Taylor Offers Pre-Stained Steel Garage Doors

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Publish Date: Fall 2005
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Taylor Offers Pre-Stained Steel Garage Doors

In August, Taylor Building Products announced a new pre-finished wood-grained steel garage door named Taylorwood. The door’s “maintenance-free” finish comes in an oak grain design.

Taylor says the multi-step finishing process takes place in a factory-controlled environment that ensures a uniform medium-oak wood-grained appearance and long-term durability. This hot-dipped galvanized steel garage door offers an 8.3 R-value and a limited lifetime residential warranty against rust-through due to a failure of the finishing process.

Designed for residential or light commercial applications, Taylorwood Series doors are offered in flush and raised panels and in sizes up to 18' wide and 12' high. Decorative windows can be added. www.taylordoor.com

Marantec Adds Commercial Openers

In July, Marantec America announced the addition of commercial openers to its existing product line.

“We have been asked frequently by customers to add a commercial line, eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors,” says Bill Wahler, vice president of sales.

The new commercial line consists of four light-duty through heavy-duty models with a variety of accessories. The commercial line consists of the Pro J commercial/industrial belt-drive jackshaft operator, Pro LJ commercial limited-duty belt-drive jackshaft operator, Pro LT commercial limited-duty trolley opener, and the Pro T commercial/industrial trolley opener.

All four models feature a three-button control station, heavy-duty V-belt, 24V fused control circuit, powder metal limit cams, 3/4" ball bearings on pulley shaft, emergency disconnect, an adjustable friction clutch, and an external radio control terminal strip. www.marantecamerica.com

Amarr Launches Rolling Sheet Door Program

In July, Amarr improved its commercial product line by announcing that rolling sheet doors are now available through its door centers in North America.

Amarr launches the product line with three models, but the product line will probably grow as the needs grow. The initial models are the model 5501 for mini-storage buildings and other projects where submitting a competitive bid is important. The model 5601 is a heavy-duty sheet door for extensive usage and consistent operation. The 5652 is designed to meet wind load requirements, up to 130 mph wind speeds.

“It is important to Amarr to provide our dealers a wide variety of commercial products,” says Steve Roesner, Amarr’s commercial product manager. www.amarr.com

Fingerprint-Activated GDO Control Unveiled

In August, BioMetrx Technologies unveiled its first product, the SmartTouch garage door opener control. The patent-pending unit utilizes fingerprint-activated technology rather than traditional PIN numbers to operate a garage door.

The company says current garage door products experience problems such as “unauthorized interference by neighbors’ garage door opener remotes, unauthorized use of the opener, or simply consumers forgetting their various security codes.” The SmartTouch control allows homeowners to open the door with the touch of a finger.

The company says it has successfully tested its garage door opener for several months in varying weather conditions and is now ramping up for manufacturing and distribution.

Organized in 2001, BioMetrx Technologies is a research and development company that uses finger-activated technology to create stand-alone security and electronics products for the home under the SmartTouch brand name. www.biometrx.net

Falcon Introduces DIY Insulation Kit

In August, Falcon Foam announced its Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Insulation Kit for consumers.

Most 8' and 9' steel garage doors can be insulated in less than one hour. The only tools needed are safety goggles, tape measure, box cutter, and straight edge.

The kit’s 1-1/4" expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation carries an R-value of 4.5. The exposed EPS face is made of high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) laminate. The same insulation is used by garage door manufacturers. Each kit weighs 10 pounds and contains eight scored panels 1-1/4" x 20-1/4" x 54". www.falconfoam.com

ATL Announces TrakShield

In August, Arrow Tru-Line introduced TrakShield, a track-mounting system that eliminates the need for an add-on safety shield.

TrakShield limits access between the jamb and vertical track, reducing the chance for personal injury. Made of steel, TrakShield provides a superior method to mount vertical track to the door jamb.

The system also provides the necessary points for splicing the horizontal track and vertical track and attaching the horizontal angle. www.arrowtru-line.com

C.H.I. Introduces Builder Doors

In June, C.H.I. introduced new models 2200 and 2201 for “the challenging builder market.”

The new raised-panel doors are made of 25-gauge steel with a tongue-and-groove section joint. The door is available in white, almond, and sandstone, with or without 1-3/8" vinyl-backed polystyrene insulation.

“New construction requirements have changed,” says Elvin Kauffman, customer service representative, “and our distributors helped lead us in the design of the new product.” www.chiohd.com

Garaga Launches the Alterna Series

In August, Garaga announced two new “simple yet aesthetically pleasant” steel garage doors, the Alterna and Alterna II.

“We can now say that we are a one-stop supplier in the industry,” says Jim Migani, U.S. sales manager. “Our residential product line now extends from the high-end door to the economical products.”

The new 2"-thick Alterna doors are available in ice white, desert sand, metro brown, and claystone. The Alterna is a non-insulated product; Alterna II has polystyrene insulation with an R-value of 6.6. A variety of window designs are available. www.garaga.com

Linear Expands Radio Controls

In August, Linear Entry Systems announced the MCT-11, a new one-button MegaCode-format (318 MHz) digital transmitter for garage door and gate openers.

The compact transmitter (3.04" x 1.93" x .61") can be used with all of Linear’s garage door openers or most MegaCode 318 MHz wireless receivers.

When transmitting, the MCT-11’s red indicator glows. A dim light indicates that batteries need replacement. To conserve battery life, an internal timer limits transmission duration to 10 seconds if a transmitter button is held down. www.linearcorp.com

Raynor Offers Apartment House Operator

In August, Raynor announced the limited availability of ControlHoist Select Apartment House (CHSE-APT) operator, designed for apartment houses and parking garages.

