SALES TIPS: Words That Sell

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Publish Date: Summer 2004
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Words That Sell
by Dawn Josephson

The English language contains hundreds of thousands of words. But did you know that only 21 of them can easily sell your clients?

Yes, it's true! When you know these proven words and how to use them to your benefit, you'll save both time and money as you make more sales more easily and more quickly. (Hint: This paragraph contains 10 of these words.)

The Top 7 Words That Sell

  1. You - "You" is the most powerful word in the English language. Instead of writing, "Our customers are happy with our door," write, "You will be proud of your house when you own our new door."
  2. Money - People love to save it, earn it, and everybody wants more of it. Try: "Using our new door saves you money in repair and maintenance costs."
  3. Health - Look at popular magazine covers; this word is everywhere. The second thing people wish they had more of is good health.
  4. Guarantee - Most people are not risk-takers. They want assurance. Example: "We're so confident you'll be satisfied, we offer you a full money-back guarantee."
  5. Easy - Today's overworked families want things to be easy. Try this: "Our new showroom makes it easy for you to select your new garage door."
  6. Free - Everyone loves getting something for nothing. Here are some free examples: "Free consultation," "Free safety check," and "Free delivery."
  7. Yes - "Yes" is one of the most pleasing words to the human ear. So tell your prospects "yes" as often as possible, and avoid saying "no."

The Other 14

The other words that sell are: 1) Quick, 2) Benefit, 3) Their name, 4) Love, 5) Results, 6) Safe, 7) Proven, 8) Fun, 9) New, 10) Save, 11) Now, 12) How-to, 13) Solution, and 14) More.

Combine these words to make sure every sentence packs a punch. When you use these 21 words in every marketing piece, you increase your prospect's interest. And that leads to more sales and more money for you.

Dawn Josephson is the president and founder of Cameo Publications and the author of Putting It On Paper. Contact her at or 843-785-3770.