SALES TIPS: Scott O'Neill, Garage Door Sales Professional

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Publish Date: Summer 2004
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 70


Scott O'Neill
Garage Door Sales Professional

Beyond the Call of Duty

Q: I keep hearing about the importance of value-added sales. What are some easy ways to delight customers and give them more than they asked?

A: As soon as you've sold the job, don't just take their check and run. That moment is the best time to make a permanent impression and truly delight the customer. So, as you conclude the job, make sure the customer knows that you are there to help, both now and in the future.

This is when you add those extras — like presenting the owner's manuals to the customer and mentioning the strong points within them. Show the customer how to align the sensors and how to disconnect the operator in a power failure.

Go beyond the call of duty and offer to program their HomeLink systems for them. And point out the sticker with your company name that you've left on their operator/wall area, so they know you're a phone call away.

After the Job

Once you've left the job, make sure to send a "thank you" card with your business card enclosed. Tell them you appreciate their business and will be there for them in the future. Handwriting a note sends a message that you care.

A year later, send a reminder card that it's time to have their door checked/serviced. Offer a discounted rate. This small gesture ensures that the door system is still operating properly.

The discriminating customer appreciates these little details. By offering these "value-added" extras, you will not only create a lifetime loyal customer, you'll also build more business by referral.

Scott O'Neill has been in the garage door business since 1986, working in the warehouse and in installation, customer service, and sales. As sales manager since 1992, he helped to return his company to profitability after years of tract projects.

His expertise: selling high-end doors, showroom selling, homeowners' associations, and Yellow Pages marketing. He holds a B.S. degree in marketing from California State University and is sales manager at Madden Door, Martinez, Calif.

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