Built for high-cycle applications, the operator is equipped with a heavy-duty rail, a 1/2-HP motor, and a trolley that operates on rollers. The CHSE-APT measures only 8" high, is up to 10" shorter than other trolley operators, and accommodates a variety of door sizes. www.raynor.com

Garaga Launches the G-8000 and the G-8500

In August, Garaga announced two new industrial garage doors, the G-8000 and the G-8500.

“The hardware we provide for these two new doors meets Garaga’s high standards of quality,” says Jim Migani, U.S. sales manager. “These doors are built to last for years to come.”

Both doors are 2" thick and are available in ice white with a deep-grooved panel design. The G-8000 is not insulated; the G-8500 has polystyrene insulation (R-value 6.6). Door sizes are available in 1" increments for width and 3" increments for height. www.garaga.com

Linear Introduces Residential Telephone Entry System

In August, Linear Entry Systems announced the RE-2, a new residential telephone entry system. Designed for residential or commercial use, it has capacity for 100 entry codes and 100 transmitters.

The RE-2 comes in a cast stainless steel model (the RE-2SS) and a powder-coated nickel finish (the RE-2N). Two general-purpose relays provide system functionality. One can be the control relay; the other can be for auxiliary control, such as safety edge reverse, external lighting, or alarm shunting.

The RE-2 also offers synthesized voice prompts that confirm installer programming remotely, via touch-tone telephone, or locally. Several options are available, including a closed-circuit television camera. www.linearcorp.com

Wilson Offers Door for Large Openings

In August, Wilson Doors introduced the Hydro-Tec aluminum door, “the industry’s only single-panel, hydraulic-powered door.”

The Hydro-Tec’s 6061-T6 aluminum panel weighs 40 percent less than comparable steel single-panel doors. Its lighter weight can reduce wear and tear on moving parts and allows the door to be operated with a lower maintenance, low pressure, hydraulic system. Requiring only six inches of headroom, Hydro-Tec is available in sizes up to 60' x 18'.

Founded in 1956, Wilson specializes in lightweight aluminum and economical steel vertical bi-fold doors and large exterior sliding doors. www.wilsondoors.com

B.E.A. Announces Wireless Push Plate

In August, B.E.A. introduced the Panther Series door activation push plates. The wireless units activate swinging, bi-fold, low-energy, and rolling industrial doors.

The Panther push plate arrives as a fully assembled unit with an integrated wireless RF 433 transmitter. Its all-active plate design triggers the door regardless of where the faceplate is pressed.

The Panther can be mounted on any flat surface, including an adjacent wall or a push plate mounting post, using standard screws. www.beainc.com

Raynor Extends American Rivers Sizes

In August, Raynor extended available sizes of the American Rivers Collection of wood carriage-house doors. American Rivers Collection doors are now available in widths from 6' to 18' and in heights from 6' to 9' in 1" increments. Maximum door sizes available will be 18' x 8' or 16' x 9'.

Originally launched in the fall of 2003, American Rivers Collection includes eight decorative design options and eight window design options. www.raynor.com

C.H.I. Unveils Motor-Operated Fire Door

In August, C.H.I. announced the Guardian Motor Fire Door with Auto-Set. The Guardian line does not require spring tension reset, limit reset, or operator drive re-engagement after drop testing the door.

“If a power outage, warning, or alarm condition occurs, our motorized door systems default to the closed position and then reset from the floor with the push of a button,” says Dave Dawdy, sales manager.

The new Guardian system features power-down operation when signaled from a central fire alarm or smoke or heat detectors, and will release the fire door to gravity close in the event of a power failure. The Guardian Fire Door with Auto-Set may be used with all approved detection, release, and warning devices. www.chiohd.com

Hörmann Adds Feature to Hurricane Doors

In July, Hörmann added a new standard safety feature for its hurricane garage doors. Special end caps on each large strut serve as trap protection.

Hörmann hurricane doors also include safety features such as pinch protection, side hand guards, and an anti-drop device. The Hörmann reinforcement strut system is permanently installed on the door, eliminating the need for last-minute adjustments.

“To my knowledge, this added safety feature makes the Hörmann garage doors the safest hurricane garage doors in the industry,” says Mark Wagner, owner of Treasure Coast Garage Doors in Port St. Lucie, Fla. www.hoermann.com

Windsor Republic Introduces Hollow-Metal Doors

In August, Windsor Republic Door announced the STC 48 and STC 50 commercial hollow-metal door systems. The doors are approximately 25 percent lighter than current market products.

With a 1-3/4" hollow-metal frame and a low-profile sealing system, the doors can be used in government buildings, concert halls, school band rooms, HVAC and generator rooms, and airports.

Windsor Republic’s hollow-metal door manufacturing plant is in McKenzie, Tenn. www.windsordoor.com

C.H.I. Adds Glue-Chip Glass

In August, C.H.I. Overhead Doors offered a new glazing option for the 2290 series of recessed-panel sandwich garage doors.

Models 2294, 2296, and 2298 polyurethane-core doors now offer glue-chip glass in addition to 1/8" clear and 1/8" Lexan. www.chiohd.com

Solid Thresholds Awarded Patents

Solid Thresholds Company has now been awarded patents on its line of products, which were recently specified for use in the new tower at Caesars Palace.

Available in 4", 5", and 6" widths by 1/4" and 1/2" high, the product retards water and weather. These patented products meet ADA guidelines, are predrilled for fasteners, and include a wire channel for sensor wires.

