SALES TIPS: The Easiest Add-On Sales

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Publish Date: Winter 2005
Author: Scott O’Neill
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The Easiest Add-On Sales
By Scott O’Neill

So you’ve taken a nice order for a new garage door and operator. The customer is happy and excited to see the new improvement on their home. But have you offered them everything that they really could need or want?

Today’s garage doors come with many useful add-on products. Mentioning these add-ons during your pitch can really enhance your sales, increase your profits, and (surprise!) satisfy the customer even more with features that they may not have considered.

My Neighbor the Dog Watcher

Consider Louise P., a recent customer. She came into the showroom to look at garage doors, and I figured she’d be a fairly quick sale. But towards the end of the sale, she mentioned that she was excited to get the door installed, and how convenient it would be to have a new door for just walking in and out of the garage.

Hmm. I then asked, “Do you often find yourself wanting access to the garage when on foot?”

She most certainly affirmed. Louise then added how nice it would be for her neighbor to have easy access to the garage to walk her dog when she is away on short business trips.

I immediately directed her to the wireless keyless entry system on our display, showing her how easy it works. Without even asking the price, she asked me to add one to the order.

That sale helped to remind me that we offer many features and add-ons that customers might love to have.

Did You Know We Have Windows?

Now consider David and Sara M., another recent customer. This couple wanted to buy an insulated steel garage door because they faced a lot of weather and wanted long-term durability.

They remarked that their garage door took up so much visual space on the front of their property. Sara mentioned how she just hated the bland look of their existing garage door.

I then mentioned the option of adding windows to the garage door for the benefit of added design and light. When they expressed concern about losing insulation value through the windows, I told them that they could order insulated glass, if thermal performance was critically important to them.

They then clarified that they use their garage for many functions, including storing wine. Suddenly, spending more money on the garage door became a good idea. Since some of their wine bottles cost more than $50 or $100 each, they didn’t oppose the idea of spending more for insulated dual-paned windows and buying the highest thermally performing door.

“Cute Little Grids”

Pursuing the window discussion, Sara mentioned that they had new windows in their home. “You know, those ones with the cute little grids in them,” she said.

Ah! I then brought up the benefits of tying in their new window look with Stockton grid windows in the garage. When we looked at window options on a virtual design program in my showroom, smiles spread wide on both their faces.

That was a slam-dunk sale.

Yes, some customers will often haggle over costs, but many customers want to know about their options. And many are willing to spend more for the right garage door system.

What Motivates You?

In my mind, greed should not be the salesperson’s motivator. The best salesperson is looking out for the best interests of the customer. That means asking pertinent questions and exchanging ideas.

In the end, you naturally motivate the client towards choosing a product with features that truly make their purchase the most satisfying. Effective add-on sales create the ideal win-win situation–for the customer and for you.

Scott O’Neill has been in the garage door business since 1986 and a sales manager since 1992 at Madden Door, Martinez, Calif.


Optional Items Worth Offering
Here are some of my favorite add-on items for garage door systems:
· Keyless entry systems
· Extra transmitters/Mini-transmitters
· Open-door monitors
· Parking aids
· Upgraded wall control panels (with motion sensing)
· Powder-coated or painted tracks
· Upgraded nylon-covered ball-bearing rollers
· Faux hardware components such as carriage-house hinges and pulls