STATS AND SNAPS: A Statistical and Pictorial Review of Expo 2005

© 2005 Door & Access Systems
Publish Date: Summer 2005
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Pages 44-46

EXPO 2005
A Statistical and Pictorial Review of Expo 2005

April 20-23, 2005
Nashville, Tenn.


FLOOR SHOW: Expo 2005 featured 178 exhibits, up from 157 at the last Nashville show in 2002, but down from the 2004 record of 191 in Las Vegas in 2004.

GLASS CLASS: Raynor’s AlumaView grabbed attention with an innovative glass option. Throughout the show floor, several new attractive window options commanded attention.

FIRST TO THE FINISH: Hörmann displayed the DRP, a “new door type” with the Decograin Golden Oak surface finish, “a synthetic industrial foil.”

MORE RIBS, PLEASE: Richards-Wilcox Canada exhibited the new Thermatite MR, a multi-ribbed version of their insulated commercial steel door.


FINDERS AND KEEPERS: “Finding, Training, and Keeping Employees” proved to be a hot topic. Cathy Buckingham’s two workshops on the topic attracted 221 attendees.

GET THE MOST: Expo’s first workshop, presented by Chamberlain’s Barbara Kelkhoff (silhouetted in front of a PowerPoint slide), offered tips on how to get the most out of Expo.

TALES OF GOLF: Keynote speaker Gary McCord shared many humorous tales of his playing and broadcasting experiences on the pro golf tour.

AUTHOR!: Bill West, author of a new book on garage organization, attracted 189 to hear about “Capitalizing on Consumer Trends in Garages.”


Workshop / Speaker / Attendance
Planning for Excellence in Your Business / Randy Moore / 393
Inventory Management / John Zoller / 210
Super Tech / IDEA / 198
Capitalizing on Consumer Trends in Garages / Bill West / 189
Modern Sales and Marketing / Larry Trimmer / 182
Developing a Quality Service Call Checklist / Ed Hermanns / 176
Residential Operator Troubleshooting / Tom Schafer / 163
Being the World’s Greatest Employer / Randy Oliver / 154
Finding Training and Keeping Employees I / Cathy Buckingham / 141
Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in the Door Industry / Naomi Angel / 137

Expo Workshop Attendance
2005 Nashville / 3,105
2004 Las Vegas / 3,081
2003 San Antonio / 2,249
2002 Nashville / 2,382
2001 Atlantic City / 1,635
WORKSHOPS CONTINUE TO WORK: Even though overall Expo attendance dropped by 17 percent from the popular Las Vegas venue, Expo workshops continue to grow in popularity.

Expo Exhibits Attendance
2005 Nashville / 4,144
2004 Las Vegas / 5,011
2003 San Antonio / 3,349
2002 Nashville / 3,989
2001 Atlantic City / 3,500
IT’S NOT VEGAS: Expo 2005 improved over the last visit to Nashville in 2002, but Las Vegas remains the door dealer’s favorite Expo location.