Where adjacent floors are not of the same height, spacer plates can be provided. www.solidthresholds.com

US Door Introduces Mezzanine System

US Door & Building Components’ Access-A-Deck Mezzanine System converts existing buildings and new construction into multi-level storage areas.

US Door says the system can provide clean, secure, and profitable self-storage by converting a single-level building into two stories. This maximizes existing floor space and turns more of the interior into rentable square footage.

“We are working with more self-storage developers on conversions of existing buildings that are ideal for a prefabricated steel framing product,” says Charles “Chip” Cordes, vice president.

The system requires an unobstructed minimum eave height of 15'. The Mezzanine Systems are designed on a 10' grid, allowing for a 125 PSF floor load rating. www.usdoor.com

Martin Expands Window Options

Martin Door has added five new designs to its expanding list of window options. The new offerings include Banbury, Nottingham, Starcross, Newbury, and Oxford windows.

The windows will be available with all models of Martin Doors. Windows for Martin Doors are made of double layers of vacuum-formed and welded plastics, which are painted to match Martin’s 69 color choices. www.martindoor.com

Royal Mouldings Announces Garage Door

In August, Royal Mouldings announced the Royale Garage Door with polymer materials that minimize warping, bending, and maintenance.

The door is reinforced to enhance structural performance during extreme conditions such as excessive wind loads. Gasket compression seals at each seam and at the bottom panel eliminate problems related to freezing conditions and prevent air infiltration. www.royalmouldings.com

C.H.I. Expands Carriage-House Sizes

In August, C.H.I. Overhead Doors announced new door widths and heights to its all-steel carriage-house doors. Models 5240, 5241, and 5216 now come in widths of 12', 15', and 20' and in heights up to 14'.

C.H.I. today also announces that the thermally-broken model 5216 is now available in brown in addition to the white, almond, and sandstone. www.chiohd.com

Flexon Introduces Speed-Master 500

In August, Flexon introduced the Speed-Master 500, an economy high-speed roll-up door with low-maintenance features. The door is designed for interior doorways up to 10' wide x 12' high where environmental separation is desired.

The Speed-Master 500 includes a direct-drive motor, low-profile heavy-duty steel side tracks, springless design, bottom reversing edge, and reversing photo cells. www.flexoninc.com

Goff Offers Bug Blocking Curtain Door

In August, Goff Enterprises introduced the Bug Blocking Curtain Door that allows airflow and sunlight while blocking bugs, birds, and intruders.

Suitable for rugged dock environments, the door is made of weather-resistant vinyl-coated mesh that will not fade or mildew. Bug Blocking Curtain Doors are available with three mounting options and in sizes to fit most doorways.

The doors are held closed by 2" Velcro fasteners that run up the moving, vertical edge. Floor sweeps and upper valances provide a total bug-blocking seal. www.goffscurtainwalls.com

EverCharge Chosen as “Cool Product”

In June, Chamberlain’s LiftMaster garage door opener with EverCharge Battery Backup was selected as one of the Top 20 Cool Products in the 4th Annual Cool Products Competition for the 2005 Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC).

The Cool Products Competition honors products that are considered innovative, cutting-edge, and just plain “cool” by more than 5,000 randomly selected, pre-registered attendees of PCBC 2005. The EverCharge Battery Backup was chosen as a winner from more than 125 entries and 600 exhibitors.

The EverCharge Battery Backup, developed exclusively for the LiftMaster Estate Series 3500 Garage Door Opener, allows the garage door opener to keep running for up to 20 cycles or two days after an electrical outage. www.liftmaster.com

Rite-Hite Offers Barrier Glider

In July, Rite-Hite Doors announced the Barrier Glider, “the industry’s only thermal air sealing, impactable high-speed cold storage door.”

The Barrier Glider’s patented thermal air sealing system inflates 6"-diameter conforming fabric ducts to seal the perimeter of the bi-parting doors and create a pressurized seal. Additionally, the ducts bathe the surrounding floor, door, and mechanisms with air movement to prevent ice buildup.

Rite-Hite says that seals are more critical to preventing thermal loss than the R-factor insulation in doors. Unlike rigid door systems, the Barrier Glider defeats impacts, maintains its integrity, continues operation, reduces energy loss, and minimizes lost productivity. Optional high-security, locking fiberglass panels are also available. www.ritehite.com

TKO Offers Economical Impact Door

In August, TKO Doors announced the Jr. WelterWeight door, “the most economical full-featured knockout door in the industry.”

“This new door puts the benefits of knockout design within reach of virtually all docks,” says Jody Becker, vice president of sales. The door features the TKO impact design with spring-loaded steel guidance pins and a wooden core.

Options include the Super Bottom panel with a 2-year performance warranty, vision panel, bump lock, anti-drift down lock, pilfer-proof cable lock, Impact-A-Track door track, and choice of power operation or manual chain hoist. www.tkodoors.com

Designer Doors Adds 16 Glass Styles

In June, Designer Doors added 16 new patterned glass options to its standard line. The new wide array of standard glass options includes V-grooved, beveled, leaded, and etched glass.

“Demand for specialty glass in our garage doors has been soaring,” says Kent Forsland, founder and owner. www.designerdoors.com

Wayne-Dalton Offers New Operator Bracket

In August, Wayne-Dalton announced a new operator bracket for the 9100 and 9600 model garage doors.

The new design attaches to the top edge of the top section as compared to the current bracket that spans the height of the top section. The improved design provides an attachment method that can better handle the forces applied to top sections from traditional ceiling-mounted trolley openers. www.wayne-dalton.com

FlexComboscreen Offers Security With Insect Control

In June, FlexBarrier announced FlexComboscreen, a portable screen frame that keeps birds, flies, moths, mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, and other insects out while letting in light and air. In addition to providing a visual barrier from the street, the FlexComboscreen helps prevent trespassing and theft.

