Submitting the Right Product Report

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Publish Date: Spring 2007
Author: Joe Hetzel
Page 72


Submitting the Right Product Report

My local municipality is requiring that I give them published information from the door manufacturer on the wind load values for garage doors I offer. What published information alternatives are available, and which one is best?

Joe: Four common alternatives currently exist.
1. Test Report. This shows performance results for a particular product and is often used when only one product is involved.
2. Engineer/Architect Report. The product values in this report are determined by engineering calculations, but these values must be traced to testing of one or more product alternatives. This report is often used when multiple product alternatives are involved.
3. Code Agency Report. This is similar to an engineer/architect report, but is used when widespread code enforcement affects a particular family of products.
4. Product Certification. This involves product labeling, testing, quality control, and follow-up auditing, all under guidelines recognized by codes. This alternative usually streamlines the code-compliance process.

The best information to provide to your municipality depends on several factors: the number of products a manufacturer offers, the market areas in which a manufacturer offers products, and the level of code compliance being enforced (i.e., whether certification is needed) in those markets. Consult with your manufacturer for the report that is best for the municipality and you.