The State of the Industry

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Publish Date: Spring 2004
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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The State of the Industry
An Interview With Incoming and Outgoing DASMA Presidents

On Feb. 6, 2004, Richard Brenner, CEO of Amarr Garage Doors, completed his two-year term as DASMA president. He then passed the gavel to the incoming president, Randall Renne, vice president of international sales at Raynor.

Renne was first elected to the DASMA board of directors in January 1996. With Raynor since 1977, Renne has long experience in installation, sales, and marketing, and he has served on Raynor’s management team since 1991.

Brenner and Renne are industry veterans with abundant leadership experience in their companies and in the association world. From their unique view atop the industry, we asked them to reflect on the state of our industry.

Richard Brenner, CEO, Amarr Garage Doors

Richard, in what ways has the industry made progress over the past two years?

The industry continues to progress in many ways but most notably manufacturers are focusing more of their efforts on the safety of the door, operators, and gate systems.

The other notable area is the trend of design and function of our products. Manufacturers are now designing more attractive products that have a variety of functions that help the dealer up-sell and move away from the commodity mentality.

What are two key issues for the industry over the next two years?

I think the industry needs to:

  1. Strengthen its position as the voice of the industry by continuing the proactive work of our technical committees. Our three active divisions’ technical committees are at the forefront of code-setting activity. Only through this dialogue can we help our members stay abreast of the issues and get our imprint on the codes.
  2. Create value for its members and door and access dealers by finding ways to get homeowners and businesses to proactively replace their doors, openers, and gate systems before they break or need service. This is not easy or inexpensive.

Randall Renne, Vice President of International Sales, Raynor

Randall, in what ways has Richard Brenner made a positive impact on the industry/DASMA over the past two years?

Richard presented DASMA with the challenge of working together to progressively grow our industry. He asked us to consider new and innovative ways to expand the market for our products and bring members to the organization. These are excellent goals that we must constantly keep before us.

In your opinion, what are the top two or three issues facing the industry today?

  1. We need to continue Richard’s lead in finding ways to grow the market for our products. We should also add value to membership by fostering industry unity for business development, managing product liability, and proactively influencing government activity that affects our businesses.
  2. Industry unity is important to manufacturers and dealers alike. Developing an even closer cooperation with IDA is key to overall industry progress.
  3. Finally, DASMA should explore expanding our reach globally. Getting closer to key markets around the world can provide opportunities for all our members.

Caption: Changing of the Guard: Randall Renne presents Richard Brenner with a plaque commemorating the completion of Brenner’s two-year term as DASMA president.