The FlexComboscreen is made of aluminum screen wire combined with a heavy-gauge, polymer-coated steel wire mesh. The FlexComboscreen frame snaps into the door jamb, secured by sturdy steel spring lock pins. A brush around the outside of the frame seals the edges.

The product is designed as an economical solution for openings where limited access is needed. www.flexbarrier.com

Wayne-Dalton Improves TorqueMaster

In August, Wayne-Dalton announced an improved TorqueMaster that handles a weight of 300 pounds.

The improvement was made by redesigning the shape of the inner coils and replacing the original wire with special grade music wire. This change allows more doors in varying sizes to use the TorqueMaster system.

The improved TorqueMaster is now available on the Model 9700 doors. It will be available for Wayne-Dalton’s other residential doors later this year. www.wayne-dalton.com

US Door Introduces Windlock Door

In June, US Door & Building Components announced the new Model 652 Windlock door, designed to resist hurricane-force winds and meet most coastal building code requirements.

“Our customers have been asking for doors to withstand higher wind events, whether it’s hurricanes along the coast or micro bursts in the Southwest,” says Charles “Chip” Cordes, vice president.

Suitable for sizes up to 20' by 14', the Model 652’s new Ultra High Molecular (UHM) nylon windlocks provide protection and ease of operation, and are factory tested to more than 60,000 cycles. Most doors are available in 22 colors and many sizes. www.usdoor.com



ViperGrip Technology Announced

In July, IDL Tools announced ViperGrip, a cam-assisted, self-adjusting locking pliers The patented cam-assisted technology increases gripping power by a multiple of six times.

Its jaws automatically self-adjust and lock onto different material sizes (up to 1-1/8") and shapes. With the flip of a switch, the ViperGrip transitions from locking pliers to non-locking pliers.

“Existing designs for standard and locking pliers are limited in their versatility or their gripping power,” says Bill Driscoll, vice president.

The ViperGrip line is scheduled to be available in August through traditional hardware retailers. The ViperGrip design can be found at Sears and Orchard Supply Hardware stores under the Craftsman GripMaster brand or at Lowe’s under the SeberGrip brand. www.idltools.com

Makita Adds Miter Saws With Laser Accuracy

In August, Makita U.S.A. announced the launch of two new 10" and 12" dual-slide compound miter saws with a built-in laser. A switch allows the laser to be seen with or without the blade rotating.

These new miter saws, models LS1013L and LS1214L, are equipped with dynamically balanced, direct-drive motors (13 and 15 amp) with dual ball bearings that never slip or bog down like belt-driven units.

Models LS1013L and LS1214L feature a precisely aligned slide mechanism and blade system that minimizes deflection for smooth, burn-free cuts. The saws also have a soft-start feature and a pivoting fence that supports materials for miter cuts. www.makitatools.com


Marantec Names Two VPs

In August, Marantec America announced that it has named Bill Wahler as vice president of sales and Peter Landwehr as vice president of finance and administration.

Announcing these changes, Neil Giarratana, Marantec president, says, “Marantec is the fastest-growing operator company in North America.”

Wahler is a long-time industry leader and sales veteran. He is currently president of the Canadian Door Institute and a member of the International Door Association (IDA) board of directors, and is also active in DASMA. He soon marks his 20th year of service to dealers and installers.

Landwehr has more than 30 years of experience in helping companies manage rapid growth while maintaining control and profitability in an international environment. A C.P.A., Landwehr holds an accounting degree from the University of Arizona and an M.B.A. in finance and international management from DePaul University.

Steel-Craft’s Lunger Retires After 42 Years

On June 30, Stu Lunger of Steel-Craft Door retired from a career that spanned four decades in the garage door industry.

Lunger began his career in 1963 in the Edmonton, Alberta, area as an installer’s assistant. Within six months, he was promoted to crew leader and held this position for 11 years. Lunger joined Steel-Craft Door in 1974, working in the supply and install department.

He spent the next 25 years in the specialty door department where he made doors for the Canadian Space Agency, the Canadian Mint, and numerous hydro projects. He was well known by many dealers in the Canadian market. An active participant in DASMA, Lunger participated in DASMA’s contributions to the industry.

Wayne-Dalton Names New Director of Marketing

In August, Wayne-Dalton announced the promotion of Bill Earnest to director of marketing and product management. With Wayne-Dalton for six years as general manager of manufacturing operations in Mount Hope, Earnest will now oversee the integration of product and marketing strategies with sales and profit goals.

The company’s changes in the marketing organization are intended to improve product management and the release of new products.

Previously, Earnest worked for Stanley Door Systems as division human resources manager, plant manager, and operations manager. Earnest has a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Bowling Green State University and an M.B.A. from Oakland University.

Bircher Creates National Sales Position

In August, Bircher America announced that Danny DeGott has joined the firm as U.S. and Canadian sales representative for pedestrian, commercial, and industrial door sensors.

DeGott brings more than 30 years of experience in the automatic door industry, building up local branches and training industrial professionals on ANSI standards. DeGott adds manpower to manage Bircher America’s double-digit growth.

Amarr Names VP of Information Systems

In July, Amarr announced the hiring of a vice president of information systems to respond to increasing demand for informational technology (IT). Steve Crawford will lead Amarr into the next generation of technical infrastructure and application software at the manufacturing, distribution, and retail level.

Crawford brings more than 25 years of experience, with executive positions in guiding organizations through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations. His last position was president and chief information officer of Voith IT Solutions. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from James Madison University.

