Wayne-Dalton Launches New idrive Opener

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Publish Date: Spring 2002
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Wayne-Dalton Launches New idrive Opener

Wayne-Dalton says its new idrive garage door opener contains the most advanced opener technology available. Introduced at the International Builder Show in February, the idrive opener requires no rail or operating arm, no photo-eyes if used with a pinch-resistant door, and features speed and quiet operation.

Final testing of the product was underway in early 2002; final launch is expected later in 2002. Initially, the idrive will be launched for use with Wayne-Dalton's TorqueMaster counterbalance spring system. Eventually, the unit will be expanded to work with common torsion and extension springs to make it compatible with almost any garage door, meeting the needs of the retrofit market.

"The idrive innovation will revolutionize the way garages are viewed," says David Osso, Wayne-Dalton corporate marketing manager. "Because idrive's design is cleaner and less cumbersome, the garage can be viewed as more of an extension of the home."

Faster, Quieter

He says consumers will appreciate the idrive opener's advantages of less noise, less space, and greater speed. Noise is reduced by a quiet motor and gear train and the elimination of any belt, screw drive, or chain.

The opening speed for the idrive opener is 12 inches per second compared to about eight inches per second for most traditional openers.

Exclusive Features

The idrive opener features a pet button that opens the door to a height specified by the homeowner, a 10-second closing delay, and a side location of the release handle for easier access.

The use of standard household supply power makes the idrive system smaller and easier to adapt for torsion and extension spring counterbalances. These advancements reduce the cost, making it comparable to a standard 1/2-hp opener.

The articulating motor on the idrive opener provides an automatic door lock; cable locks are not required. Wiring between the opener and the light is not required, allowing the light to be placed anywhere in a line of sight with the opener and within reach of an electrical outlet.

New Benefits

The omission of wiring for the light, photo-eyes, and wall station is a significant cost advantage to builders. And eliminating photo-eyes reduces the need for installer callbacks from misalignment.

For security, the idrive uses rolling code technology. Also, at the end of every door close cycle, the motor automatically rotates down into a door locked position. If an attempt to lift the garage door is made, the dead weight of the door causes an out-of-balance condition of the springs to counter-rotate the motor even tighter against the door.

Installation of the idrive opener is easy, since it weighs only 6.5 pounds and has only 17 parts to assemble. Other openers require about 140 parts. Installation of the idrive opener takes about an hour, compared to three or four hours required for a standard garage door opener.

C.H.I. Adds Rolling Fire Doors

C.H.I. is now manufacturing rolling steel fire doors at its production facility in Arthur, Illinois.

Engineered to meet the demands of property owners and service professionals, C.H.I.'s 7000 Series Guardian Fire Doors feature simplified drop testing. The 7000 series doors are available with Underwriter Laboratories listings for up to four hours and comply with NFPA 80 standards. The 7000 line of fire doors carry a five-year limited warranty.

Northwest Door Introduces Township Collection

Northwest Door's new Township Collection offers the traditional style of wooden swing type doors without the expensive cost of custom handmade doors. The doors are available in 28 standard designs at an affordable price.

"This new product line will give Northwest Door one of the largest wood door product selections in the industry," said Wade Bennett, sales manager.

New Door for Tight Spaces

Dynaco has introduced a new high-speed door for smaller interior doorways. The new Supercompact fabric door allows rapid access to rooms for foot traffic, pushcarts, pallet jacks, and light forklifts.

Previously, lighter traffic was accommodated with strip curtains or bump doors. Dynaco says its new door provides a better perimeter seal and needs less maintenance. The door also features an innovative feature of "self-reparability." The door's totally soft curtain also enhances safety for people and product passing through the opening.

The door's opening mechanism is a gravity driven system that propels the door to open at up to 42 inches per second and closing at 24 inches per second. The drive system is a three-phase motor, controlled by a frequency inverter, in a built-in NEMA-4 control box.

Developed for various industry types, the door offers specialty design for cleanroom and stainless steel applications. Maximum door sizes are 12' x 12'. More information is available at www.dynacodoor.com.

