SALES TIPS: Closing the Sale

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Publish Date: Spring 2001
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 36


Closing the Sale

There’s an old saying, “Don’t leave until you’ve closed the sale.” For many, the hardest part of the sale is the transition from the presentation to the close. The customer has heard all the necessary information, but must now come to a decision.

The close could be viewed as the most important part of the selling process. Sales are won or lost at this critical moment. The experienced salesperson understands the significance of the close and is ready to provide a helpful transition to action.

Garaga recommends these low-pressure statements that help bring the customer to a decision:

· “I’m going to need your approval before I proceed with the order.”
· “To confirm the delivery date you want, I’ll just need your approval right here…”
· “Can we confirm your order now and talk about when you want the installation?”
· “You are making a choice you will never forget.”
· “Do you have any concerns that I haven’t addressed? If not, can I write up this order now for you?”

Garaga suggests an additional idea that will help your customers remember you every year. Every year, on the anniversary of a sale, send a birthday card to the door you sold them. Yes, to the door. It’s a subtle way of letting them know you appreciated the sale and that you are still ready to serve them again.

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