

In the summer of 2007, HGTV designer Chayse Dacoda made a house call to the home of Teri Bowar in Blue Mounds, Wis. Bowar is the grand prize winner of the third annual Clopay “Transform Your Home Contest,” sponsored by Clopay and magazine publisher Meredith Corporation.

The prize included a personal design consultation from Dacoda, new Clopay garage doors installed, and $6,500 toward the cost of exterior lighting fixtures, painting, landscaping, and decorative accents. Since the three-car garage is a major focal point on the home, Dacoda opted for a carriage house door from Clopay’s Coachman Collection to add instant charm to the façade.

Thousands of magazine subscribers will see the results of the transformation in Renovation Style, Better Homes & Gardens - Better By Design, Country Home, and Traditional Home.

Amarr Signs Deals With Top Builders

In November, Amarr announced that it had reached national supplier agreements with two of the nation’s top 10 builders.

The agreement with Beazer Homes allows Amarr to supply the garage doors to all new Beazer homes built in the United States for the next three years. Beazer Homes, based in Atlanta, is currently the seventh largest builder in the country, ranked according to new construction starts.

Lennar Homes has also chosen Amarr as a national supplier of garage doors for Lennar communities across the nation. Lennar Homes, headquartered in Miami, is currently the second largest builder in America.

With 1,400 employees, four plants, 65 door centers, and 3,000 independent dealers, distributors, and retailers, Amarr says it is the third largest U.S. manufacturer and distributor of residential and commercial garage doors.

Chamberlain Acquires PTI Integrated Systems

In October, the Chamberlain Group announced that it had acquired PTI Integrated Systems of Scottsdale, Ariz., as part of its ongoing growth plans in the integrated access control industry.

Established in 1979, PTI Integrated Systems manufactures access control, security, and site management systems to customers worldwide. PTI provides hardware and software solutions to targeted industries such as the self-storage industry.

Nortek/Linear Buys IEI and Aigis

In October, the Home Technology Group of Nortek, which includes Linear, announced the purchase of International Electronics, Inc. (IEI) of Canton, Mass. Nortek says the move significantly strengthens its presence in the access control industry.

IEI has been in the security and controlled access systems business for over 30 years.
It products range from its Door-Gard stand-alone and entry-level access control products to its flagship product, eMerge, a browser-managed integrated security management system.

In September, Nortek/Linear also announced the purchase of Aigis Mechtronics of Winston-Salem, N.C., a 20-year old company producing CCTV equipment.

The Aigis product line includes three major categories: video capture, video display, and full-height security turnstiles. Plans call for Aigis to continue at its Winston-Salem facility and to maintain and expand the Aigis brands.

Nortek’s Home Technology Group currently includes 21 companies that produce garage door openers, lighting controls, stereo and home theater speakers and controls, wireless security, structured wiring, and more.

Duchossois Acquires Heath Zenith

In late August, Duchossois Industries announced that it had acquired Desa’s Heath Zenith division of Bowling Green, Ky., as a part of its ongoing global growth initiative. The acquisition will expand Duchossois’ position in the consumer products market and complement its ownership of Chamberlain.

“Chamberlain’s proprietary radio frequency and wireless technology combined with Heath Zenith’s wireless control and motion-detecting advancements will create opportunities for shared growth and new product development,” says J. David Rolls, Chamberlain CEO who will oversee operations at Heath Zenith.

Heath Zenith offers specialty electrical products such as motion-activated lighting, door chimes, and wireless lighting controls sold in over 10,000 retail outlets worldwide including home centers and hardware stores.

Fimbel Door Center Becomes Amarr Door Center

In January 2008, Amarr Garage Doors will complete the conversion of the Fimbel Door Center in Whitehouse Station, N.J., into a full-service Amarr Door Center. The new Amarr Door Center will be the company’s 66th distribution center, and it will make Amarr products available to Fimbel dealers.