FAAC Introduces New Sliders

FAAC International recently announced that its new Model 885 slide gate operator is now available in the United States and Canada.

The Model 885 is designed for both residential and commercial applications. "This versatile chain-driven operator can handle a 35-foot entrance opening," said general manager Dan Ollar, "and has the power to move a gate weighing up to 1,800 pounds."

The 885 is UL 325 compliant and offers many features, including:

  • Continuous duty operation
  • "Soft stop" on opening and closing
  • Fully programmable via push button
  • Reverse on contact
  • Full 1-hp, 115V motor
  • Master slave capabilities
  • Plug-in loop detector and battery back-up packages available

FAAC is the world's largest specialized manufacturer of operators for swing, slide, and barrier gate systems. More information on the Model 885 is available at www.faacusa.com.

Ideal Introduces New Commercial Windows

Ideal Door is introducing new polypropylene screw-together window frames for its C20 series commercial ribbed steel doors.

The new frames replace the traditional black gasket windows and are available in white or brown to match the exact color of the door.

Other options include a choice of two sizes, 8" x 24" and 12" x 24", and either single pane glass on un-insulated doors, or true insulated glass on insulated models. Other popular glazing options are also available.

Increased R-Value for Foamcore

Wayne-Dalton has announced an increase in the R-value for their most popular residential garage door, the 9200 Foamcore. The company says that testing has shown that the 9200 Foamcore garage door has an R-value of 8.0, nearly a 33 percent increase over its previous value.

In addition, the new 8200 door has an R-value of 6.8. The insulation values in Wayne-Dalton's residential product line now range from 15.0 to less than 5.0.

Galvanized Springs Now Standard on Clopay Premium Doors

Clopay is now offering galvanized springs as a standard feature on its Clopay Premium Series Doors.

Corrosion resistant galvanized springs offer a 50 percent or longer life cycle than industry standards and a more polished appearance than conventional,
oil-tempered springs.

Clopay Premium Series doors feature a three-layer sandwich construction. Other standard features on these doors include:

  • A Safe-T Bracket that cannot be removed, under normal circumstances, while the door is under tension.
  • Rustproof, aluminum, bottom weather seal retainer.
  • Nylon rollers for quiet operation.
  • Six exterior colors: white, almond, brown, sandtone, gray, and hunter green.
  • Three panel designs: short panel, long panel, and flush.\
  • The Clopay Paint Protection System.
  • Color-matched step plates.
  • Painted interior stiles.
  • Extended door heights up to 12 feet high.
  • The 2-inch thick doors feature a silicone-filled thermal break.

Manaras Introduces Advanced Opera

Manaras has added the new Opera J Model to its commercial line of operators.

Designed for heavy-duty applications, the J Model features the same qualities of the Opera H (automatic hoist) and incorporates a floor-level disconnect for easy manual operation.

"This is a new step in order to bring the benefits of Opera to more models in our range," says Jean-Louis Bened, chief executive officer of Manaras.

The J Model features several innovations that make installation and maintenance easier, quicker, and safer.

  • A liftable control box with retaining arm for easier access to the mechanical components
  • An Accu-cam that lets you to keep the adjustment on one cam while adjusting the opposite cam
  • A hinged cover with a stable opened position
  • A carrying handle
  • A quick motor belt adjustment
  • A color code wiring diagram in the cover
  • Easy access for repair
  • A control box that is supported by rigid angles in the frame
  • The limit shaft is also supported in the frame

New Electronic Control Board from Manaras

Manaras' Opera models and most other Manaras operators are now available with a new Electronic Control Board that replaces the hard-wired control circuit.

The new board allows numerous wiring configurations and control options to be housed within one unit. This simplifies inventory management and provides quicker response for customer needs.

Installation and maintenance are simplified with on-board monitoring LEDs, control push buttons, and a rotary switch for program selection. The Electronic Control Board allows programming and selection of operating modes. A standard feature includes a delay on reverse function, and a 2-amp fuse protects the 24V output.

"This product introduction has been carried out with the support of Somfy, which has more than 30 years of experience in the design of very low voltage electronic circuits and micro processors," says Jean-Michel Perache, Manaras director of marketing.

