Survey: Economy Is Turning Around

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Publish Date: Winter 2003
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Survey: Economy Is Turning Around

Are happy days here again?

According to a new Door & Access Systems survey, three out of four door dealers say their total sales for the fall of 2003 are better than their total sales for the fall of 2002. However, the improvement in commercial sales lags behind residential sales.

Door & Access Systems conducted the online survey in November 2003. The survey invited 160 dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada to participate; 45 dealers (28 percent) completed the survey.

Residential Leads the Way

The survey indicates that the rebound in residential sales exceeded the rebound in commercial sales. Even though 75 percent of respondents say their fall 2003 residential sales improved over the fall of 2002, only 52 percent say their fall 2003 commercial sales have improved.

When asked if the economy has begun to turn around, 55 percent say, “It’s better, but we’re not out of the recession yet.” Another 18 percent were more positive, saying, “In my area, I think we’ve definitely come out of the recession.”

Some, however, have yet to see better days. Sixteen percent of respondents say the economy is “about the same” as it was a year ago. Only 11 percent say, “It seems to be getting worse.”

In a similar survey conducted in August of 2001, only 26 percent said the economy was improving, while 53 percent said the economy was flat. The results of the 2003 survey show a dramatic increase in the percentage of dealers who believe the economy is improving.

Chart: Fall Sales Jump

Change from Fall 2002 Percent of Dealers
Up 30% or more 2.4%
Up 25 % 4.8%
Up 20% 11.9%
Up 15% 14.3%
Up 10% 23.8%
Up 5% 16.7%
About the same 9.5%
Down 5% 7.1%
Down 10% 7.1%
Down 15% 0%
Down 20% 0%
Down 25% 0%
Down 30% or more 2.4%

Caption: Of all respondents, 74 percent say their fall 2003 sales are up at least five percent over their fall 2002 sales.