Fimbel Door Company has been owned by Amarr Garage Doors since 2004 and operates a manufacturing and distribution center out of the same facility. The Fimbel Door Center primarily serves customers in the northeastern United States.

Overhead Door Wins Brand Leader Awards

In November, Overhead Door announced that the company was named a brand leader in Reed Building Group’s Annual Brand Leader Research.

Overhead Door swept the garage door group in three different categories, including brand awareness, usage, and preference. Overhead Door also swept the audience group for builders, remodelers, and custom builders.

Amarr Ranked Among Fastest Growing

Inc. magazine’s Aug. 23, 2007, issue ranked Amarr Garage Doors among the fastest-growing private American companies.

Inc. ranked Amarr number 3,447 on the first-ever list of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies. This list was based on gross dollar growth for the past three years. From 2003 to 2006, Amarr increased its revenues by 87 percent, up from $173 million in 2003 to $323.2 million in 2006.

Amarr says its growth is due to “an intense focus to improve designs and offer customization services.”

The 2007 Inc. 5,000 list measures revenue growth from 2003 to 2006. To qualify, companies had to be U.S.-based and privately held, independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of Dec. 31, 2006, and must have had at least $200,000 in revenue in 2003 and $2 million in 2006.

Southeast Door Teams Up With US Door

In November, Southeast Door Technologies, a sectional garage door wholesale distributor in Norcross, Ga., began stocking and selling steel roll-up doors. US Door & Building Components was chosen as the supplier.

Established in 2002, Southeast Door Technologies formerly specialized in the residential market but is now expanding their product mix to commercial products.

Kansas Awards Training Funds to Amarr

In September, the Kansas Department of Commerce announced that it had awarded Amarr $54,500 to help the company train 91 new employees at its Lawrence, Kan., plant.

The new hires will receive training in leadership skills, forklift licensing, and other areas. The company plans to add the 91 new employees by the end of 2008. To be eligible for the grant, a company must add positions at an average wage of at least $11 per hour.

Clopay Featured on “This Old House”
CAPTION From left: Kevin Kelleher, series host Norm Abram, Pat Lohse of Clopay, and Pat Kelleher Jr. from Kelleher Door.

In November, Clopay announced that it is providing garage doors for the new project house on TV’s “This Old House.” This season, the crew is renovating an 1897 home in Newton, Mass.

Clopay dealer Kelleher Door installed Reserve Collection garage doors on the two-car detached garage, while Pat Lohse, Clopay vice president of residential marketing, was interviewed on camera by Norm Abram.

The episode is slated to air in late December. The Newton house project highlights are available at

Martin Door Part of TV Episode

Caption: (From left) Dave Martin, Denise Lake, Boyd Babcock, Mike Lake, Mike Martin, and the homeowner, Tyler Depew.

In February 2008, a do-it-yourself home makeover TV show will feature a garage makeover that includes a new Martin garage door.

In an upcoming episode of “Sweat Equity” on the DIY Network, a new Martin carriage house aluminum door was installed on a 1960s-era home in Centennial, Colo. Martin Garage Doors of Colorado, owned by Mike and Denise Lake, installed the door.

Wayne-Dalton Repeats as Innovation Award Winner

In September, Home Builder Executive magazine named Wayne-Dalton as the winner of the 2007 Semiannual Innovation Awards in both the garage door and the garage door opener categories.

Wayne-Dalton was also named the winner in both categories in 2006. The magazine surveys home building professionals to determine winners for each category.

Janus Selected for Dream Home Project

In October, Janus International announced that it had been selected as the exclusive door supplier for a 2008 televised home project.

“Building a Dream Home” will air in the first quarter of 2008 on the Information Online Network, formerly the PAX network. The show’s 11th season will showcase the construction of a 6,700-sq.ft. home in Tallahassee, Fla.