Manaras operates through five distribution and customer service centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Montreal, Boca Raton, Fla., and Brea, Calif.

New Sawhorse Wins Design Award

Struts, a new sawhorse design, slides onto the sides of a standard door to make a quick work surface.

The device has an adjustable width for standard 1-3/8" thick, 22" to 36" wide door. It can be used as a workbench, desk, computer workstation, and more, at the standard 29" desk height.

The grips in Struts lock the door in place with a heavy-duty 18-gauge tubular steel construction with rust-resistant black paint finish. Assembly is easy, no tools required, and it weighs a portable 16 pounds.

Struts, designed by an architect, won the 2000 Design Journal Gold Medal American Design Excellence Award (ADEX) in the Building Products / Table Accessories category.

One pair of Struts is $59.95 plus $8.95 shipping & handling. For more information, call toll free 888-544-2639 or point your Web browser to www.struts.biz.

Three New Colors at C.H.I.

C.H.I. is now producing its 4285 long-panel sandwich doors in the additional colors of bronze, silver, and evergreen.

The additions increase color choices to seven in the long panel design, which also includes white, almond, brown, and sandstone. Golden oak is available in C.H.I.'s 2285 and 2290 series doors.

Clopay Adds Breakaway Section

Clopay is enhancing its line of commercial garage doors with the introduction of a new bottom breakaway section and a one-piece vertical mounting angle.

Clopay's is adding the new breakaway bottom section to its 3000 series doors to help prevent damage when a moving object strikes the door. The section is designed to release from the track upon impact and swing up to a 90-degree angle both inward and outward.

A cable attachment at the bottom of the second section enables the door to continue to operate after being struck. The bottom section can then be latched back in place in less than a minute.

The new section is available on 1-3/8", 1-3/4", and 2" thick 3000 series polystyrene sandwich doors and the urethane foamed in place doors.

New One-Piece Vertical Mounting Angle

Clopay commercial hi-lift and vertical lift doors can now be ordered with a one-piece mounting angle.

The new angle is intended for doors with 2-inch track and a total vertical mounting angle length of 242 inches or less, including up to a 10-foot-high full vertical lift. This feature cuts down on installation time since there is no need to bolt the vertical and hi-lift portions of the track together.

This option will also accommodate breakaway hi-lift for applications using 24 inches or more, up to the 242-inch vertical angle length.

For more information, dealers should contact their Clopay account manager.

Improvements for Amarr Commercial Line

In January, Amarr Garage Doors announced several improvements to their commercial garage door line.

The first improvement includes pre-assembled vertical lift and high lift track, available direct from the manufacturing plant in Lawrence, Kan. or from a local Amarr Door Center. Amarr is offering the following popular commercial door sizes:

10'2" x 10' 10'2" x 12'
12'2" x 12' 10'2" x 8'
12'2" x 14' 10'2" x 9'
14'2" x 14' 9'2" x 8'
12'2" x 10' 8'2" x 10'

After several dealer requests, Amarr has also begun placing long stem rollers in all commercial hardware boxes for bottom and top fixtures.

Amarr says that improving track assemblies is the first of many changes to improve their commercial product line in the coming year.

Wayne-Dalton Upgrades Warranties

Wayne-Dalton recently upgraded the warranty coverage period for the 9600 Thermogard, 9200 Foamcore, and the 8500 and 8300 garage doors.

These doors now have a Lifetime Limited warranty. Wayne-Dalton's 9900 Thermowayne also has the same warranty duration.

Amarr Introduces Custom Doors "By Design"

Amarr Garage Doors recently introduced a new line of custom wood doors in response to positive results from the Bob Timberlake Collection of Carriage House Doors.

Amarr Custom Doors By Design appeal to the discerning builder or homeowner who chooses to add a personal flair to their garage door. Each Custom Door is designed by architects, homeowners, and builders for each customer and then drawn to scale by Amarr's engineering department. Select wood is used as an overlay for a 24 gauge ribbed steel insulated door, then a luan backer is applied.