“Amarr is the type of company that wants to leverage technology as a competitive advantage,” says Crawford. “Providing first-class support and technology solutions to the business and our customers is essential in fostering Amarr’s growth.”

New Faces and Promotions at Wayne-Dalton

In August, Wayne-Dalton announced personnel changes in product, sales, and customer service management.

Rush Akin is now product manager of residential and commercial operators. Prior to joining Wayne-Dalton, Akin was engineering program manager with Syn-Tech Systems. He earned his A.S. and B.S. in electrical engineering technology from Purdue University.

Dirk Leachman is now regional sales director for dealer sales for the northwest quadrant of the United States. He also is responsible for sales of Regional Operations Centers in San Francisco, Milpitas (Calif.), and Portland.

Scott Thomson is regional sales director for the Midwest, responsible for dealer sales and company-owned wholesale units. Thomson was with Alside for 19 years, most recently as regional vice president of the Midwest.

Irene McRobie has been named director of customer service, managing the organizations in Mount Hope, Pensacola, and Dalton. McRobie has been with Wayne-Dalton for 27 years in customer service.

Jennifer Devault is now dealer team supervisor. Previously, she was the account sales representative for 12 of Wayne-Dalton’s largest accounts. Devault has been with Wayne-Dalton for five years.

A.O. Smith Announces Executive Promotions

In June, A.O. Smith Electrical Products announced two executive promotions in its sales and marketing organization. Louis Rasmussen is now vice president of North American sales and Steve O’Brien is vice president of marketing. The company also announced it was creating a new position, vice president of global accounts.

Rasmussen is responsible for sales of the company’s electric motors to North American-based original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and distribution accounts. O’Brien handles global marketing efforts to OEM customers.

A.O. Smith makes alternating current and direct current motors for garage door openers and many other products. The company employs approximately 13,000 worldwide.

ATL Introduces HR Manager

In August, Arrow Tru-Line (ATL) announced its new human resources (HR) manager, Beth Behrman. She is responsible for all employee-related phases of HR, safety, and EPA compliance for ATL’s 300 employees.

Behrman has more than 21 years of human resources experience. She graduated from Defiance College with the highest of honors with a bachelor’s degree in HR.

Samco Hires Project Manager

In April, Matt Hazrati joined Samco Machinery as project manager.

Hazrati has a background in custom machinery manufacturing, design, and project management. He is in charge of ensuring that milestones, dates, and deliverables are met, from engineering to on-site installation.

SAMCO has been designing and manufacturing fully automated rollforming systems for the garage door industry and other industries for 30 years.


Northwest Door Announces $20-Million Plant

In August, Northwest Door announced construction of a new 300,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing plant, with completion expected in the spring of 2006.

Steve DeWitt, president and owner, says the company has experienced steady growth throughout its nearly 60-year history, and the current location no longer is able to accommodate expansion. He says Northwest Door is investing over $20 million in a new facility and high-speed production equipment.

The new plant sits on 30 acres of land and will house management, sales, and manufacturing. The facility offers the potential to add new facilities and employees to the current manufacturing workforce.

Canimex Acquires Manaras

In July, Canimex announced the acquisition of Manaras, a manufacturer of commercial and industrial door operators, controls, and accessories. Canimex supplies specialized hardware components to access systems manufacturers.

All of Manaras’ operations in Canada and the United States are included in the acquisition. Day-to-day activities will continue to be directed and managed through Manaras’ Pointe-Claire/Montreal, Quebec, facility.

“Canimex and Manaras have enjoyed a solid history of successful collaboration for nearly 25 years,” says Daniel Lelievre, Manaras’ newly appointed general manager.

Martin Doors Partners With A-tech

In August, Martin Door announced an agreement with A-tech to distribute Martin garage doors throughout the central, southern, and eastern United States. Martin Door is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The agreement will expand Martin Door’s distribution in several states.

A-tech has warehouses in Allentown, Pa., and Indianapolis, Ind., and services a large network of dealers throughout the nation.

DoorKing Acquires Self-Storage Software Product

In August, DoorKing announced that it has acquired all rights to the Storage Administrators Graphical Environment (SAGE) software product developed by Logon Express.

Richard Sedivy, DoorKing’s director of marketing, says the acquisition will allow the company to integrate its telephone entry and access control systems software and the SAGE software into a single software application for the self-storage industry. The new software application will be marketed under the trade name SymBio.

“Our goal is to develop a powerful tool that allows owners and managers of self-storage companies to control all aspects of their business from a single, easy-to-use software application,” says Sedivy.

BioMetrx Technologies Makes Agreement With Skylink

In July, BioMetrx Technologies of Jericho, N.Y., entered into an agreement with the Skylink Group.

The agreement calls for Skylink to provide technical and manufacturing expertise in enabling wireless transmission and communication of BioMetrx’s SmartTouch product line. These home security devices include garage door openers, thermostats, central alarm controllers, and residential door locks.

A month earlier, MarketShare Recovery completed the acquisition of BioMetrx. Organized in 2001, BioMetrx develops fingerprint-recognition technology for home security products under the SmartTouch trade name.

Linear Acquires Niles and Imerge

In July, Linear announced it had acquired Niles Audio of Miami, Fla., a global maker of whole-house audio and home theater products. In August, Linear then announced the purchase of Imerge, a Cambridge, England-based supplier of Internet-connected, hard disk-based audio products and media appliances.

Niles Audio, established in 1978, now has a line of more than 500 audio/video products. Imerge, with a strong presence in the European market, makes Internet-connected, hard disk-based audio products and media appliances.

Linear is a worldwide supplier of garage door and gate openers, short- and long-range radio remote controls, wireless residential security systems, and various consumer electronics.