Along with other manufacturers, Janus will narrate as four of their Model 3100 wind-load-rated rolling sheet doors are installed. Rose City Garage Doors will install the doors for the four-car/RV garage.

Wayne-Dalton Hits the Airwaves

In late August, Bill Earnest, Wayne-Dalton director of marketing and product management, shared morning drive time with more than two million radio listeners.

Earnest was interviewed by AM and FM radio hosts in markets in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and others. Key interview points were high R-value garage doors and energy tax credits.

“Through these interviews, we had the opportunity to discuss important consumer issues like garage door aesthetics, energy efficiency, and safety,” says Earnest.

Clopay Sponsors Door on Florida Envirohome

In November, Clopay announced that it is the garage door sponsor of a residential green building project in Indialantic, Fla.

Veteran builder Mark Baker and his wife, Nonnie Chrystal, are attempting to build the “greenest home in the world,” a 3,500-sq.ft. home they call Florida’s Showcase Green Envirohome. The couple is calculating the reduction of their home’s environmental impact and how much money they can save on everything from insurance premiums to taxes to utility bills.

David Howard of Howard Garage Doors in Melbourne is donating installation. To reduce overall household energy consumption, Howard recommended a Clopay Model 4400, a steel insulated sandwich door with a WindCode rating of W-8 and a tested R-value of 9.

The home is scheduled for completion in early 2008.

Miller Edge Program Approved by AIA/CES

The American Institute of Architects has recognized Miller Edge as a registered provider of continuing education learning units. Miller Edge has developed a program, “Sensing Solutions for Motor-Driven Doors.” By taking the program, AIA members can qualify for one learning unit and state-required continuing education credits.

The program educates architects to recognize potential hazards with motorized doors and to determine appropriate sensing devices. The course also assists them in writing clear specifications to assure UL 325 compliance and stresses the importance of using a professional door installation company.

Zap Controls Holds First U.S. Training Class

On Jan. 12, 2008, Zap Controls will hold its first regional technical training class. The training, held in Charlotte, N.C., will focus on all models of Zap operators and will include model selection, installation, accessory application, and technical troubleshooting and repair.

The event is being hosted by Custom Doors of Albemarle, N.C., the U.S. distributor of Zap operators. Class size is limited; prospective attendees should contact Dale Turley, Zap U.S. sales executive, at 931-510-4432 or


Canimex Upgrades Web Site

In November, Canimex announced an upgraded Web site at, offering a new look and improvements, with more changes coming.

Canimex’s Torque Force site presents information on all product lines, the engineering team, the quality assurance system, and the manufacturing process. A technical support section assists customers with research about specific products.

Northwest Door Launches Redesigned Site

In November, Northwest Door announced the launch of their newly redesigned and updated Web site at

The site offers more information about its commercial and residential garage door manufacturing services and includes a searchable database of authorized Northwest Door dealers in the United States.


6,000 Expected to Attend 2008 Expo

The 2008 International Garage Door Exposition is set for April 22-26, 2008, in Las Vegas, Nev. Produced by the International Door Association, the event is expected to draw 6,000 attendees from around the world.

The keynote speaker is James Bradley, author of the best-selling book, “Flags of Our Fathers” (see related story on p. 44). Expo will include many workshops and two days of exhibits from about 200 companies.

The headquarters hotel is the MGM Grand. All educational sessions will be conducted in the MGM Grand, while exhibits will be housed at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Complimentary transportation will be provided to and from the MGM Grand and the convention center.

For registration or exhibit information, go to

Rolling Door Technician Certification to Launch at Expo 2008

On Jan. 1, 2008, IDEA will begin taking applications for its new certification program for commercial rolling door systems technicians.

Written examinations will be offered at Expo 2008 in Las Vegas. The study guide covers topics such as codes and standards, materials and finishes, product components, installation, methods of operation, and safety.

Applicants must have two years of field experience and be able to verify that they have training in commercial rolling doors. The signed statement of an IDEA-sanctioned trainer is the most common method of verifying training.