Various types of wood are offered including western red cedar, MDO plywood, T-1-11 plywood, and redwood. Doors can be glazed or designed with closed sections. Seeded, DSB, or obscure glass is available. Decorative hardware is also available upon request.
There are ten designs that Amarr offers as most popular designs, but customers also have the option of creating a design of their own.

New Slide Gate Operator from DoorKing

DoorKing's new model 9300 is a full feature slide gate operator that is rated for Class I, II, and III applications and complies with the requirements of UL 325.

The 9300 marks a departure from DoorKing's normal style of operator. The 9300 uses mechanical limit switches in place of electronic magnetic type limits typically found in DoorKing products.

"Our research found that customers in our target market for this product felt more comfortable with a limit switch design that they can actually see, touch, and adjust, as opposed to a completely automatic magnetic limit system," says Richard Sedivy, director of marketing. No additional hardware is required to drive the limit switch assembly.

The 9300 features a direct driven 15:1 worm gear reducer for a clean, low maintenance drive system and a "fail-safe" operation if power fails. Also, if an attempt is made to force the gate open during normal operation, DoorKing's patented solenoid lock system will prevent the gate from being moved.

Electronically, the system is driven by DoorKing's new 4402 control board. This new microprocessor system controls all functions of the gate operator and provides many advanced features not found on other gate operator products. Such features include Gate Tracker reporting, anti-tailgating loop functions, a self-monitoring current sensor reversing system, and built-in operator diagnostics.

Longer "Coated" Springs Available

Service Spring is now offering its coated torsion springs in longer lengths, up to 144 inches long.

Its coated torsion spring provide a clean, attractive, durable finish applied to conventional oil-tempered torsion springs. Each spring is submerged, providing a bonded coating to the exterior and interior surface.

The coating offers enhanced corrosion resistance and can be added for only a few cents per pound. Coated spring orders require no additional production time, enabling your order to ship in the shortest possible time.

Contact Service Spring (www.sscorp.com) for special requirements when ordering coated springs.

GADCO Introduces New Insulated Door

In December, GADCO introduced the Series 7740/7720 prefinished residential steel garage doors. The new series includes a ranch design door, a new design addition to the GADCO line.

The series' choice of five colors includes grey, a new color from GADCO. Series 7740/7720's sections are 1-3/8-inch thick with an insulated core of CFC-free polyurethane carrying an R-value of 12.

Coleman Offers Generators

Coleman Powermate has introduced a new series of fully featured portable generators designed for job sites.

"The new models were inspired by the feedback from the professionals that use power equipment on a daily basis," said Robin Sedlacek, portable generator project manager.

The new series includes three new models, ranging from 5,500 to 6,500 running watts.

All three models are equipped with fuel-efficient Honda GX overhead valve engines that automatically shut down if the oil runs low. One of the three models is equipped with an electric starter.

Coleman Powermate added a large muffler system to reduce unwanted engine noise. In addition, a special idle control feature reduces the engine speed (and noise) when the electrical load subsides.

The new contractor-grade generators will sell for a suggested retail price starting around $1,499 and will be available nationwide at farming/agriculture retailers, home centers and tool houses. More information is found at www.colemanpowermate.com.


Wahler Hired at Marantec

Bill Wahler has joined Marantec America as director of national sales. Responsible for all sales in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Wahler brings 15 years of experience in the door and access systems industry.

Wahler is a native of New Jersey and received a bachelor's degree from Rutgers College and an MBA in management from Rutgers School of Business. He served on the board of directors of the National Association of Garage Door Manufacturers from 1993-1996 and on the International Door Association (IDA) board from 1995-1998. He is presently serving an additional term on the IDA board.

Wahler received the IDA Presidential Service Award in 1998 and was the first IDA member to be named a Steel Roller Baron in the High Roller's Club.

Safe-Way Announces New National Sales/Operations Manager

James S. Smith is the new national sales and operations manager at Safe-Way Door. Harold James, Safe-Way president, says this newly created position will incorporate the duties of national sales manager, operations manager, and national distribution manager into one key position.

