What are Code-Plus Garage Doors?

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Publish Date: Spring 2008
Author: Joe Hetzel
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What are Code-Plus Garage Doors?

Q: I’ve been hearing about garage doors that are considered “Code-Plus.” What does this mean?

A: Code-Plus refers to garage doors that exceed code requirements. These doors are associated with specific applications, certain incentives, and unique criteria.

Typically, Code-Plus garage doors are associated with high wind performance. One common indicator is high wind-load resistance values, which can be 10 or more lbs./sq.ft. above code requirements.

Another common indicator is higher windborne-debris resistance. This may involve non-glazed doors being windborne-debris–resistant in an area that only requires glazed products to comply, or glazed doors meeting such resistance requirements in an area outside of the hurricane-prone region.

Insurance Driven

Code-Plus is not mandated, but is usually insurance driven. Homeowners obtain a discount on insurance premiums in certain designated areas of the country if they install Code-Plus products on their home’s exterior. In some instances, homeowners need to have Code-Plus products on new homes to even obtain insurance.

Criteria for Code-Plus varies from program to program. Two programs currently in operation are “Fortified … for Safer Living” through the Institute for Business & Home Safety and “My Safe Florida Home” maintained by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes.

In the MSFH project, inspectors are employed to verify the installation of program-compliant products. This is a different function from that of a code inspector arriving at a site to check for code compliance.

People in high-wind areas should learn whether Code-Plus programs apply to their area. Program administrators should be contacted for more information. Again, I stress that these programs are separate and distinct from building code enforcement.