Cost for the program is $200 per technician. In addition to the testing opportunity at Expo, IDEA will offer the examinations in a variety of locations during the following year. A schedule of testing opportunities will be announced in January 2008.

IDEA Plans Major Educational Event at Expo 2008

In 2008, for the first time in Expo history, IDEA will feature two unencumbered days of education and training. The event will take place April 23-26, 2008, at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

“We are planning the biggest, best, and most educational series that we have ever produced,” says Steve Guyton, IDEA president. Most seminars are being presented for the first time, but a few popular presentations are being carried over from 2007.

One plenary session features T. Scott Gross, a motivational speaker and author of the book “Positively Outrageous Service.” Other seminar speakers include Stacy Porter, Buck Buchanan, and Dr. Ronald Reese, along with frequent speakers Bruce McConnell, Roy Bardowell, Gary Lombard, John Zoller, and Dr. David Bowen.

Highlights: Wednesday, April 23
· DASMA will stage a new mock trial, using scenes from a fictional lawsuit to illustrate legal liabilities of door dealers.
· Research scientist Maureen Clemmons will present an entertaining multimedia presentation on design and construction, titled “Wind, Pyramids, Obelisks, and Beer.”
· Buck Buchanan, gate operator expert, will present a two-part technical seminar on gate operator installation.
· Randy Moore, one of Expo’s most popular presenters, will tackle a new topic, “Mythbusters: When Conventional Wisdom is Wrong.”
· Tom Wadsworth, editor of Door and Access Systems magazine, and IDA veteran Randy Oliver will present the new garage door inspection video for home inspectors, a dynamic new tool for dealers produced by IDA and DASMA.

Highlights: Thursday, April 24
· T. Scott Gross headlines the day with a 90-minute session on “Positively Outrageous Service.”
· Dr. Ronald Reese, a South Carolina psychologist, will explore the pitfalls and joys of “Family Business Issues.”
· Pat Lohse of Clopay and Kathy Wemke of A&E Door Sales will repeat their popular 2007 seminar, “Selling By Design”—how selling high-end doors can revolutionize a door dealer’s sales and marketing.
· Perennial favorites John Zoller and Dr. David Bowen return with a financial seminar on “How to Succeed in Any Market.”
· Technical expert Roy Bardowell will present his popular two-segment series, “Commercial Operator Troubleshooting.”

Saturday SuperTech
Expo’s education sessions conclude on April 26 with a Saturday morning SuperTech workshop titled “Going Undercover to Catch Garage Door Scams” (see related story on p. 44). Presented by frequent speaker Gary Lombard and investigative television reporter Tony Kovaleski, this unique seminar will offer an inside look at how TV sting operations uncover bad guys.

The Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA) produces the educational portion of Expo and administers IDEA accreditation and certification testing during the event. A final schedule will be published in early 2008.

Intertek Launches Certified Fire Door Inspector Program

In October, Intertek announced the launch of a new Certified Fire Door Inspector Program.

The program trains potential inspectors to properly inspect fire-rated door assemblies to the 2007 edition of NFPA 80: Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. Upon successfully completing the training and becoming certified, inspectors will conduct annual inspections in the field to ensure ongoing compliance and safety.

The 2007 edition of NFPA 80 now requires annual inspections of all fire-rated door assemblies including swinging doors with builders’ hardware. Intertek will certify inspectors who have successfully completed the Door and Hardware Institute’s Fire Door Assembly Inspection Class, completed applicable prerequisite classes, and passed Intertek’s written exam.

More information on Intertek’s Certified Fire Door Inspector Program is at To register for the Fire Door Assembly Inspection Class, see

New IDEA Apprenticeship Program Awaits Approval

IDEA’s new Automated Access Systems Technician Apprenticeship Training Program is awaiting the final approval of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Under federal guidelines for recognized apprenticeship programs, each employer must file individually. However, after an apprenticeship plan is approved, it may be used by all employers in the industry.