Smith, an 11-year employee with Safe-Way Door, started as general manager at the Murfreesboro, Tenn., distribution center and was then promoted to southern regional sales and distribution manager before his new promotion.

Smith will be responsible for all phases and levels of planning, operations, and sales direction for Safe-Way Door's existing distribution centers, national sales staff, and all future expansion endeavors. He resides in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Amarr Announces Personnel Changes

In January, Amarr Garage Doors announced several new appointments.

Blain St. Ama has been promoted to the position of director of national accounts. A graduate of Texas A & M, St. Ama started with Amarr in 1993 and has served as the general manager for the Bay Area Door Center and the district manager for Texas. In his new role, he will focus on national accounts and commercial steel builders.

Judy Sharpe has been appointed to the technical services department, which was created to service Amarr dealers, homeowners, and Door Centers with technical and product information. With 15 years of technical customer service expertise, Sharpe will serve as Amarr's technical services representative.

Keith Tolbert is now Amarr's marketing development coordinator. In marketing for more than five years, Tolbert will be responsible for media relations, trade shows, program development, design and writing of various marketing and communication materials, and marketing research. Prior to his marketing career, he was a newspaper editor and reporter.

Clopay Names New VPs

In January, Clopay announced that Mike Mangiaracina and Victor Weldon have joined Clopay Building Products Company (CBP) as vice president of operations and vice president of supply chain management, respectively.

Prior to joining CBP, Mangiaracina spent 15 years in a variety of operations and manufacturing leadership positions for various divisions of Newell Rubbermaid, most recently as vice president of supply chain management for the entire organization. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater.

Weldon was vice president of operations of the BernzOmatic division of Newell Rubbermaid. Prior to joining Newell Rubbermaid, Weldon worked for General Electric.

Estrada Promoted at Chamberlain

In December, the Chamberlain Group appointed Nicole M. Estrada to the post of customer care manager.

Estrada will head up the new Chamberlain customer care team, which includes customer service for all Chamberlain locations, including Elmhurst, Ill., Ronkonkoma, N.Y., and Chatsworth, Calif., and includes all Chamberlain product lines. She is also responsible for inside sales for Chamberlain Professional Products.

Estrada started with Sentex 11 years ago and has been a member of the Chamberlain team for four years.


New Owners at North Central Door

Steve Holley and Bob Huston recently purchased the assets of North Central Door Company of Bemidji, Minn. Dean Schnell, the seller, owned the company since 1975.

Holley has been involved in the operations of North Central Door since the company began in 1967. He has held the positions of foreman, manufacturing manager, general manager, and most recently served as vice president of sales/marketing.

Holley will be responsible for operations and distribution, and Huston will be responsible for sales and marketing.

Huston has been involved in the garage door industry since 1982 when he started with a door installation company. Since 1994, he has been involved with dealer/distributor sales and marketing for various garage door and building product manufacturers.

North Central Door manufactures and distributes a full line of wood, steel, and thermal overhead doors, along with related electric operators. Products are delivered on their own fleet of trucks.

The company currently employs about 60 employees and distributes its products throughout the upper Midwest region through lumber yards and installing dealers. The company's Web site is www.northcentraldoor.com.

Chamberlain Acquires Solid State Securities

In December, the Chamberlain Group announced that it has acquired Solid State Securities, which is considered the technological leader in fire door release devices and control panels.

Located in Hazleton, Pa., Solid State Securities develops and builds specialty products for the fire door industry. Its president and CEO, George Mehalshick, will work with Chamberlain as the company's products are integrated into Chamberlain's Professional Products offering.

"This acquisition expands our overall product offering and provides our customers many new opportunities as we integrate our products and services," says David Rolls, Chamberlain president.

Aluma Shield Expands Sales Force

Aluma Shield has greatly expanded its field sales force by adding seven new regional sales representatives.

"The addition of these sales representatives will allow us to grow, while providing better one on one service to our customers," says Steve Roesner, sales manager for Aluma Shield's sectional door division.