Wayne-Dalton Wins Five National Awards

In August, Wayne-Dalton announced that its garage doors and openers had received several recognition awards from different magazines.

In a recent edition of Building Products magazine, Wayne-Dalton’s 9800 Fiberglass-clad Door received the MVP Award. The competition singled out an “elite handful of new products worthy of special recognition.” The winners were selected by a national panel of architects, builders, and remodelers.

In its May/June issue, Building Products also recognized Wayne-Dalton’s idrive opener as a Top 100 Building Product as determined by reader response. Information on Wayne-Dalton’s idrive was 12th most requested. Last year, the idrive was honored as the fourth most requested.

The best home remodeling products were recently announced in the Woman’s Day 2005 Best New Product Awards. Wayne-Dalton’s 9700 Designer Series received one of eight honorable mentions. The article praised the door’s wood-grain finish and described it as “the beauty of carriage-doors with the durability of steel.”

Home Improvement Executive (HIE) recognized Wayne-Dalton for the third consecutive year as the top garage door and opener manufacturer. Wayne-Dalton says its consecutive wins in two Innovation Awards categories are unprecedented.

Clopay Ranked “Best in Class”

In August, Clopay said it has been named “Best in Class” in the 2005 Professional Builder magazine survey of building product brands.

The annual survey of a random sample of the magazine’s subscribers sought to determine which manufacturers do the best job of providing quality products and services. Clopay ranked first in the garage door category. To ensure accurate responses, company names were not provided to the survey recipients.

Garaga Promotes Garage Door Safety Month

In June, Garaga held a coloring contest for children in an effort to support garage door safety month with the International Door Association (IDA). Garaga Experts dealers were encouraged to leave behind drawings for homeowners upon service calls or new installations. The drawing was also printable from Garaga’s Web site.

The contest educated children about garage door safety and hazards. From one elementary school in the Drummondville area, Garaga received more than 75 entries. The community had recently been touched by a fatal garage door accident that involved a 10-year-old child.

A total of 173 entries were submitted. The 8-year-old winner, Karolanne Lavertue, from Châteauguay, Quebec, received a bicycle valued at $250.

Bircher America Marks 10 Years

On Aug. 1, 2005, Bircher America marked its 10th year. The firm was founded on Aug. 1, 1995, as a sales and engineering support organization for Bircher Products in Chicago.

In 1997, with the need for warehousing, assembly, and manufacturing space, Bircher America moved to its present location in Elk Grove Village, another Chicago suburb. In 1998, the firm started the production of safety mats and edges for the American market. In 2000, the acquired Reglomat business was integrated, adding non-tactile sensors to Bircher’s product line.

Today, Bircher America is a subsidiary of Bircher Reglomat and supplies air wave switches, electrical and pneumatic sensing edges, industrial and pedestrian door sensors, and other products. Barac Bieri, Bircher America president, says the firm has experienced double-digit growth for the third year.

Wayne-Dalton Honors Top Dealers

From April 27-30, Wayne Dalton used “Design Makes a Difference” as its theme for the 2005 President’s Club meeting at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Invitees from approximately 50 dealers attended, received awards, and learned the company’s strategy and goals for 2006. Next year’s meeting will be held in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The President’s Club meeting, held annually since 1991, recognizes Wayne-Dalton’s top independent dealers. Invitees are determined by sales achievements from the previous year.

Steelhouse Doors Make “Extreme Makeover” Finale

On May 22, 1st United Door Technologies’ Steelhouse carriage-house garage doors were seen on the 2-hour season finale of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

The show created a new Flagstaff, Ariz., home for the family of Spc. Lori Piestewa, the first woman killed in the war in Iraq. Piestewa’s best friend Spc. Jessica Lynch was instrumental in instigating the home project.

1st United Door donated two Taos model Steelhouse carriage doors for the project. The doors were installed by Anozira Door Systems. Crews began excavating the site on April 14, and 1,300 crew members worked around the clock to complete the home within a week.

Manufacturers Discuss Global Wireless Standard

Home technology manufacturers such as Wayne-Dalton participated this summer in the first European Developers’ Forum to solidify Z-Wave as the global standard in wireless home control technology.

Held in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Forum attracted more than 40 manufacturers, including Danfoss, Leviton, and Wayne-Dalton. The Forum’s interoperability meeting featured more than 40 products, confirming the growing membership of the Z-Wave Alliance and acceptance of the Z-Wave platform for wireless home controls.

The Z-Wave platform provides low-cost, two-way, wireless mesh networking that enables consumers to monitor and manage their lighting, garage door openers, security systems, and other home controls from anywhere in the world. Z-Wave is available in more than 75 wireless products today.


Chamberlain Upgrades Dealer Locator

In June, Chamberlain upgraded its Web sites and dealer locators to support its dealers who sell and install Chamberlain products. Web users can now quickly locate dealers in their areas from www.liftmaster.com, www.eliteaccess.com, and www.sentexsystems.com.

The Web locator system sorts dealers by product category and provides Web users with a list of dealers in their local areas. The dealers are presented in order of distance from the Web user’s ZIP code.

An area map pinpoints locations of dealers. Consumers can then click on a dealer listing for more information. A map and driving directions are also provided.


Garage Door Performance Cited in IBHS and FEMA Reports

Garage door performance in high winds is increasingly being studied by major national organizations. Two recent reports on the 2004 Hurricane Charley draw special attention to the performance of garage doors in Florida.

#1: IBHS Praises Door Performance

One report, “Hurricane Charley: Garage Door Permit Study,” was completed in August 2005 by the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS). By studying thousands of residential garage door installation permits for the last 25 years, the report tracks how many of those doors were replaced after Hurricane Charley.