In addition to elevating standards for companies and individuals, the apprenticeship program creates a comprehensive training system for door and access systems dealers.

The apprenticeship curriculum includes instruction in residential garage doors and operators, commercial sectional door systems, commercial rolling door systems, rolling steel fire doors, and safety. The proposed program calls for two years of training for all eligible apprentices.

New ISO Standard Encourages Sustainability

In November, the International Organization for Standardization announced a new ISO standard that will help ensure that future building construction develops in an environmentally friendly manner.

Identified as ISO 21930:2007, Sustainability in Building Construction – Environmental Declaration of Building Products, the standard describes the principles and framework for environmental declarations of building products, taking into consideration the complete life cycle of a building.

The goal is to encourage the demand for, and supply of, building products that cause less stress on the environment. A key element is communication of verifiable and accurate information on the environmental aspects of building products.

ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, is a network of the national standards institutes of 157 countries. More information is at


DASMA Hosts Seventh Technical Forum

More than 25 industry technical experts attended the seventh annual DASMA technical forum on Oct. 17, 2007, in Kansas City. Seven speakers addressed current hot topics for the garage door industry.

Photo: Dan Knight of Akzo Nobel presented technical insights on paint finishing on steel doors.

Photo: Jay Crandell of Applied Residential Engineering Services provided the latest news on the activities of the ASCE 7 Wind Load Committee.

Photo: Pat Coughlin of the International Code Council (ICC) discussed the code development process.

Other speakers were:
· Bill York of WHYork Consulting; Topic: The new “code-plus” building product programs.
· John “Bud” Plisich of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); Topic: FEMA’s hazard mitigation program.
· Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director; Topic: The industry’s thermal performance strategy.
· Naomi Angel, DASMA legal counsel; Topic: Engineering ethics.

DASMA Accessible Communications Standard Gains Recognition

Achieving another victory for DASMA technical committees, ANSI/DASMA 303 is now referenced in ANSI/ICC A117.1.

International Code Council staff recently informed DASMA that the next version of ANSI/ICC A117.1, Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities, will reference ANSI/DASMA 303, Performance Criteria for Accessible Communications Entry Systems, as a compliance document for two-way communications systems.

“This reference represents the realization of a goal established by the former Accessible Communications Systems Committee, now known as the Access Systems Committee,” says Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director. The Committee began work on the DASMA standard earlier in the decade.

This DASMA standard defines general requirements and performance-based criteria for evaluating accessible communications entry systems. The standard was written to allow for innovation among access systems manufacturers while providing uniform requirements.

Factory Mutual Hosts DASMA Tour
Caption: Front row (from left): Don Mills, Janus (RDD Chair); Joel Bonnell, Raynor; LeRoy Krupke, Overhead Door; Ted Gay, FM Global. Back row: Steve Hahn, Lawrence Roll-Up Doors; Lang Greiner, Cornell; Jeff Gould, FM Global; Scott Anderson, FM Global. Not pictured: Joe Hetzel, DASMA.

In September, Factory Mutual (FM) hosted a tour and discussion of fire door issues at their facilities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Several technical experts from DASMA’s Rolling Door Division (RDD) attended.

FM representatives Jeff Gould, Ted Gay, and Scott Anderson discussed various fire protection topics involving labeling and listing. They then led a tour of their testing capabilities.

Discussions centered on the role of an insurer against building losses, recommendations common among insurers, and published information affecting rolling steel doors.

New Masonry Bulletin Targets Rolling Doors

The National Concrete Masonry Association recently released a new TEK Bulletin titled “Rolling Door Details for Concrete Masonry Construction.”

The publication, designated as TEK 5-13 and developed with the help of DASMA, outlines loads exerted by rolling doors, accommodating masonry reinforcement, door fasteners, and fire-rated rolling door connections. The publication is available from