The European Door Expo

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Publish Date: Spring 2003
Author: Sabine Armbruster
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The European Door Expo
R+T Show
Stuttgart, Germany
Feb. 18-22, 2003

By Sabine Armbruster


R+T means …
Rolladen + Tore, "roller shutters" and "gates"

Billed as …
"The World's Leading Trade Fair for the Industry"

Show Frequency
Once every three years. Survey: 84% of exhibitors said they were presenting new developments. "This means that the triennial rhythm of R + T is exactly in step with the innovation cycle of roller shutters, door, and gates." – Ulrich Kromer, R+T Managing Director

Main Product Categories
Roller Shutters, Doors, Garage Doors, Gates, and Sun Protection

5 days

55,000 visitors

Change from 2000 Show
8% increase

Countries Attending
84 represented

North American Visitors
3.4 percent (about 2,000)

Attendees’ Occupations
44% of visitors came from manufacturers, while 41% came from "craft trades." The show also attracted 2,200 architects (4%).

537 from 35 countries

Foreign Exhibitors
296 (55%) came from abroad

The trend was towards high-quality and customized products; there was less demand for mass-produced goods.