The report demonstrates that doors installed in recent years performed much better than older doors installed under previous building code requirements. (See story on pp. 46-50.)

#2: FEMA Inspects Door Damage

In April 2005, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released a mitigation assessment report (Report #488), also for Hurricane Charley. The 318-page report includes observations, recommendations, and technical guidance for building envelope products, including residential and commercial garage doors and rolling doors.

The FEMA report studies several garage doors that were blown in or out by the wind. “Many of the failures,” says the report, “occurred because the doors had inadequate wind resistance … weak tracks or inadequate attachment of door tracks to the buildings.”

The report notes that failed doors often were not “braced according to high-wind recommendations.” FEMA recommends, “When doors are replaced, it is important to replace all of the doors and the track hardware.”

Noting that “newer doors generally performed well,” the report cites one new door that failed, resulting in the failure of an interior partition wall. Investigation showed that the door was not installed according to the drawings.

In August, DASMA distributed significant portions of the report to its Commercial & Residential Garage Door Division. FEMA Report #488 is freely available online at www.fema.gov. Chapter 5 contains sections on garage doors, sectional doors, and rolling doors.

Triennial European Door Show Nears

The R+T show, a global trade fair for doors/gates, roller shutters, and sun protection, will be held in Stuttgart, Germany, Feb. 7-11, 2006. The show, offered once every three years, attracts 50,000 visitors. In 2003, exhibitors and visitors came from 84 countries, representing more than half of the total attendance.

To accommodate international visitors at the 2006 show, guided visitor tours and a free dictionary of technical terms in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish will be provided. Tours will be offered in various languages and for specific products. Tour registration will be available via the Internet.

The show features the R + T Innovation Prize presented by Messe Stuttgart, the federal association for roller shutters and sun protection, and the BVT, a federation of gate and door manufacturers. Unlike previous awards, the 2006 award will give priority to product functionality over design.

“R + T” stands for Rolladen and Tore, meaning “roller shutters” and “gates” in German. Browse to www.messe-stuttgart.de/r+t for more show information.

DASMA, IDA Advance Home Inspector Project

In June, DASMA and IDA representatives made progress on a project to supply useful input to home inspectors. In a Chicago meeting with James Jones of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), DASMA and IDA identified how they could contribute information for ASHI standards, inspection software, training materials, and for the ASHI Web site.

The project started in February when IDA representatives Jim Lett (now IDA president) and Garry Stewart (IDA past president) proposed some collaborative projects for IDA and DASMA. “Jim and Garry have some great ideas,” says Randall Renne, DASMA president, “and this home inspector project is an excellent joint venture that will benefit the entire industry.”

Renne says the project seeks to improve safety, attract more attention to our industry’s products, and generate a larger market for replacement products. “We want to give home inspectors simple, reliable tips for examining doors and operators. We believe everyone will benefit – homebuyers, home inspectors, and our industry.”

DASMA and IDA plan to maximize their efforts by contacting other home inspector organizations in the United States and Canada. ASHI, with 6,000+ members and 80+ chapters, is considered to be North America’s largest home inspector organization.

CDI Offers Dock Equipment Training

In May, the Canadian Door Institute (CDI) engaged the services of Blue Giant to provide a safety and training seminar. Held at the Blue Giant facility in Brampton, Ontario, the seminar covered dock levelers, lift tables, and truck restraints. The 38 attendees from nine dealerships learned product knowledge and safe working procedures.

“The realization that our industry must reach a new level of safety and professionalism is a paramount issue,” says Ken Garbutt, CDI vice president. He says CDI is currently discussing other training seminars with door companies. “Together we can raise the bar.”

DeGasperis Appointed IDEA Director

At Expo in April, Joe DeGasperis, general manager of Superior Door & Gate Systems of Mississauga, Ontario, was seated on the board of directors of the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA).

DeGasperis will serve a second three-year term on the IDEA board. IDEA provides accreditation, certification, and educational programs to companies that sell, install, and service door and access systems.

“High Performance Door” Defined

In July, the DASMA High Performance Door Division voted to determine the definition, options, and DASMA membership criteria associated with the term “high performance door.”

The division defined “high performance doors” as “rolling, folding, or sliding non-residential doors, generally characterized by either higher cycles or higher speeds, typically made-to-order, and designed for higher or special types of durability.”

To be eligible for membership in the DASMA High Performance Division, a manufacturer must make at least one line of doors that meets criteria number 1 or 2 (see below), number 3, and at least two of numbers 4, 5, and 6.
1. Minimum 100 cycles per day
2. Minimum speed of 20 inches per second
3. Non-residential, powered door applications
4. Made-to-order for exact size and custom features
5. Designed to be able to withstand equipment impact (“break-away” during hits)
6. Designed to sustain heavy usage with minimal interference

Don Wagner, chair of the DASMA High Performance Division, says, “We now have a good foundation toward focusing on the many codes and standards where these door systems are involved.”


2004 Florida Code: Positive News for Garage Doors

In June, the Florida Building Commission determined that the 2004 Florida Building Code will take effect Oct. 1, 2005. The new code, updated approximately every three years, contains positive changes for garage door products.

The Building volume of the 2004 code includes a Garage Door Wind Load Table in the wind load portion, along with reference to ANSI/DASMA 108 in the structural tests section. The wind load table is similar to the chart included in DASMA TDS (Technical Data Sheet) 155o published at www.dasma.com.

“Our efforts to have the industry represented in the code are paying off,” says Pat Hunter, DASMA Commercial & Residential Garage Door Technical Committee chair. “Distinguishing our products in the Florida code will help clarify compliance and strengthen the industry’s image.”