The seven new salespeople have been assigned to seven territories from the Northeast to the Southwest. Roesner says each new salesperson brings garage door experience and extensive knowledge in foam panel technology.

Amarr Hosts Dealer Incentive Trip

In November, Amarr Garage Doors hosted a dealer incentive trip in Cancun, Mexico, with approximately 100 Amarr dealers and corporate representatives attending.

Dealers and spouses enjoyed four days and three nights at the exclusive Moon Palace Resort. The event included a snorkeling excursion to Akumul Bay and a tour of Isla Mujeres and Tulum, an ancient Mayan city. The event concluded with an awards banquet.

The Amarr 2002 VIP Adventure will be a five-day, four-night cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Monarch of the Seas. The full-featured cruise includes stops in Key West and Cozumel, Mexico.

Demand for Security Gates Increases

Americans have heightened their concern for security in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, according to Tim Detwiler, president of Wholesale Gate Company in DeKalb, Ill. He says he has seen a dramatic increase in orders for steel folding security gates.

"Our gates are designed to keep unwelcome visitors from entering facilities," said Detwiler. "In the past, our primary customer base has been overhead door dealers, schools, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers. Orders from those customers has risen sharply, but we are also getting a substantial number of orders from single and multi-family residential dwellings and from retail stores."

Wholesale Gate Company has met the increased demand by maintaining a high inventory of single and double doors and portable gates. The company is increasing production to meet the consumers' needs. Their web site is at www.wholesalegate.com.


Houston Dealer Offers Online Door Ordering

DoorMart, a Houston-based retailer of custom garage doors, announced in January the completion and launch of www.DoorMart.com, a Web site that allows customers to custom order residential garage doors and accessories completely online.

The feature, believed to be a first for the industry, allows visitors to price and order fully customized garage doors online, including size, color, and window options.

Customers can order insulated garage doors, steel garage doors, hardwood garage doors, garage door openers, specialty doors, garage door parts and components, and an extensive line of commercial door applications. DoorMart.com specializes in Wayne-Dalton, Amarr, and Able Doors, but they say they can fulfill additional requests via e-mail.

DoorMart offers worldwide delivery and installation, and offers free delivery within the mainland United States for all garage door purchases made via the Web site. For more information, visit www.DoorMart.com.

Amarr Site Adds Door Designer

Starting in January, Amarr Garage Doors' Web site at www.amarr.com allows visitors to design a door, preview their design, and get a quote for their door.

The special feature allows the visitor to choose the type of residential door, color, size (single or double car), and panel and window options. It also allows the visitor to select the exterior of their house (brick, siding, or stucco) for a better idea of what the installed door will look like.

The visitor can also click the "Obtain Quote" button, which asks them to login and create a password. After all information is submitted, the visitor's design is automatically forwarded to a dealer in their area who will contact them with a price.

Construction Tools Online

The Tool Directory Web site (www.thetooldirectory.com) is a one-stop source for construction professionals. This resource provides links to hundred of tool manufacturers, with indices for locating the tools that help you accomplish your projects and run your business.

The site also contains links to online catalogs, free construction magazine offers, trade shows and events, and sources for antique tools and other products and services targeted to the construction industry.

New Web Site for C.H.I.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors recently unveiled a new, expanded Web site at www.chiohd.com. The new site was developed to help customers gather information for an educated decision about their next garage door.

"Presenting the new look of the website was the next progressive step following the previous introduction of the buyer's guide literature," says Tim Miller, sales and marketing manager. "The new approach and look of the C.H.I. garage door literature and marketing material is focused on both technical information and the emotional appeal of the C.H.I. line of doors."


Industry Reps Educate Home Inspectors

Garage door dealers and manufacturers are working together to train home inspectors on how to properly inspect garage door systems. On Jan. 15, 2002, the International Door Association (IDA), with the support of DASMA, presented the industry's first workshop to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) at the annual ASHI convention in New Orleans.

IDA Director Randy Oliver of the Hollywood-Crawford Door Company in San Antonio, Texas, presented the workshop, and was assisted by Joe Hetzel, DASMA's Technical Director. More than 150 home inspectors attended the seminar.

