Wayne-Dalton Unveils All-New Opener

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Publish Date: Summer 2000
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Wayne-Dalton Unveils All-New Opener

Wayne-Dalton has unveiled DoorMaster, an all-new residential garage door opener that allows the garage door, counterbalance springs, and opener to function as one totally integrated system. The DoorMaster opener offers more than 20 new features and benefits that make installing and using a garage door system easier, safer, and more convenient, according to David Osso, corporate marketing manager.

Rail-less, Wireless
The system eliminates the opener rail and powerhead, making installation easier, safer, and faster. Attached to the TorqueMaster counterbalance directly above the door, DoorMaster eliminates potential interference with ceiling support beams. With fewer components, the unit offers a cleaner look in the customer’s garage, and it requires less space in the dealer’s warehouse, and less room on an installer’s truck.

Featuring a virtually wireless design, Osso says that a DoorMaster can be installed in about 15 minutes and can save builders over $100 in wiring costs.

Door Sensor Technology
With "sensory-driven" technology that constantly monitors the amount of force being applied on the door, the DoorMaster is able to detect any change in resistance to any part of the door. If changes occur, such as an added coat of paint, DoorMaster’s computer board will adjust itself to keep the door operating smoothly and consistently.

When combined with a WayneGard pinch-resistant door, it is the only garage door and opener system to earn a UL 325 listing for its product category from Underwriters Laboratories (UL). UL created a Door Sensors category specifically to accommodate the DoorMaster system.

No Photo-Eyes or Limit Switches
Osso said the DoorMaster system does not require photo-eyes because its secondary entrapment protection features are built-in, making the door and opener one single, integrated system. He added, "UL has provided us with an official letter for our dealers to use for home inspectors who may not be aware of this major change to federal law."

Besides eliminating photo-eyes, DoorMaster’s design also eliminates force adjustment and limit switches. "This eliminates the risks associated with manual adjustments, a dramatic change from conventional openers," Osso said.

Martin's Copper Door

In April, Martin Door introduced "the 99.9% copper garage door, the first ever all copper sectional garage door." Martin says the door costs as much as three times more than a steel door, but "over time gives you the best value with the lowest cost." The door is backed by a lifetime limited warranty that includes parts.

The copper door is resistant to corrosion, and its copper finish undergoes a natural process resulting in an architectural patina verde finish. The process itself may be stopped at the desired effect.

Available in short raised panels, long raised panels, or in ribbed models, the door includes all of Martin's standard safety features. It is available insulated with a copper back cover.

Dynaco Roll-Up Doors Enter North America

Dynaco high-speed roll-up doors are now available to the North American market through Dynaco USA’s offices and manufacturing facility in Northbrook, Illinois.

The company says the Dynaco door is the only fully self-repairing roll-up door available. After a collision into Dynaco’s rip-resistant curtain, the door is automatically fed back into the track by pushing a button to open and close the door.

For safety, the door does not have a bottom beam, stiffeners, or wind bars. The door operates at speeds up to 8-feet/second, and is available in sizes up to 39’ x 18’.

With headquarters in Belgium, Dynaco has 15 years of experience with high-speed roll-up doors and more than 12,000 door installations in Europe and Asia. Dynaco USA information is available at 800-459-1930 or www.dynacodoor.com.

Raynor ArmorBrite Offers 187 Colors

With the new ArmorBrite powdercoated finishes, Raynor now offers 187 standard color choices for its line of rolling doors, shutters, and sectional aluminum doors. The company says the ArmorBrite finish is more durable and more corrosion resistant than field-applied finishes.

The new finish is also available for rolling door components, such as slats, bottom bars, drive/charge components, guides, hoods, side covers, and headplates.

Garaga Launches 11th Color

In March, Garaga introduced Light Bronze, a new color for its aluminum High Technology door. The new color, a metallic beige, follows a trend in the door and window market.

The High Technology door is a polyurethane-injected door with a woodgrain finish. It is now available in 11 colors: White, Polar, Forest Green, Slate Blue, Heron Blue, Grey, Ivory, Universal Brown, Antique Brown, Orange, and Light Bronze.

"Baby boomers are asking for more choices, better quality, and all that with the best quality/price ratio," said Michel Gendreau, Garaga president. "They want a different product to differ from others."

Garaga has made garage doors since 1983 and employs more than 125 people.