Changes for “Glitch” Cycle

DASMA has also submitted five proposed changes to the Florida Building Code for the 2006 “glitch” cycle. The “glitch” cycle considers fixes to the code prior to the next (2007) code development cycle.

Three of the proposals address the Building volume of the code. Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says the proposals seek to:
(1) Reference ANSI/DASMA 115 as an option for windborne debris resistance testing for garage doors and rolling doors
(2) Incorporate reference to rolling doors in the garage door wind load table
(3) Clarify the option of testing doors to ASTM E330 as well as clarify testing provisions applicable to garage doors as also being applicable to rolling doors.

He says that the other two proposals address the Residential volume of the code. One proposes to reference to ANSI/DASMA 115 as in the Building volume proposal. The other proposes to include a garage door wind load table.

The Florida Building Commission is expected to work on “glitch” proposals in late 2005 or early 2006.

DASMA Begins Thermal Performance Research

DASMA expects to soon establish a suitable and repeatable way to test and simulate the U-factor for garage doors and rolling doors.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says that Architectural Testing and ETC Laboratories are performing the research to determine the U-factor for selected garage doors and rolling doors. Some of these doors parallel those studied in an research project recently conducted by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)

An NFRC task group is expected to review the results from both the DASMA and ASHRAE projects, again seeking to establish suitable and repeatable test methods. Hetzel chairs the NFRC task group.

The current DASMA project is expected to be completed by sometime in mid-fall 2005.

DASMA, MBMA Discuss Doors in Metal Buildings

Representatives of DASMA and the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) are making progress toward a goal of improving door performance in metal buildings.

On June 21, 2005, a joint task group on vehicular access doors in metal buildings met in Cleveland, Ohio, and identified several activities to support their objective. Their planned activities include windlock guidelines feasibility, identification of non-wind-related door forces, design procedures for framed openings, communication of door specifications, and analysis of applied door wind forces.

“In high winds, we want industry doors to help metal buildings perform better, and vice versa,” says Ed Elliott of The Cookson Company, representing DASMA. Steve Heil of Mesco Building Solutions, representing MBMA, believes that the group’s efforts will go a long way toward achieving the group’s objective.

Fire Doors vs. Sprinklers Debated

If a building has a sprinkler system, are rolling fire doors needed?

In July, various interests debated this question at an International Code Council (ICC) Code Technology Council (CTC) meeting held in Chicago. The debate focused on the issue of “balanced fire protection” in the International Building Code.

Recent building code changes have reduced or eliminated rolling steel fire doors in favor of fire suppression systems such as fire sprinklers. Rolling steel fire door manufacturers are concerned that sprinklers alone do not provide adequate protection.

At the meeting, the CTC agreed to a work plan the reviews the codes and evaluates the consequences of various forms of fire protection. The CTC’s findings may result in necessary code changes.

“Our industry’s role in the health, safety, and welfare of the public needs to be preserved,” says Andrew Cornell, president of Cornell Iron Works. Cornell cited building owners who testify of the effectiveness of rolling fire doors in fires.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says a DASMA-sponsored report on rolling steel fire doors may be used by the CTC.

DASMA Fall Technical Forum Coming

In Atlanta in late October, DASMA will hold its fourth annual Fall Technical Forum. The event features presentations on key industry topics from representatives of ASHRAE, the Florida Product Approval process, MBMA, ASCE, Factory Mutual, and Intertek.

The forum attracts members of DASMA’s Rolling Door Division and Commercial & Residential Garage Door Division. The 2004 forum, held in Phoenix, attracted more than 30 leading technical representatives from more than 20 rolling door and sectional garage door manufacturers.

For more information on the forum, contact DASMA at 216-241-7333.

Florida Changes Product Approval Process

In June, the Florida Building Commission approved changes that affect DASMA members and product approval submittals. At the meeting, DASMA Technical Director Joe Hetzel gave an oral comment to the commission about the rule changes.

The changes to Rule 9B-72 affect new-product and existing-product submittals to be amended in the future based on (1) changes to the product, (2) changes to involved standard(s), and/or (3) Florida Building Code changes that affect product performance.

For DASMA members, approved rule changes affect rational engineering analysis in lieu of standardized testing, accrediting of test labs (facilities), submission of substantiating data, and review and verification of installation instructions.

Hetzel’s oral comment made the following points:
· Any provisions affecting a particular industry should be developed and maintained based on what has worked in the past.
· If there is concern about professional misbehavior, existing laws already address these concerns.
· Additional requirements that offer no cost/benefit basis should be avoided.

After reviewing the new rule changes, Hetzel also submitted written comments addressing four sections of the Rule. These DASMA comments were to be considered by the Product Approval Oversight Committee in August 2005.

DASMA Studies Changes to Label Program

In June, the DASMA Commercial & Residential Garage Door Steering Committee agreed to study changes to DASMA’s voluntary garage door certification label program. DASMA staff will work with Omega Point Laboratories to develop the changes.

Potential changes include:
(1) Adding windborne debris resistance to the label criteria
(2) Allowing the manufacturer to choose which label criteria to include (from wind load, fire compliance, windborne debris resistance, cycle life, and U-factor)
(3) Revising the program to make it code compliant

Al Mitchell of Wayne-Dalton, a Technical Committee member who helped develop the label program, says it is critical for the membership to carefully consider updating the program. “Our industry understands our products better than others who could mandate labels,” he adds. “It is in our best interest right now to influence the program to make it work best for all involved.”

DASMA hopes to enact changes by the 2006 Annual Meeting.