Hetzel says the audience posed several questions. Some inspectors, he says, were concerned about causing damage while conducting a reversal test. Other inspectors indicated having difficulty reconnecting the operator to the door after conducting a balance test.

Each workshop attendee was given a 1-1/2" wood block for testing reverse mechanisms, a sample inspection form, and a list of common garage door system components. Oliver identified what to look for when properly inspecting a garage door system.

Oliver showed inspectors how to use the Internet to find a professional garage door systems dealer in their area. He also cited the advantages of choosing an IDEA accredited dealer and one that subscribes to the IDA Code of Business Conduct.

Hetzel added that he anticipated that IDA and DASMA would work together to help ASHI inspectors conduct proper garage door system inspections. ASHI members include 5,600 home inspectors in 83 chapters in the United States and Canada.

NFPA 5000 Nears Completion

NFPA 5000, the new NFPA building code, is nearing completion and is scheduled for publication in August of 2002. Upon publication, NFPA 5000 will be available for adoption by any state or local governmental body.

The new code is expected to compete with the International Building Code (IBC). The current draft of NFPA 5000 reflects similarities to the IBC regarding wind design, but does not allow substituting building sprinkler systems for fire resistive building products, such as rolling steel fire doors, as the IBC does.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says the fire related requirements of the current draft of NFPA 5000 appear to incorporate balanced fire protection systems compared to numerous IBC provisions where automatic sprinkler systems reduce or replace fire resistant building products.

However, he adds that the existence of a competing code to the IBC enhances the likelihood that the "patchwork" set of codes throughout the country will continue. Hetzel notes that "the building products industry will still have to comply with multiple sets of codes." He believes the system is inefficient for manufacturers and for many dealers.

Industry Gate Seminar Presented

In February, industry representatives presented a new seminar entitled "Do's and Don'ts of Automated Vehicular Gate Installations." Representatives of DASMA, the American Fence Association (AFA), and the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA) presented the seminar in Las Vegas at Fencetech '02, a convention sponsored by AFA.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director and Rick Sedivy, DASMA gate operator chairman represented DASMA as presenters. Hetzel reported that over 200 people attended at the seminar.

The seminar featured photographs and drawings on what to do, and what not to do, when installing automated vehicular gates. Provisions from UL 325 and the coming new ASTM standard on vehicular gate construction were illustrated throughout the seminar.

Bill Hildebrand, DASMA chairman of the operator & electronics division, says that the seminar attendance and participation "is an indication that we are making great progress to educate people on safer vehicular gate installations."

New Florida Code Takes Effect

The new Florida Building Code took effect on March 1, 2002.

While the code was in development, DASMA worked to ensure consistency of relevant provisions about garage doors and rolling doors to those contained in the International Building Code. Wind load provisions applying to exterior building products are consistent with those also found in the IBC.

County wind speed maps, showing wind speed contours for county landmarks such as roads and waterways, are available at the Florida Department of Community Affairs Web site (www.dca.state.fl.us/fhcd/fbc). The map showing "windborne debris" regions is also posted at the site.

Local ordinances are also posted, which may supersede the posted county wind speed maps. DASMA's Joe Hetzel recommends that you check with local authorities to find out their wind speed requirements.

Information on the accompanying Florida product approval program, scheduled to take effect on October 1, 2003, will appear in a future edition of Door & Access Systems.

DASMA 108 Approval Nears

The DASMA 108 standard for wind load testing of garage doors has been submitted to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for final approval. The standard is expected officially to become ANSI/DASMA 108 this spring.

The new standard was developed as part of the proposed garage door certification program. The standard provides a method of testing garage doors in pressure chambers to determine their structural performance under wind loads.

DASMA 108 specifies the proper equipment, setup, and procedures to use when conducting wind load tests on garage doors. Other wind load test methods are usually not specifically related to garage doors.

As building code officials, regulators, and dealers become familiar with the standard and the certification program, use of the standard is expected to increase. Recognition of the DASMA 108 standard by ANSI should lead to greater visibility for the standard, DASMA, and the garage door industry as a whole.