Wayne-Dalton Expands StormGard Offering

Wayne-Dalton has expanded the offering of its StormGard Tensile Design to include its premium garage door model, the Thermowayne II door. The StormGard design can transform an ordinary WayneGard door into one that resists the high wind destruction caused by storms and hurricanes.

StormGard is also being expanded to the Thermogard II elongated panel design, plus an additional rating for Foamcore™ II. Previously, only the Thermogard II colonial raised panel design, and two other ratings for Foamcore II doors were available.

According to David Osso, corporate marketing manager for Wayne-Dalton, the StormGard system adds only ten pounds of hardware to a regular door. Osso said the weight savings increases the durability of the garage door system, while making the door safer and easier to operate.

C.H.I. Producing New Models

C.H.I. has introduced several additional models to their growing line of garage doors.

The three newest models, offered with the long panel design, are currently in production at the C.H.I. facility in Arthur, Illinois. The new long panel is available in bronze, white, almond, brown, and sandstone.

New Raynor Fire Door Release System

Raynor has introduced QuickTest, a new fire door release system that is designed for faster installation and easy testing.

Designed for use with Raynor Model FD fire doors (up to 2,500 lbs.), QuickTest includes a fusible link and can also be released by a smoke alarm. Its drop speed can be adjusted between 6 and 12 inches per second, and flyweights ensure a safe door descent.

The company says the product is quickly and easily installed, and has fewer components than most fire door release systems because of a combination governor/chain hoist unit. QuickTest is backed by a one-year warranty.


New Manufacturing VP at Windsor

Windsor Door recently announced the promotion of Hank Craig from director of manufacturing to vice president of manufacturing.

Before joining Windsor in 1999, Craig was vice president and general manager for Regal Ware in Jacksonville, Arkansas. He holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Tennessee Tech. He reports to Howard Burns, Windsor Door president.

McNinch is Raynor Marketing Manager

Raynor has named Tim McNinch as its new commercial products marketing manager, effective March 1, 2000.

McNinch brings more than 20 years of experience to Raynor. His family owned Sedcon Door Openers, where he held various positions. He also worked in marketing and sales for Frantz and for Wayne-Dalton. In his new position, McNinch will be responsible for the development and improvement of the company’s commercial products.

Laclede Names New VP

Laclede Wire Company has appointed John D. Meyer as vice president of sales and marketing.

He was previously the general sales manager of rod and industrial wire at Keystone Steel and Wire Company. Meyer is a member of the Wire Association International and serves on the Technical Committee and Suppliers Management Committee.

Three New VPs at Chamberlain

In May, the Chamberlain Group, Inc., (CGI) announced the promotion of three employees to vice president positions.

Rene Moreno has been made vice president of administration and international relations for their Nogales, Mexico, manufacturing headquarters.

In his new position, Moreno directs human resources, new construction and expansion, and international relations activities of the Nogales facility. The Nogales plant produces the majority of the company’s commercial and residential garage door openers, gate operators, and accessories.

Moreno has been with Chamberlain since 1979 and has extensive background in industrial relations in Mexico. He holds a B.S. in business administration from the Universidad de Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico.

Sandy Scherschel was recently named CGI’s vice president of sales and marketing, retail products, including residential openers, awning products, and other retail products in the U.S. and Canada.

A 27-year CGI veteran, Scherschel has held a number of sales and marketing positions and was most recently director of marketing development. He holds an M.B.A. from Northern Illinois University and is a board member of the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI).

Thomas Straight has been appointed vice president of manufacturing and information technology for CGI’s Nogales operations. Straight’s duties include directing purchasing, information technology, and manufacturing activities for the Nogales plant.

Formerly with General Mills and RCA/Thomson Consumer Electronics, Straight has been with CGI since 1995. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Albion College and a master’s degree in international management and finance from the American Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, Ariz.

Wayne-Dalton Announces New Appointments

In May, Wayne-Dalton announced the appointment of four individuals in sales and marketing.

Timothy Christ has returned to Wayne-Dalton as eastern regional sales manager. From 1992-96, Christ acted as regional sales manager, in the north and southeast, where he implemented sales and marketing plans through 155 independent dealers. Christ holds a B.S. in industrial technology from the University of Maryland.

