The Challenges of Motor-Operated Rolling Doors

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Publish Date: Winter 2003
Author: Clay Warix
Page 62


The Challenges of Motor-Operated Rolling Doors

By Clay Warix, with Chuck Delaney and Deke Kiemle

Selling and installing a rolling door with a commercial operator carries some additional challenges—for the salesperson and the installer.

The Sales Proposal

The sales proposal for a motor-operated rolling door should state that the installer is not licensed to connect electrical service to the operator. Consequently, the proposal should also include the following advice for the electrical contractor:

    1. Do not operate the door or attempt to set the open and close limits. For safety reasons, contact us to perform these tasks.

    1. In the operator disconnect box, set the circuit breaker to “off.”

  1. Notify the rolling door provider as soon as electrical service is supplied to the door.

Install Policy

The supervisor of the rolling door installer should establish a policy for installing motor-operated rolling doors. This policy should state:

    1. After electric service is supplied to the door, the installer must promptly verify that the motor-operated door is working properly.

  1. Motor-operated rolling doors must not be operated by temporary power.

Installer Tips

Here are a few additional tips for the installer of motor-operated rolling doors:

    1. Set the operator control wiring for Constant Contact for both “open” and “close.”

    1. When using single-phase power, the limit switches can be set near the correct setting by manually operating the door.

    1. When using three-phase power, initial operation of the door can create problems. Consequently, the installer should back off the cams on the limit switch to the maximum. This will prevent damage to switches and threaded shafts.

    1. Leave the operator wiring diagram for the electrician who supplies electric service to the door.

    1. Attach the following warning to the wiring diagram: “Do NOT attempt to set the limit switches. Call the following number to report when electric service is complete or if you have a question about the wiring diagram: 123-4567.”

    1. Ask a site supervisor to notify you when electrical service to the door is complete.

Following these tips will help provide a safer installation for you, the electrician, and the customer.