SALES TIPS: The Rise of Garage Door Dealer Competition

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Publish Date: Winter 2007
Author: Craig Smith
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The Rise of Garage Door Dealer Competition

By Craig Smith

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a three-part series of sales tips on how to respond to changes in the garage door industry. Industry veteran Craig Smith, the vice president and general manager of GeniePro Sales Centers, has some helpful perspectives.

Over the last 15 to 20 years, the garage door industry has seen the rise of smaller, nimbler door dealers. It used to be that competition was limited to a few key players in a community, but now the field has grown and includes many more small garage door dealers creating a very competitive marketplace.

Established door dealers must now compete with dealers who often offer lower prices and less expensive service. If you want to grow your business in this highly competitive atmosphere, you need to improve your efforts to educate consumers and carefully market the advantages of using a reliable and knowledgeable dealer.

Emphasize Value Over Price

When a homeowner is weighing whether to purchase products from your dealership, you should emphasize value over price. If your competition can only offer lower prices, some of your key selling points are expert product knowledge, information on the latest styles and trends, and awareness of local codes and regulations.

Demonstrate your industry expertise by displaying certificates, awards, articles, and your close affiliation with a national brand. This assures consumers that they are making the right decision by going with a well-established, reliable garage door dealer.

Door Consultant vs. Door Hanger

Show the customer that you are a garage door consultant, not just “a guy who hangs doors.” Quality door dealers know their communities and can recommend products best suited to meet consumer needs.

Discuss the range of products and accessories available, and emphasize how much customization and choice you have to offer. Ask questions about the architectural style of a consumer’s home. Inquire about their neighborhood so you can identify trends and residential regulations in the area.

Offer distinctive recommendations, such as an aluminum and glass door for a contemporary-style home or a carriage house door for a traditional ranch-style home. This demonstrates you are a knowledgeable expert who is committed to finding the best products and accessories for each consumer.

Don’t just bill customers, build relationships. Each new customer provides you with a third-party reference who can spread positive word of mouth about your dealership.

Next: How Technology Affects Your Product Offerings

Technology has changed American households, and the garage door is no exception. In our next article, we’ll discuss what has driven these changes and how to best market the latest products and accessories to customers.

Craig Smith has more than 25 years of industry experience. To reach him, call 888-757-2687. Genie is part of Overhead Door Corporation’s Access Systems Division.