Mark Hedquist has been promoted to regional sales manager, north region. With Wayne-Dalton since 1994, Hedquist has held the positions of territory sales manager and operations manager for Wayne-Dalton of Charlotte. Hedquist received a bachelor’s degree in Urban Affairs and Planning from Virginia Tech Polytechnical Institute.

William Earnest has been promoted from plant manager to general manager, Mt. Hope manufacturing operations. In his new capacity, Earnest will be responsible for all plant activities, including manufacturing, scheduling, planning and shipping for all product lines manufactured in Mt. Hope.

Prior to his employment with Wayne-Dalton, Earnest served as director of operations at Whistler Auto-Mation, where he was responsible for five operating facilities in the U.S. and Canada. Earnest holds an M.B.A. from Oakland University and a B.S. in business administration, human resources from Bowling Green State University.

Clarence Bordelon has joined Wayne-Dalton as customer service manager for the rolling door division. In his new position, Bordelon will supervise, interview, and train customer service personnel, as well as analyze and control expenditures and assist in preparing manuals and technical publications. Most recently, Bordelon held the position of vice president of project administration for Tyler Elevator Products.

Bill McNinch Dies

Bill McNinch, an early leader in the garage door opener industry, died on Christmas day, 1999. In the 1940s, his father, James McNinch, started Sedcon, a commercial and residential garage door opener manufacturing firm in Rock Falls, Illinois.

Bill McNinch joined his father’s firm in the mid-1950s, working in sales and as general supervisor. In 1972, when James retired, Sedcon was sold to Frantz Manufacturing in nearby Sterling, Illinois. Bill McNinch then became the manager of Frantz’s opener department. Well known in the opener industry, he retired in 1992 as director of Frantz opener sales.


Sears-Authorized Installation Firm Folds

Diamond Exteriors, a nationwide installer of garage doors and other exterior products, reportedly shut its doors in February. The closing came shortly after Jan. 31, when Sears ended its licensing agreement with the Woodstock, Ill.-based firm, citing dissatisfaction with the handling of customer complaints.

The closing affected Diamond’s 70 sales offices in major U.S. cities, forcing the layoff of 900 employees. Workers were said to have received no advance notice and were not paid for their last two weeks.

Diamond reportedly derived half of its revenues from the Sears contract. A Sears official said they would hire contractors to complete unfinished jobs.

New Speedway Features Clopay and Atlas Doors

Racing legend Darrell Waltrip’s new signature racetrack in Sparta, Kentucky, features over 200 doors from Clopay Building Products.

Installed by AE Door Sales of Cincinnati, the doors include 224 Clopay 20 gauge steel Model 620 doors and five Atlas Door coiling steel service doors, fire doors, and grilles. Installation began in late January at the rate of 10 doors per day.

The first scheduled event for the state-of-the-art Kentucky Speedway is a NASCAR Slim Jim All-Pro Series Race on June 16, 2000.

Chamberlain Buys Commercial Operator Firm

The Chamberlain Group announced in May that it has acquired ABL Enterprises, a manufacturer of commercial door operators and specialty controls.

ABL, located in Newburgh, New York, has a long tradition of developing and building specialty operators for the commercial door industry. Thomas Pariot, of the Pariot family that owned ABL for over 40 years, will work with Chamberlain as the company’s products are integrated into Chamberlain’s Professional Products.

David Rolls, president of Chamberlain’s Global Products Group, said the acquisition of ABL will make Chamberlain’s commercial operator line the most complete in the industry.

Sedco Acquires Microwave Sensors

In April, Sedco Switches of Indianapolis announced the acquisition of Microwave Sensors of Ann Arbor, Michigan. With the merger, the company will offer "the most complete line of products to the automatic door and traffic control industries."

Both manufacturing locations will be maintained. The combined engineering departments plan to soon release redesigned traffic sensors utilizing Microwave’s Micro-Motion technology and a new radio control transmitter with improved signal strength.

Windsor Parent Company Acquires Jannock

In March, Magnatrax, the parent company of Windsor Door, acquired Jannock Limited of Toronto, Canada.

Jannock, a leading building and construction products company in North America, makes steel component construction products, highway and agricultural drainage products, and grain storage systems.

The majority shareholder of Magnatrax is Onex Corporation of Toronto. With the acquisition, the combined companies’ sales will exceed $1 billion US, employ over 5,400 in 109 plants, offices, and distribution centers.

C.H.I. Develops New Nameplate Design

Working with a professional product identification firm, C.H.I. Overhead Doors has introduced a new nameplate design for their doors.

The nameplate, incorporated with a plastic lift handle/step plate, features a urethane-coated, oval-shaped C.H.I. emblem in brushed chrome Mylar. The new emblem replaces a basic decal used previously. For a consistent product image, the emblems are also placed on floor displays, sample kits, and training materials.

"The dealers applaud the new look," said Tim Miller, C.H.I. marketing manager.

Murphy Industries Celebrates 25th

Murphy Industries, a maker of cable assemblies in Marion, Ohio, has begun a year-long celebration of its 25th anniversary.

During the year, the company plans monthly activities honoring employees. For customers, an anniversary party was held in April at the Murphy booth at Expo 2000 in Las Vegas.

Since opening the business in 1975, owner Ted Murphy has grown the business to 30 employees. For the future, Murphy Industries is focused on targeting a broader market and seeking more sophisticated equipment. According to Murphy, "Plans include adding facilities in the southwest within the next year and the northwest in the future."

Windsor Door Announces Police/Fire Scholarship

"Windsor Door is proud to be a partner with the city of Maumelle and looks forward to a long relationship as a corporate citizen and supporter of the heroes that protect our community."

With that statement, Windsor Door president Howard Burns announced a two-thousand dollar scholarship program for the Maumelle (Ark.) police and fire department employees and their families.

"Windsor recognizes the sacrifices that public safety employees make in dedicating their time and personal safety to the protection of lives and property of the citizens of Maumelle," added Burns.

Cornell Enhances Web Site

In April, Cornell introduced a faster, easier-to-use web site that includes more content in an interactive format. The new site features product videos, specifications, and more than 200 downloadable drawings in .dwg or .pdf formats. Cornell distributors can also now use a secure portion of the site to access specific project information. The site is located at www.cornelliron.com.

Garaga Announces New Web Site

On April 15, Garaga opened their new web site at www.garaga.com. The new site has been completely redesigned for easier navigation and enhanced product information. The site includes a garage door selection chart, shop drawings and specifications for architects, a dealer locator, and export information. In 1996, Garaga was among the first garage door manufacturers in North America to open a web site.

Service Spring Remodels Web Site

Service Spring recently remodeled its corporate web site. The new site is said to use a more user-friendly format with a greater emphasis on product information and technical support.

The site features new product information, the latest edition of the corporate newsletter, and a free trial copy of Solutions, a guide to spring calculations, cable drum conversions, and more.

Founded in 1962, Service Spring sells springs and garage door hardware to garage door dealers and manufacturers. The manufacturing facility is located in Millbury, Ohio, and the web site is at www.sscorp.com.

C.H.I. Distributors Achieve Five Star Status

Two C.H.I. distributors have completed requirements to become a C.H.I. Five Star Distributor. Hoosier Overdoors of Dyer, Indiana, and Van’s Garage Doors and More of Terre Haute, Indiana, reached this level by meeting certain C.H.I. standards.

One requirement for becoming a Five Star Distributor is to attain accreditation from IDEA (Institute for Door Dealer Education and Accreditation). The primary goal of the program, implemented in December of 1999, is to encourage quality and excellence in the garage door industry.


Meeting Set for Gate Industry

Gate industry manufacturers, dealers, and installers are invited to attend an important industry meeting in Dallas, Texas, on August 12. The meeting will gather technical comments on a draft of a voluntary U.S. standard for automated vehicular gates.

The meeting site is the Holiday Inn Select at DFW Airport North. To attend, attendees must register in advance. Registration deadline is July 21, 2000.

To register or obtain more information, contact Chris Johnson at DASMA at 216-241-7333, fax 216-241-0105, or e-mail at cjohnson@taol.com.

Door Guide for Code Officials Released

DASMA has created a one-page Technical Data Sheet, designed to help code officials perform a final inspection on an installed garage door system with a focus on wind-reinforced doors.

The inspection is meant to be general and brief, to help an official quickly spot any deviation from either the code or the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Known as Technical Data Sheet #151, the guidelines were prepared by the members of DASMA’s Commercial & Residential Garage Door Division Technical Committee. To obtain a free copy, contact DASMA at 216-241-7333, fax 216-241-0105, or at dasma@dasma.com.